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The Iceman

A Boring Movie About an Interesting Story
When I saw this movie first I thought of doing some background reading before going ahead with it.So I just went through the articles on Richard Kuklinski trying to build up to the movie. And when I finally watched the movie I was utterly disappointed. To be honest if the guy was still in business he would have most probably ended the lives of who were involved in the movie because it is an insult to him. The movie looks like a bunch of episodes that have no connection in to each other. Unless you read about it first you have no clue to what is going on. From start to end there is absolutely nothing that will help you enjoy the movie. I don't know why people have rated this one so high. It doesn't do any justice. They don't show why he became a killer, what makes him tick, how he started. You will see the guy killing people at random, but actually they are hits, they never give clues to why the hits were called. how he builds up to the kill. They don't show how he comes up with his methods, how he tests them first which is a major part of his character. In short this movie doesn't even deserve to be reviewed in long. Utter waste of time.

King & Maxwell

A Show That Needs to Improve
To be honest I cannot say that I'm crazy about this show. But it isn't a bad one. Quite similar to Castle but in this case both are cops unlike in castle. There is some chemistry between the characters and the guys' personality is likable. Not sure of the girl though. But I get the feeling that the story lacks the depth and twists we would like to see in a crime show. The crime solving is pretty fast with very little resources which would make it too fictional. And I don't see the point of pointing out the two as former secret service agents since that doesn't add up anything to the story or their characters. For instance such would tend to make the show have more action. But in this case it contains action a regular show would have. That is quite disappointing. It would be harsh to judge the show by just watching the pilot but I get a feeling that this might turn out to be a good show.

Transporter: The Series

Stupid script, but kind of entertaining.
This is about a guy who drives a Audi from point A to B, picking up 'packages' and delivering them. He is hired because he doesn't ask questions and because he does his job well.I'm not really sure if I like this or dislike it. There are some good fight scenes (like Chinese movies. But no flying so kind of highly believable). To be honest there is no story in most of the scenes. I mean how can you, since it is about a driver. No mystery no twists and turns. You know who the bad guy is from the beginning so the story will about how the driver will fight his way out and do the job (deliver the package) at the end. Well I don't see this series going to be a hit. But it is not as bad as some other action TV shows. The acting is pretty amateur. Wonder why they didn't hire some good actors since they sure must have put a lot of money in all those fast car stunts and things. The scenery too is nice. You get some nude scene too. That might help to sell the show. Besides that hardly see anything promising in it. They could have done better with a bit more writing. Anyways it is up to the viewer to decide whether they are going to like it or not. I will give a 5 for this.

Red Dog

One of the Most Awesome Heart Warming Movie I Have Ever Watched
The actors may not be Oscar winners, the story may not have the mystery, drama and suspense great movies have but what the heck this is one of the greatest movies i have ever scene.this is based on a real story and we know that real stories aren't that awesome on screen compared to all the stuffed Hollywood flicks. i consider myself lucky to ever have come across this since these types of movies never come to theaters in our part of the world and i don't know why. The story is about a Dog who comes into town and wonders with around making friends and changing lives of the people. he give the people a reason to love their lives.a reason to unite. through out the movie you see number of individuals who have their lives transformed. the movie just shows how loyal a dog can be to the people it loves.yes i'm a dog lover and yes anyone even if you don't love dogs would fall in love with this great movie. please just don't judge the movie by all the Hollywood standards, just let it touch your heart and soul. hope everybody would enjoy this movie like many of us did.


Not up to the standards
After watching so many great special forces movies, all we expect from such a movie is that it to be an action packed explosive one. with that expectation I started watching this movie and I was totally disappointed.the plot is simple, a guy takes over a country and threatens the region. so the good guys have to go and take care of it.instead of sending the army they decide to send a bunch of ex SAS mercenaries. the actors don't at all look like ex SAS soldiers. instead they look a bit too girlish to portrait such tough characters.that is enough to kill the mood. their acting isn't strong enough at all to convince the audience that this is going to be something fun to watch.even the dialogues lack the punch . instead you feel like shooting yourself for choosing to watch this. sometimes the muscle flash of the gun just blinds you.give the movie a cheap look. you see hardly any action that is normal to a movie of this kind. All i can say is that it's lacks everything a good action movie should have.

