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Not bad but probably won't last long
I'll admit the show idea was really good and the part about a parent having to deal with the fact her teen daughter is pregnant is a good idea for a sitcom, but the whole thing about her husband's mistress getting pregnant at the same time was a bit too much. Plus, the daughter Cheyenne doesn't seem to be learning anything from her experience at all. I mean sure she has a baby now, and she's married her boyfriend but they all live with Reba and are doing nothing but playing house! Plus they got married in high school and Van still played high school football instead of trying to get a job trying to support his little family. And now that they have graduated high school neither of them still don't have jobs! But since this is a sitcom it doesn't have to be 100% realistic, and the jokes are pretty funny at times. But the problem is this probably won't last too long, if they do it realistically, Van and Cheyenne will have to move out and support themselves eventually, and since that's one of the main things in the show it won't go longer after that happens unless they want to have younger sister Kyra face the same problem.

Like I said good idea for a show but not done very realistically like I expected it would when it first came out. I give this show 7/10.

Maxie's World

Not that good at all
THis show was made by the creators of the sucessful Jem cartoon but it hardly lived up to it. Maxie was too fake and tried too hard to be like Barbie, that it just failed miserably. Only good days of the cartoons were the ones when the showed Beverly Hills Teens. Avoid this at all costs!


They don't make them like they used to..
Looking at the trash cartoons they have out nowadays like Pokemon, it makes me really miss this cartoon, and this was probably one of the only cartoons that was made especially for girls! And it was really good and Jem was such a great role model. The songs and the outfits were great! It got a little outrageous at times, (Jem actually won the Indy 500 once!), but hey since Barbie could do every career so why not Jem? I miss this show, it was truly a classic and I'm hoping for either reruns or maybe DVDs one day in the near future

The Advocate's Devil

Pretty good
I liked this movie, I usually hate legal drama crap but this one was pretty good. Sadly, in real life pro athletes get off for stuff like this all the time no matter how many times they are accused, and their fans will always be on their side. The guy in this movie was a complete sociopath, it was really scary! I recommend this movie to anyone who likes legal films, and also to any Lifetime movie buff. The only problems I had with the movie: 1) The movie never tells what happened with that girl who got killed 2) Why did the daughter just forgive this woman for having an affair with her father, and why would she suggest they move in together? I mean come on no decent person would suggest a couple move in together!

Other then that the movie is really good! Please watch it!

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