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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Loses to every Call of Duty game in a blowout
I have been a big Call of Duty fan since Modern Warfare one and am still enjoying the game with Black Ops, the greatest game of all time. I'd heard that Bad Company Two was a good game so I decided to give it a shot. Is this game bad? No, not at all, was it great, not even close. It is OK, I've tried every type of gamplay in the game and the only one that is good is the Sniper. This is one of the worst machine gun games I have ever played. It just isn't a good feeling. It is pretty cool how now we can drive stuff around and blow buildings up (Call of Duty's only bad part is no buildings blow up) but after a while it can get tiring because it is impossible to take cover because it blows up to easily. The feel of the game just wasn't very good. This game is decent, and is worth twenty dollars, but no more then that. If you want a good game go buy black ops or modern warfare 2.

Mr. Sunshine

When I watched this show I found myself thoroughly entertained
The Middle, Modern Family, and wipeout are the only shows I like on ABC. Now, there's another successful show, Mr. Sunshine. Matthew Perry's return to television doesn't disappoint. Whether hes comforting his boss or questioning his employees, he truly is a joy to have on TV. The show is about a stadium called the Sunshine Center and Ben, Mathew Perry, trying to run it. The events that hes trying to manage always deliver a few laughs and there are heartwarming moments with the romance between innocent (not kidding) teenagers Roman and his girlfriend. The only complaint I might have for this show is that it doesn't have that moment every episode where Im rolling on the floor laughing. But it delivers many chuckles and nice moments that are sure to be enjoyed.

Bob's Burgers

Another successful cartoon by fox
Since 1987 fox has been creating new cartoons every five or ten years. First came their biggest success (and my personal favorite) The Simpsons. Then they made King of the Hill, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad. Now their back with an all new show, Bobs Burgers. Once again fox proves its ability to make a great cartoon. The show is about a dad who dreams of owning a successful burger joint and runs his own, Bobs Burgers, with his kids and wife. Over the episodes so far we have seen that his kids are more of his enemies then his employees as they are constantly making up rumors about the restaurant including, the meat being made of human flesh. His youngest daughter, Louise, is a psycho entrepreneur who proves that she is out to either hurt people, or make money off of people. His son is the wacko fart joke entertained fifth grader that we all know and he often teams up with Tina to make people look stupid or mad. Then there's his 13 year old daughter, Tina. She is going through puberty and often talks about private areas and guys. Bob's wife is always there for Bob when he needs her but she can get a little crazy when shes trying to make a successful side business. Last but certainly not least, there's Bob. I can't think of a better voice actor then him. He always uses the perfect emotion. His character often goes crazy when things don't work out in the restaurant and he easily holds grudges against people. Great show and I really hope it lasts.

The Simpsons: A Midsummer's Nice Dreams
Episode 16, Season 22

Another great episode from a great show
How many seasons would you say is the average amount for a good TV show? Eight, nine? What if I went back to the 90's and told Simpsons fans that I am from 2011 and am watching season 22, thats a truly staggering number. As we have all come to accept the Simpsons glory days are over, but its not into its final years yet. The Simpsons season 22 continues to impress me week after week. Maybe its not 10 rated shows anymore, but it is still making me laugh week after week. This show is not great anymore, but its still very good. In this Simpsons we find ourselves in the midst of Cheech and Chong's comeback tour. But when Chong gets tired of telling all of the old jokes he quits. Homer having listened to them for years steps in and tells all their jokes by heart leading Cheech to go on tour. However as we progress through the episode Homer finds out that going on tour with Cheech isn't the fun loving drug loving life he thought. It turns out to be a lot of hard work. As a side story Marge tries to help the cat lady lose her hording ways and in the process, Marge becomes a hoarder herself. There are many funny moments in this episode that you should try to enjoy.

The Office: Garage Sale
Episode 18, Season 7

One of the best offices of all time!
Not only was this office funny, but it was also very emotional and touching. When Michael said he was going to propose in fire I was laughing like crazy and Jim messes with Dwight, as always these two make a classic combo. This episode has a 5.4 right now on IMDb. But if you click on how it was broken down then you'll see that of the 23 votes, 18 gave it a 10, 1 gave it a 9, and 2 gave it an 8, then there is 2 people who gave it a 1. IMDb has a very good ratings system but it fails on this episode. Break it down and you'll find that this is popular among most voters. But now back to the episode. Like I said it was funny, but it was also touching. The way Michael proposes to Holly is just beautiful, he goes through all of the important moments that hes known her and it is very touching. The only bad thing about this episode is that we find out that Michael is leaving Dunder Mifflin with Holly to take care of her parents in Colorado. But we have a very good replacement for at least the next four episodes (hopefully more) Will Ferrel! He has the sense of humor of the Office and will be premiering his episode April 14th. I look forward to more great humor and heart form The Office.

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