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  • This is by far my favorite show. The acting is incredible, the story telling remarkable, and the themes of this show are eye opening. The show does not paint a beautiful picture of the state of which Baltimore is in, but a realistic one. The show is extremely re-watchable but the main problem I have is how sometimes it is impossible to understand what some of the characters are saying (for example the drug dealer) that is why it is extremely necessary to watch it with subtitles. I'm not going to pretend that anyone reading this really cares about what i'm saying, i mean the only reason we ever read reviews is to either back up our own beliefs about something or to find out if the thing we are looking up is good, and due to the fact that almost everyone else who reviewed this show said it was great, you don't need another guy saying that this is the best show ever (which it is). I just wanted to make sure that if it is your first time viewing this show, you get the most out that experience, and i believe that to do that, you need to watch this show with subtitles.