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REAL vampires don't sparkle!
(this might contain some spoilers) If there is one thing that I hate the most, Its twilight. seriously, who had ever heard of vampires that sparkles in the sunlight? I would rather watch Dracula then this. this film and Edward Cullan are a disgrace to vampires everywhere. How dare he call himself a Nosferatu(Romanian for vampire). Dracula will easily kick Edwards scrawny butt. Stephenie Meyer has ruined vampires for us all. No thanks to her, there are obsessed fangirls all around. honestly, vampires aren't what they use to be anymore. If you are a fan of vampires, don't watch this movie. It is not worth watching, because Stephenie Meyers has desecrated the legacy of vampires.

The Irate Gamer

it's funny and nice.
I would have to say this is a nice, funny show. a lot of people say he's a "rip-off" of the angry video game nerd but to be honest, I think he was inspired by the nerd to make those films. and for goodness sake the angry video game nerd is NOT the only game reviewer. There are dozens and dozens of people that are practically doing the same thing. so please people don't start jumping to conclutions here. okay maybe he said the same swear words like the nerd but doesn't anyone like saying it besides the nerd and the irate gamer? for once in a life time, give him a chance! Chris bores' acting is NOT entirely terrible. he seems to do a bit well and nice. but to let you all know just in case, I am a fan of BOTH the Angry Video Game Nerd AND the Irate Gamer. I like them because they are entertaining to watch on youtube. so please guys, let Chris bores be and let him have fun.

Piranha 3D

It is not worth watching. I don't want to see nude! I want to see the Piranhas!
this film is a butt load of crap. When I saw the trailer, I was excited, but when I saw the R rating and what it had, I was really unhappy. I read the stuff of what the movie had and I was greatly disappointed. this is more like a porn flick rather then a creature feature. sometimes I just wanted to say to myself "I don't want to see the nudity, I want to see the piranhas themselves. eversince I read what it had, I had second thoughts. I would rather watch The Wolfman rather then this perverted nightmare. if anyone ever thinks about going to watch it because it is a "creature feature, look at what it has first because it is nothing like that.

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