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Teletubby level content + slight irony + sexual content + teenage love
I usually fancy Japanese films. This one was an unexpectedly big disappointment. The storyline is like what you normally see in a 25min children's TV-show. The acting is very much like teletubby's. Very colourfull, cute figures push each other, and sit down with a fart. A little bit of irony-spice lightens it up: The happy song about the ever strong and wonderful times for the hero's is performed, while the hero's don't enjoy life. There are just a few moments of it, though. There's a little bit of first innocent love in the film. And then there's several heavy sexual hints, like a robot getting orgasm and cum'ing (and telling about it), while it's attacked.

Most of the content and the story looks like it's aimed at small children. It doesn't have the sub-layer aimed at the adults, like in most family/children's films. But then it has a layer of sexual jokes, making it unsuitable for small children.

I haven't seen anything this bad for a long time.

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