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Raaz 3: The Third Dimension

Good idea went terrible
The movie as an idea and perhaps on paper was good for a Bollywood film for a change. but the execution was terrible and made the film into a cheesy flick. Here are some points that could make this film way better if were done: 1- The woman meets a ghost for black magic??? It would have been way better if this was another human expert in the black magic or at least the director did not reveal immediately that the man was a ghost. It took way a lot from the suspense.

2- What are the stupid songs doing in this kind of film? OK you want to add songs why not creepy slow songs to build up the movie rather than make it more cheesy than it is with BAD songs just to show the skin of the girls.

3- A man's head is chopped in the graveyard and immediately we see a song!! How can a director call himself a decent one and does not understand the basics of directing and suspense building?

4- The film is written all over it "CHEESY". It is worse than D or Z grade Hollywoood flicks. They are showing the Ghost or the entity as Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street which takes all the frights. A good director would have showed less. In horror movies always the less you show the more creepy a movie will be. A good example I would say something like Rosemary's Baby. I feel that entity or ghost should have been shown the way the evil force was shown in The Exorcism of Emily Rose where the evil appeared to Laura Lenny's character with a cape without showing anything else or its face. That itself was very terrifying.

5- The maid was killed by the entity and Emran saw it too. Black magic effects are supposed to be seen by the one who has its spell casted on and not by everybody!! Why Bollywood directors love to mix everything all together? can you have a milkshake, ornage juice and a cola mixed together for a drink. I really don't understand

6- Performance wise, even the best Hollywood films rarely you see a good perofrmance in that genre so nothing expected. I felt the main character Bipasha Basu was missing from the film!! Yea didn't feel any significance in her presence, the director could not use her. Emran Hashmi was just a puppet, again boring and the girl who played Sanjana was extremely irritating to watch. Both Bipasha and Emran have better roles in other movies.

Unforutunately Raaz 3 is a movie deserved to fail but succeeded at the box office in 2012 along with other crappy films like Barfi and Kahaani and is yet another proof that Bollywood if at least not going backward is not moving at all.

So far almost all the Bollywood films I have watched for 2012 can be termed the least as "BAD" with the only exception being Sridevi's English Vinglish.

Chalte Chalte

Chalte Chalte: Very bad movie. Audiences all gone Gumshuda
This movie was very awful. The director seems had no mind set up on what he wanted to do. Movie starts as a comedy.. then becomes a Romance then a family drama. Mixing all these up is like mixing salt, sugar, vinegar and milk together. End result is BAD product.

  • Shah Rukh Khan: Yet again he proves that he is totally non versatile actor. Once again he plays Raaj!! He is always SRK he never plays a character differently. His role has two dimension 1- The hyper SRK with his usual irritation when he wants to play a comic role and the shivering voice. 2- The OVERACTING romantic guy who tries desperately to make audiences cry. you will end laughing at the over acting he does rather than feeling pity for the character. One of his worst roles.

  • Rani Mukherjee: She was nice at some parts when controlled and acted subtly. looked nice in the first half

  • Music: Cheesy, bad, unnecessary. Songs were dumped here and there.

  • Direction: TERRIBLE. Such directors should be sued for making such bad movies. Seriously doesn't Bollywood directors watch Hollywood Movies? or any international movies? I don't think so.


A cheesy remake of the Silence of the Lambs
First thing if you have watched Silence of the Lambs (like I did) you will criticize this movie a lot. If you have not seen that movie you might think Sangharsh has something new to offer.

Preity Zinta has a bubbly personality but she could not live to the role which Jodi Foster played to perfection. Preity's fear, shock expressions were not good stand alone and bad compared to Foster's expressions.

Akshay Kumar is a nice actor but I feel he was not guided well in his role. It seems the director here did not have any clear vision of what kind of personality he would give him. sometimes he is calm other times he is jumping like a joker or screaming. It was really annoying. Anthony Hopkinz was a force of power in the original, calm scary personality. That first scene when Foster visits him in the jail and how he humiliates her is incredible. The Indian version is so bad. actually very very bad.

Ashutush Rana is creepy but his creep was not exploited. He was wasted in that role. they should have given him a creepy chilling atmosphere. Indian filmmakers do not know how to create such spooky atmosphere. In that scene where he wears a saree he reminded me of actress Silk Smitha. They look similar a bit specially the eyes.

I don't understand what are songs doing in such movie? they clearly kill the main theme and give lots of cheese to it.

Overall Sangharsh is not a good experience. Not in direction, acting, cinematography or even as a remake. The movie dies the same way Akshay Kumar's character dies while in the original Hannibal Lector lives and continues into other films and Silence of the Lambs will always remain one of the best chilling movies, while Sangharsh will be the shameful remake of it.

My final verdict is 40/100

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