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Sing Street

My Favorite movie of 2016 so far.
The movie to beat this summer isn't a superhero movie.Its a movie about a teenager forming a band to try and impress a girl. What a wonderful and beautiful movie this. I was smiling and hugging myself throughout. So light and warm hearted and funny and yet deep and powerful. The Music is amazing even the original songs are fantastic. It is directed by the great John Carney who directed one of my favorite movies about music, Once. This is one of the best coming of age stories I've ever seen. It stands with Say Anything, Stand By ME, Perks of Being a wallflower, The fault in our stars. Please just go watch this movie. Please. I Loved it. ***** out of 5.

Louder Than Bombs

Louder Than Bombs
There is a scene towards the end where a teenage boy is walking a drunk teenage girl home after a late party. He is a quiet boy and she is the cheerleader. They walk through the neighborhood in the early hours of the morning right before the sun rises. This scene is what I like to call a Life scene. It goes on and on just like real life. Its a real and beautiful moment. It is true. Louder than bombs consist of a few more scenes like this and although I didn't Love the movie as a whole I did Love a lot of scenes. Jesse Eisenberg gave one of his worst performances in Batman V Superman and now he gives one of his best performances. He is sly and cunning and seems that have everything in check. So does the father played by gabrielle Byrne. In the beginning in seems like the youngest son is the most lost after the death of the mother played by the always excellent isabelle huppbert, but it isn't until the end that we see that the youngest son was the one that was the most put together. Louder than Bombs is a good movie, maybe not great but good and it has terrific performances from the entire cast. ***1/2 out of 5.

Elvis & Nixon

MIchael Shannon owns this movie
Kevin Spacey is good as Nixon.Don't get me wrong, he is one of my favorite actors. Michael Shannon though just kills it. I absolutely love everything Michael Shannon is in. I admit I would have loved to have seen Kevin Spacey as Nixon a bit more but this is mostly Shannons movie. There are two scenes, one where he's talking to his best friend and another where he's talking to himself in the mirror, these two scenes blew me away.So deep and moving.In a better movie I believe just these two scenes would have gained Shannon an Oscar nomination. Years from now when they are finding Shannons best scenes I hope they pick up the two in Elvis and Nixon. The supporting cast are fine here. The movie runs at 86 minutes which is really like 81 minutes without the credits at the end. It could have been an hour long movie though. At times it drags especially the scenes of Alex Pettyfer's character but other than that Elvis and Nixon is a delightful little movie with a great performance from Michael Shannon. You will have the giggles throughout and you will be entertained for sure by the ridiculousness of the whole movie. I really enjoyed it. ***1/2 out of stars.

The Huntsman: Winter's War

The Huntsman is decent
This movie is garbage. So clichéd and yet I'm giving it a passing grade. Why? because through a lot of it I was fairly entertained. Is it better than the first movie? Absolutely not but its still a decent film.Charlize Theron Is fantastic in everything she's in.Emily Blunt is also good here and I wonder why such a high caliber actress such as Jessica Chastain would star in a film like this but she's good as well. By the way I Love jessica Chastain.Such a great and beautiful actress. I would have loved to have seen Theron and Blunt's characters interact more. They had good chemistry. They should star in another film together.It would be interesting. The movie is called The Huntsman and so I must talk about Chris Hemsworth. He has never been the best actor but I've always liked his screen presence and here it's no different. The Huntsman is like a glazed donut that you know is bad for you but you just can't help enjoy. Many people will hate this movie but I think its a decent time at the movies. *** out of 5 stars.

Midnight Special

Horrible title but really good film
I've been a fan of the director Jeff Nichol's since I first saw his film Shotgun Stories back in 2008. That film also starred the always great and dependable Michael Shannon. He gives a solid performance here. Joel Edgerton steals every scene he's in. I've never been a big fan of Kirsten Dunsts but she is good here. Adam Driver is good as usual. Many critics are calling the film a modern day Close Encounters and indeed it does give off that vibe but Nichol's makes this film his own personal film. A on the run road trip sic fi movie. It is one of the better sci fi indies I've seen. I cannot wait to see what Nichols next project may be. This may be my least favorite out of the 4 he's directed but its still better than most Hollywood movies that are released these days. MIdnight Special is special in its own kind of way. **** out of 5 stars.

Everybody Wants Some!!

One of the best feel good movies I've seen in years
Richard Linklater just gets me.All his films are about a time and place. They are about living in the moment and in Everybody Wants Some the moment is right before college in the 80s.I wont give you the plot but I will tell you that this smart raunchy funny and endearing comedy about a group of college guys is something to behold. Its a beautiful movie and im still talking about an R Rated Comedy about college baseball players. The humor is real and natural.I know people like these characters.I've joked like this and have had deep conversations like they do in the film. The actors have great chemistry. They can joke and party and yet they can still have philosophical talks about life and what it all means. You follow these characters over the span of 3 days and by the end of the film you just want to follow them throughout the year. The closing scene is just true and wonderful.If I had a weekend like the characters did then I would be doing the same thing. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. Its small yet says so much. Also stay till near the end there is a musical number that is pretty great. Everybody wants some!! is one of the best movies of the year!! ***** out of 5.

How to Be Single

A lot better than expected
I'll be honest, I was dragged to this movie by a girl friend. I was tired of the rom com genre. I had seen it all before. Ill say this, this movie strips away all those clichés and goes in the opposite direction. What a lovely and funny R rated comedy with a lot of heart. There are so many charming moments that I cannot even explain them all. Rebel Wilson does her usual thing but here she perfects it and brings a certain edge to her performance. Its my favorite performance of hers. Dakota Johnson gives the best performance of her young career and Leslie Mann owns her roll. Its her funniest, saddest, and truest performance to date. Yes Im still talking about a raunchy comedy here. There is more to this movie than you might think. The men in the film are actually better written that most clichéd men in romantic comedies. Finally, the ending is just perfect for those single people out there.I advise seeing this with a friend and not with a significant other. **** out of 5 stars.


