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Biography: The Trump Dynasty

If you love Trump haters
If you love Trump haters, this is a must see. I would rate it a -10 if I could,libtards will swallow this crap up like there is no tomorrow. Sickening if you ask me. Get out of your mothers basement people.

The Report

More liberalism
Yep leave it to the brain dead to screw even this up, these people must live under a rock. The CIA has been corrupt since conception, go burn some more books that way you can have history exactly to you liking.

A River Runs Through It

This is one of my most favourite movies of all times
"I have read the short story by Norman Maclean, and the movie did justice to Norman Maclean's writing. My husband tends to reread it occasionally, and I myself have read it over and scenes of the movie keeps coming to mind. We have videos of many of Redford 's movies and we have watched "A River runs through it" many times. Redford is part of the "famdamily" as he is always around. We never get tired of Redford's perception of Norman Maclean writings, and the beauty of Montana."

This is one of my most favourite movies of all times, nice story.

Beauty and the Beast

pile of steaming crap
The movie is bad. My now grown kids went with the wife and I. Kids wife and I loved the cartoon version some 25 plus years back. This movie don't compare in any way. Kids are also life long Harry Potter fans and thought they loved Emma Watson they went truly wishing to love this movie they left feeling there money was stolen and swearing off Disney. I felt I was stuck on a 2 hour lecture about the greatness of being a liberal and found the movie sickening. Hey to each there own but I wish never wasted a penny on this movie and I am a life long cartoon and kid movie fan.

QUOTE Yours: What THE f00k. what a pile of steaming crap.

Phantasm: Ravager

Honest rate from a follower
I do not know where to begin with this disaster of a finale. What were they thinking to come up with this as a completion to an otherwise decent cult classic. Man I waited almost 20 years for this load of crap. And we are to believe poor old Reggie just had a case of dementia? This movie never even started with Reggie as a person of interest really in the beginning, now we are to swallow this BS that it was his dementia that caused the whole thing to happen... Hogwash. I sure wish they had of done this nicely, after all they had almost 20 years to get it right. So I leave it to you the viewer to make your own rating. After all this is just my personal opinion. Cheers.


The rating here is the only reason I decided to watch the movie.
First off, how this western ever got as high a rating on IMDb I will never know. The rating here is the only reason I decided to watch the movie. Boy was that a mistake, this movies has to be one of the worst westerns I have ever seen, just plain awful. Obviously the high ratings came from people associated with the movie. Don't waste your time on this one, I could not even finish watching it, it's that bad.The acting was simply terrible.The story and plot was full of gaps and the filler content added to lengthen the movie did nothing to add any value to an already bad film.Take my advice, save your money and your time as you will never get either back.This is not even worth a watch on a day when you have absolutely nothing to do...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Way over rated at 7.6
What ever made this director take a comedic tone on this movie was beyond me. There is funny and there is funny but this misses the mark totally. What could and should have been a good movie was completely ruined in this production. It felt like the actors actress' wished they were anywhere else in the world other than in this movie, hollow and wooden acting. What a shame.It sure would be nice if they actually did a action crime thriller of this movie.Who votes and rates these movies here is beyond me, as there is not a chance in the world that this movie rates anywhere near a 7.6 on IMDb. Well enough said, as always everyone has to decide for themselves.

Age of the Dragons

This was perhaps the worst movie i have ever seen,no plot,bad acting,bad everything. Do not know why Danny Glover ever stooped so low as to do this. Must have been to help new up and coming actors is all i can think. The only thing 1/2 decent about this movie were some of the graphics. The ship rolling over the tundra was just to bizarre. Who would put up money for a movie like this? I can view a lot of crap,but this one had me pulling my hair out after the first 5 minutes.I had to force myself to finish it,hoping it might eventually get better,but it never did,if anything it got even worse and i did not think that,that could be possible.

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