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Gegen die Wand

straight to your heart (might contain spoilers!)
Despite his Turkish origin, we, Turkish audience in Turkey, met with Fatih Akin quite late. However, that didn't change the fact that he is now one of the most loved directors also in Turkey . Head On is a film that touches your heart. I don't know, if me being Turkish is a reason to love this film. But love, fear, hatred, passion, desperation and hope are universal feelings, right? There are a lot of things that break your heart in this film. To see Cahit so desperate and at the edge of the life, to see his buddy in struggle of saving her friend, to see Sibel while she follows her instinct to live the life she dreams...These were really touching but there are two scenes in the film that really crushed me. The look on Cahit's face in two different scene, first when Sibel cooked while Cahit was watching her; then when Sibel enters the bar right after Cahit killed one of her one night stands. I hope everyone manages to see the real story in the film. This film is not about a Turkish girl, who is trying to escape her conservative family. This is even not the sub-plot. This is a dark love story that invites us in a world with people who live on the edge. People, who find love but cannot, live it as they want it. Real people with real lives. Now it is confirmed Fatih Akin is one of the most talented guys in the film world. One of the best films that come to your theatre in years. Don't miss it and praise Fatih Akin, he definitely deserves it.

L'auberge espagnole

sex and drugs and rock'n roll!!
Despite the publicity and the funny trailer, L'Auberge Espagnole was a bit of a disappointment for me. The plot did not seem that convincing. European youngsters get many opportunities to come together, explore the life and share ideas etc. So, being in Barcelona with a small example of European Union shouldn't be a cultural shock for either of them. Anyway.. The film tries to convince us that they learnt life and they began to understands differences and look-alikes between cultures. In the end all they come up is to save one's ass by lying to her boyfriend. Even if found that scene is funny and entertaining that scene didn't give me the feeling that all these youngsters are now finally best buddies. Moreover some logical parts seem to absent. Such as, the girlfriend and the baby of the Danish guy. Where did they go? And why? Anyway I also agree, being in abroad with many people from various countries is great fun. But the things that you share are much more than sex and drugs and silly night outs. When the film ended I was humming 5th symphony by Beethoven and people around me were saying: and what?

Im Juli

At Last!
Finally we get the chance to see a Fatih Akin film (apart from some festival screenings!)in Turkey. Even though he is originally Turkish his films never been in Turkish movie theatres before. How weird is that? My two friends and I went to see this film after a tiring workday. We were all full of stress hoping to chill out. After the film we were the happiest people on planet. I haven't seen a film that makes me feel this good for a long time. I felt both proud and jealous for Fatih Akin. He has great directing skills. The electricity between the actors and the director is awesome. You can easily see that everyone who involved this film is happy to be there. And the audience was also so happy to be there and meet this bright young director. I saw couple of German films that directed by young directors (some of them second generation Turkish ones) lately. I must say most of them were really inspiring and brave films. They have the humanity and originality that makes wait for the next example. In the film we see a variety of eccentric (Luna), free spirited (Juli), boring (Daniel), dull (the guardians at the Romanian and Turkish borders) people. But in the end they are all good in their hearts. We see no one truly bad or plain. I watched the director on a talk show the other day. He was also so positive and that tells us how he managed to direct such a "feel good" movie. It is a great idea to end the film in Istanbul, a magical city for a magical ending. Those, who haven't seen the "In July" yet. You don't know what you're missing. You cannot find this taste in any mainstream movie. Go and see this really good film. Thank you Fatih Akin for making this movie. I can't wait to see his next work.

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