P.S. The actors in the movie don't look tough at all like the ones in the poster.

Charlie's Angels

Not up to the standards
Well It might be unfair to review this show since it only has aired one episode, but i got to say that after watching the first episode I highly doubt that i will continue watching it. Well the Plot is same as the Charlie's angels movies, where three girls with bad pasts get together to fight crime tagged alone with a guy and their secret handler Charlie. First of all there isn't any mystery drama of any sort in this. There will be a problem and they will pretty soon figure out soon without chasing false leads or falling in to danger. The stories reminds me of mutant ninja turtles and knight rider the new series since the girls are always equipped with the best tech stuff all the time. they can access satellite feeds, zoom in to blurred CCTV camera feeds, crack safes in a few seconds which makes it boring and silly to watch. In some instances you would see the girls kicking asses of guys twice or thrice their size which also makes it highly unrealistic. I'm pretty sure they could have done for better may be added a few steamy scenes since that's what female spice or operatives do best. Unless they carry out major changes in the plots I highly doubt this will last much longer.

Friends with Benefits

Kind of Lame
Well I was expecting a funny show since it is said to be a comedy. but I should say I was totally disappointed. with all those great shows on air i don't think this a series that you should waste your time on. The acting is poor to start with. and the jokes are pretty lame too. It looks like the actors are putting more effort just to make an impression and land bigger roles. besides although it is named friends with benefits, there is only one couple that has sex together. I think the concept alone could have been taken more seriously. So in conclusion all I can say is that if you don't mind wasting your time on some lame jokes then this might interest you. besides i don't think this deserves a second season either.

Royal Pains

Good Show. Enjoyable
Well I was avoiding this thinking it would be a lousy show. But who would have ever thought this would be a great show. well it doesn't have all the suspense the deep mysterious illness and what ever Dr. House had. but its still a lovable show. the actors fair well to sell the show. The chemistry between the couples are good. various small plots help to sell it better. the main character is lovable and is surprisingly calm. You may think that it's a cross between the Burn Notice and Dr.House but it's definitely something much more. well i was a little bit irritated with the accent of the Indian actress but what the heck the rest just covers it up.well all i can say is that this show is worth watching and its guaranteed to entertain you.Enjoy !!!!!!

The Unit

Could have done much better
When I first came across this series I was expecting an action packed one since the series is about the covert operation units of the US army. But i was disappointed with what i saw. well it has action, but the what ruins this series is the showing of the family point of view of the officers. just think about it. if this was a action drama series it would be appealing to a crowd who enjoys action. but instead of that they add the family side which mostly includes how the wives cope with all this. do you really think that we want to see that in middle of a gun battle? that has brought down the effectiveness of this series. it distracts you. since most of the women are too ambitious. you get fed up with 'kim' because she always want's it her way. well if they wanted to portrait the family side of it they should have gone and made a separate series without spoiling this one. my advice is that if you are able to block your thought while the family side is shown then you could enjoy this series. else you too would find the interruptions fairly annoying.

The Almighty Johnsons

Stupid, Over rated and hardly any humor in it.
Well after reading the other user comments i gave decided to this a try and all i can say is that this did not meet my expectations at all. its a adult program alright, with a considerable amount of nudity swearing and drug use. but i don't see how it can be compared with any other series about a bunch a heroes to be. all i saw was a bunch of guys who were supposed to be Gods, but didn't posses any considerable amount of powers. the guy playing 'odin' lacks the charisma the ruler of the Gods should have.the worst thing is they a just interested in using it for they own benefit. it's like some family story, where you find people running around trying to get there day to day stuff done. If you are expecting this to be something like No ordinary family you are going to be disappointed in a mega way.

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