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Not a huge waste of potential, but...
OK, I did like this film. It had a good script, a good premise, phenomenal performances. But it had quite a bit of flaws in my opinion.

The beginning of the film, good point to start it off. Tobey getting to leave for combat. Everything's going good. Then ti hits the scene where Tobey is falsly pronounced dead, when he was captured. This is where the film has its bad spots. Between when he is pronounced dead, and when he returns home.

This is the area where it shows you the events that lead to Maguire's madness, while showing Portman and Gyllenhaal's relationship develop. The war scenes are really interesting and very suspenseful. They are very gritty and realistic. But, the growing relationship scenes, are poorly done. Portman and Gyllenhaal don't have that good of a chemistry. Not to mention these scenes don't know how to hold your attention. They are really boring. And what makes Maguire lose his madness, completely unrealistic.

Finally he returns home, and this is when the movie's full potential is reached. All of the scenes here are heartbreaking, tense, and very realistic. The scene where Tobey is out front with a gun, that you've seen in the trailer, does not disappoint.

Its a decent film, but with flaws.


After much thought...
Oh Legion, what a waste of potential.

When I saw the TV spots and trailers for Legion, I thought it was going to be a cool religious type thriller, demons and angels fighting it out in an apocalypse. I like that kind of thing for some reason.

Now I have quite of a bit of complaints about this movie, and they all lie in the story, characters, the writing, directing, and the cast. This movie is, quite a messy one. There are plot holes that shake your head, but even with the poorly written story, these characters, oh god. These characters are so generic its almost painful. There's no way you can feel for these characters. They're extremely stupid, annoying, and ill minded.They have no idea how to handle themselves. The main antagonist (Kevin Durand as Gabriel) and protagonist (Paul Bettany as Michael) I found some interest and liking to. At least they knew what they were doing.

Speaking of which, the only scenes in this movie that I liked had to do with Michael's back story, Gabriel, and their fight scene (which is the last one). That only takes a mere 20 minutes of this movie. The rest is the characters dealing with this apocalypse in the horribly written and criminally boring dialogue scenes about religious and/or life mumbo-jumbo that you do not care about. Or some angels that the director tries too hard to make seem cool, but then they're down in 5 minutes in such simple ways of battling, like 1 bullet.Yeah the cool ice cream man in the trailer, yeah he only gets 1 and a half minutes of screen time.

Now i didn't hate the directing in this movie, but it was a downfall. The action in this movie was well done in my opinion, but the directing is at fault in the dialogue scenes. It is only half of what makes the dialogue scenes pointless and boring. There's little style or "Umpph" and i like to call it.

Now, the last thing, the cast. What. The. Heck. The only bright spots in the cast were Paul Bettany, Kevin Durand, and maybe Tyrese Gibson. Everybody else made their characters so unlikable. Adrianne Palicki and Lucas Black had 0 chemistry. Everybody else was absolutely nothing special, best defining the characters they played.

Recap: -Good: Bettany as Michael, Durand as Gabriel, and the Final Fight scene (even though its too short) -Bad: Everything else

Martin Mystery

I really Like it
I used to really like this show as a kid. It was removed from Nicktoons Network in 2008, but i recently found episodes on youtube, been watching them a lot. And now, i now know how to critique things on different things, and i would like to do it here.

Tension- This show definitely knows how to develop tension. The dialogue and the music that plays during the scene where its building up make the pay offs very effective. There are many episodes that scare the c--p out of you. Return of the Dark Druid is a prime example.

Storyline- This show has quite a bit of story lines that are very interesting. Paranormal, extraterrestrial, and mysteries lie within and you want to know what is going on.

Characters- There are many characters in this show, each and everyone are very likable and have their own personality, and you definitely feel for them.

Humor- The show is on and off when it comes to its humor. Most of it is kinda cheesy and falls flat. 90% of it is between Martin and Diana. Martin torments Diana and her reaction is sometimes priceless, others are unfunny

Music- The music fits everything, sometimes i don't really pay attention to the music, but this time, its effective and sometimes beautiful.

There are other points i didn't get to, but it sums

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