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Django Unchained

One of the best movies this year
At first I didn't want to see this movie because of some political remarks made by Jamie Foxx and Samuel Jackson, two of my previously favorite actors, but Quintin Tarentino is a great director, so I broke down and saw it. Glad I did. This was absolutely one of the best movies of the year. Although Jamie Foxx has top billing, this film would not have been anywhere as good without Christoph Waltz. He stole every scene he was in. Brilliant acting and great comedic delivery. Leo was great too. Lots of blood, something expected in most of Quintins movies, but a great story. Also expect to hear the N word about 2000 times. Cristoph Waltz should get the Oscar for his performance. Should get nominated for best picture. This is absolutely a must see.


I couldn't believe Ridley Scott directed this trash!
I went in with high expectations. This was poorly written and badly directed. Special effects were not as good as I had hoped. I wanted to leave about half way through, but kept expecting that it might get better near the end. Wrong! Sorry I wasted my money. This was one of the worst movies I've seen in a few years. Oh well. The plot seemed to jump around from story to story, and never quite jelled. The actors were good, but didn't seem to have good material to work with. Some of the aliens did expected things from other movies, and mistakes were in some of the things the humans did that they couldn't have possibly done in real life. I guess you can't make a perfect movie every time.

The Adjustment Bureau

Good movie. See it!
I found this movie to be entertaining, and the chemistry between Damon and Blunt was excellent. The plot was fresh, and I really enjoyed the anticipation the main characters brought, waiting to see if they would finally meet again, or if they would ever get together. The concept of people overseeing our lives, and following a script for each one of us was something that makes you think. I think they could have made the ending even better by showing a caption 5 years in the future and a secret serviceman calling Matt Damon to his seat in the Kennedy Center, saying,the first lady is about to start her performance Mr. President. Then Emily Blunt would come out on stage and start her dance. You need to see the movie to understand this premise. It would have made the movie a real feel good ending for me. See this movie. Good story and good acting. Matt Damon always gives a great performance.


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