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Very well done on all levels film
Meadowlands is outstanding on many levels. It had a risk of being unbalanced and overly melodramatic or otherwise missing the point of the reality of what the film -through the writer- intended to convey which was the story of people who do go through this reality. While it had flaws if you looked hard for them, what stood out was what could be attributed to the direction, sound score, cinematic filming, and balanced overall presentation of the story. The actors all did what really talented actors can do. It was a very well done and worth seeing film. (Well, need more lines to submit review.) Regarding two things worth mentioning, The camera work was with a very fast lens and the ending scene was outstanding in how it brought the story to a conclusion.

Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel

a very unexpectedly worthwhile film
This is an odd movie/documentary. The first time I watched it, I didn't get through more than 30 minutes. Borrring. A seemingly pointless story about a Mongolian family of camel raisers. Then a year later, I put the DVD in the player again. I got past the first thirty minutes and THEN, it got interesting. Of the many camels who birth calfs normally, this one is a difficult birth, comes out sideways and backwards. But the family assists and finally a runt is born. But the mom wants nothing to do with this thing. Kicks it when it approaches to nurse. The family tries everything to get the mom to accept her calf- failure. Then the two young boys, 3 years and eight years old are sent off on two giant camel (trucks really big camels) to find a 'music teacher. What is this documentary about? It is odd in that you think it is not connected. The boys finally arrive at a hoedunk outpost town with one jeep and two TV sets. It is the elementary and secondary school for the region- reading writing, local dance and cultural stuff. They find the 'music teacher' and apparently agree to something. Next is the arrivial of the boys to their home. Then the music teacher in the jeep. Then it gets really odd and interesting. I thought I knew it all but this is beyond that. They catch the escaped camel who wants nothing more to do with these humans who are trying to make her into a better mom. The music teacher then stings a two stringed square instrument around one of her humps and then the family sits around smoking and talking as the wind begins to blow. The wind begins to vibrates the strings and the sound is perfectly tuned to the wailling of the camel - the camel and the musical instrument go back and forth. Very odd. Then the musician takes the violin and start to play a melody to which the camel responds and the woman - a pretty Mongolian girl - sings an enchanting song. Finally, the family sees it has works and the calf is brought to the mom and - holy cow! mom accepts her calf. Trippy film.

Life After Beth

This is a great funny campy - hey its a zombi flick- of course I ate the guy!
What's with all the negative comments? It's not suppose to be 'Gone with the Wind'. It is an actually funny movie takeoff on the zombi genre. I predict it will be a cult film of late teen- early twentys low-wage workers on a Friday or Saturday night movie. I really liked it. The combination of John O'Reily and Aubrey Plaza is perfect (as well as all the cast.) Well, as I have to add more lines to fill the required 10 lines, a couple of my favourite films are 'Criminal' staring John O'Reily and 'Safety Not Guaranteed' staring Aubrey Plaza. OK . . . . 'getting high with Doug'? starring Aubrey Plaza and Doug. Oh, Paul Riser, now I remember where I've seen his acting before! Aliens.' How about other film recommendation? The Hedgehog- A french film. Well, thats ten lines! Life after Beth is an enjoyable flick

The Letter

deeply psychological and worth the viewing
Just wanted to weigh in on this film as it is worth viewing.

Very well cast and acted. Not an easy film to fit into a description or type. A personal deeply psychological and moody film. One of the strong point of the film is the cinematography and sound. The film goes back and forth between the mind and dreams of the main character who has written a play and is taking a group of actors through rehearsals. As she psychologically goes downhill, her play is changed and begins to reflect

what she images is happening around her -or is she imaging it? - To the credit of the main actor, Wyonna Rider, as I was watching the film, I began to think that the film has been written by her. She was very well cast for this role. Also brings some depth to an ancient practice in some cultures of writing letters to deceased relatives. Again worth seeing.

Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney

One of the great unique films of that era
Just saw this film and was very impressed with the style and story. Like all the others who have commented, I was immediately drawn in to the story and characters. Even though there were minimal subtitles, the story was not difficult to follow. It is a different way to tell a story where body movement and gestures replace the voice. The orchestral soundtrack was well matched to the mood and action. I had never heard of this film and only found it by accident when searching on whatever became of Bridgit Helm who did not pursue acting after (?) this final film. It is also a historical drama and has interesting details of life in that time. Definitely one of the great films of that era.

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