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Stargate: Atlantis

I started watching this series on Netflix and didn't realize there were only 5 seasons. I just went online to put season 6 in my queue and there isn't one! :( This was a great series. The acting was great, in my humble opinion. The character development and group dynamics was excellent and I felt like a part of the family. I was sad when Carson died and felt real depression, but was very grateful when they brought him back in later episodes, just as they did with Elizabeth. I thought Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett were terrific and I am going to search for some of their other works to watch. I am crossing my fingers they have done other things. If they haven't, someone in the entertainment business needs to find a vehicle for these guys... the whole team would be ideal. I'm very sad right now and feel a real finishing a great book that you never wanted to end. Thank you for 99 episodes of pure enjoyment. I wish you all the best

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