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It Follows

It doesn't follow
Up to any small expectations you might have. Don't watch this. Complete waste of time.

The Hatred

Just watch the trailer.
It's the best part. Honestly.

Don't bother with the rest of the movie.


A distant memory.
For several years I had this movie at the back of my mind. I remembered parts of it, but I could never remember the name of it. I started to believe that maybe I was imagined it all along, that maybe I had gotten confused, and mixed up several movies from my youth, but oh how wrong I was.

So to sum it up, I watched this movie when I was very young, and I am now 27, going on 28, and I STILL during all those years, remember how this movie made me feel. That's gotta say something, right? Even though my memory failed me as of the name of it, I strongly remembered Paulie, Marie, and the janitor Misha.

This will most probably always be one of the best movies of my childhood. It's funny, sad, well written, good acting, and of course, has one of the most adorable stories ever written.

The Keeping Hours

I will have you know,
That I only cried about 6 times while watching this movie.

All jokes aside, (I did actually, cry though.) This movie exceeded all of my expectations. 100% recommend you watch this.

Btw, to anyone interested in watching this movie, Please do ignore the negative reviews below. People tend to review a movie on how they wanted it to be, or how they wish it went, instead of reviewing the movie as it's own.

So, example, it's set as a drama/horror/romance movie, (in this case) and people are leaving bad reviews because they "wished it was a horror movie" and that they "wasted their time". Well, to this kind of people I wish to say: Maybe watch a movie that's only set as a horror movie, next time? OR, maybe go read other reviews before watching. Thanks.

Slender Man

Don't bother............. For real. Just don't.



I personally, loved it.
I simply loved it. It was as mentioned by some before me, rather (actually very) predictable, this did however not ruin the movie experience for me the slightest.

The acting was amazing, by the one and only Bel Powley, and of course Liv Tyler wasn't so bad either!

The special effects were to no complaint, except maybe at one point towards the ending. (Trying not to spoil anything!) If you watch it, and as myself if a big fan of special effects, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about.

Original, but predictable, very, HIGHLY enjoyable, and I definitely do recommend seeing this movie at least once.

HOWEVER! If you are looking for a horror movie, this is not it. I'd call this more of a .. Mystery/fantasy-ish kinda movie. So as I said, don't expect to be spooked by this film, as it should not be classified as a horror. I say this with confidence as a horror-lover.


Great movie, if you understand it.
Been reading a lot of negative reviews here, and what I have to say is: If you can't see the deeper meaning of this movie, don't review it. Move on with your life, and let the smarter people out there enjoy this fantastic movie. Also, - If you're expecting a lot from a movie and get disappointed, try to enjoy the movie for what it was, and not what you wanted it to be.

Without spoiling anything, I will have to say that the acting was all right, but absolutely not the best, that however, does not have an impact on the movie, as the story is too good not to watch because of a minor "error". I have seen plenty of horror movies in my days to be able to see past some budget acting in order to watch and enjoy a good story horror film.

Nothing is being too much read into, the amount of "gore" (more like little nasties, trying not too spoil here!) and creepy scenes in this movie is perfect, as it is not over-done just to get a scare out of you. Story was good, all the way from start to finish, although I would call this more of a mystery, kind of psychological-ish kinda of horror, as it in my opinion, is not a plain horror movie.

Anywho, the movie is in my opinion worth watching, and I will continue to recommend it to people who I know will enjoy this fantastic movie.


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