The Best Movie of 2016 so far
Zootopia is the best film of 2016 so far.Its also one of my favorite animated movies of all time. I just love every second of this wonderful and beautiful and funny film. Disney has been on a roll recently starting with Wreck it Ralph, which I loved, Frozen another home run. Big Hero 6 which was so creative although I didn't love it as much as everyone else did. In my opinion Zootopia is the best of the lot. From the many pop culture references to the beautiful animation, Zootopia is a movie not just for kids but for adults as well. Please watch this movie.I've watched it twice already and im so excited to see it again. I Love this movie. ***** out of 5 stars.


One of the first great films of 2016
I know people are going to really dislike this movie but I think its a cool brisk 89 minute thrill ride. Oscar Isaac and Garett Hedlund chew every bit of dialogue and they both give some of their best work here. Isaac is fantastic.You cant take your eyes off him. He embodies the devil himself in the roll. He steals every scene hes in. Hedlund is just as good. It also helps that the writer and director is William Monohan. The guy who wrote The Departed and The Gambler. If you're looking for a slick well made and well written thriller, Mojave is it. Mojave is one of the first great movies of 2016 and I know due to all the bad ratings people are going to be overlooking this great movie. Even if you end up hating the film you cannot deny the terrific performance by Oscar Isaac. ****1/2 out of 5 stars.

The Drop

One of the best films of 2014 so far and might just be this years Out of the Furnace
Slow burn thriller.That is the best way to describe The Drop. I could also say that it is about a man and his dog but many might not find that intriguing. At first Tom Hardy plays a simple man working at a bar that was once owned my his cousin Marv but was bought out by gangsters,Now both he and Marv(Gandolfini) work at the bar which is also a money drop off. There is also a romantic interest although its not what you think,that ties into the main story at the end. The heart of the movie is Tom Hardy and the dog and those looking for a crime and gangster flick should know that although this film may seem that way,it is really about a character study.Its About how good and evil people really are. What makes the film brilliant is that it shows Hardy starting off as a simple man and he ends up being the smartest one in the movie. I compared this movie to Out of the Furnace because although Out of the Furnace was panned by most and Drop was raved many people they both share a deeper story within its simple plot. This is a deep and beautiful film that I urge everyone to see.Many might find the build up to the final act slow, but I found it perfect. Note: Those looking for an action packed movie should know that the only violence in the movie is in the last 15mins but that does not take away to how great the film is. The Drop was rated R for some strong violence and pervasive language. I hate that the mpaa get the ratings wrong. This film should be rated R for brief strong violence and for language.

The Tourist

the tourist
The tourist tries to be something far more masterful than it is, it has many flaws, and the script and plot need a little work, but besides that this is an enjoyable, entertaining comedy thriller. Angelina jolie does a fantastic job, johnny depp does good as always, but many may not like his acting here.If a had one thing to say to the director it would be that to construct the story and plot elements more carefully. Keep the actors, write a better script and im not saying its a bad one, im just saying it needs a little work.My favorite thing about this movie is not just the actors or the scenery, its merely the twist at the end, and if your willing to go along with the tourist you'll have a pretty good time. All in all I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


personally my favorite movie of all time so far.................
Now i know what your thinking, Rudy? I mean yes its a good movie but why rudy? Roger ebert once said that you have those great movies in your life, for me such as the godfather 1 and 2, pulp fiction, the fall etc. but he also said that you also have those movies that stick with you for your whole life. I have many great films and all of them have affected me and have taught me something in my life, and I know rudy may not be the best choice, but for me its a miracle. I remember the first time I saw It, my dad bought it on video and we went into my room, and my brother, dad and me watched it. I remember feeling what rudy felt and that inspired me, I could understand the hardships he was facing, I could feel the anger and ambition to get where he wanted to get. My dream,like rudy who wanted play football, is to become a filmmaker, I want too write films, direct, any little job that has something to do with the film industry I want it. Thats why rudy is my favorite film. it spoke to me and I know in a way it will speak to you.


what can i say.........
what can i say Rango is pure beautiful, from the action sequences to sly humor, and to the magical visuals, this is a masterpiece on its own account, this is what im talking about with an animated movie, and thank the baby lord Jesus its not in 3d, and no im not saying i hate 3d im just trying to figure out why all these animated movies and most live action movies are 3d, some movies 3d fits, and maybe rango could've been put in 3d but as roger ebert said rango is some sort of miracle it works its characters and situations just like real life, and everyone can relate. Im glad this movie is not in 3d, it just shows people to respect regular old school animation. This is one of the best movies of this year so far, and also the best animated movie. will just have to see what rio, kung fu panda 2, and cars 2 can whip up, and yes I know this is kind of early to be talking about but I think rango may win best animated feature at the Oscars , but like I said will have too wait and see what happens. oh and go see this movie, and yes I mean now. ***** out of 5 stars.

Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta

my favorite miyazaki film so far, and in my top 5 animated films of all time
What is this film about? not just a castle in the sky, the film goes deeper into what life is all about, while watching this masterpiece i felt so alive and anxious to see the world. The film is completely beautiful,just life miyazakis other great masterpiece spirited away. although spirited away is one of my favorites/great movie and is what really got me into anime and miyazaki films, this is far more brilliant and breathtaking, there is not more too say then that this is one my all time favorite movies, and is in my top 5 animated movies along with UP, ratatouille, toy story...etc. I have not seen the rest miyazakis films but this one is so far my fav.. I can only say one thing and that is to see this beautiful movie, and im sure you'll see life in new colors, and thats a good thing.

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