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Tornado Hunters

Lets bully the fat guy!!!
I dont know if he thinks he's a proffessional storm photographer, especialy with how he acts but he seems to miss a lot of the money shots, unless he gets lucky while holding down the shutter butten to take 200-300 fast succession pictures, hoping he catches something before the room on his sd card runs out! And the other guy just seems to drive the car not much else, which is fine but dnt get atude to the only guy on the team that can actually do anything that brings in the money and keeps your fans logging on. The very first episode they admited that they whent out without Ricky and had over 150 tornedos and came back jack because they dont know how to work any of the tech! So to be honest i stopped watching after I see the way they treated Ricky,whats with the bully tacktics to one of ur own? especialy when as far as I can tell he's the only one that can do all of the technical stuff that turns the whole thing from a couple of over grown kids driving around in bad weather to a proffessional profitable buisness! It is more than obvious you need Ricky more than he needs you! It's not kool or funny it completely took away from what the programe was supposed to be about it stopped me from watching on netflix after the first 30min of s01e01!

A Star Is Born

Lady GaGa is talented and Beautiful!!
I have to say after watching this I have a bit if a crush on gaga without the platinum blond hair and stage makeup she's HOT!!! So to be honest ity wasn't untill after the film ended did I realise this was based on a 50's screen play and wasn't about Gaga's life, played by herself, my bad! So that said with no spoilers, the film was awesome, really good, the acting was top notch and the music was outstanding! I really found an apreciation for Lady Gagas talents, and smoking hot body ;) I enjoyed the movie so much I have no problems giving it a 10/10

Holmes & Watson

For the love of film WHY?
WTF!!! I seriously didn't make it past the trailer, and you can say how can you write a review then, if you haven't watched it? Answer.. Who the F would want to watch something so completlely insulting to a genre that has stood the test of time!? This film is about as tacky as Vegas is to a sand Geko, Paris Hilton is to the world of Porn, and this film is to everything that makes me proud to be British and glad I was born in america! Sherlock Holmes was a masterpiece of british litriture, and later British film. It's something that is undeniably British! Where as what I see here is undeniably american, child like, humer. like a mentaly challenged child that spends all day laughing at something only it can see!

American Haunting

FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!!! WHY, WHY ,WHY?????

Do these producers of these FAKE PARANORMAL SHOWS really think that were so desperate for paranormal entertainment that they can just churn out any old garbage for us to buy into? I don't understand for the life of me how the hell it's got a 6/10 * rating! I personaly gave it a 1 in the hopes it will go some way towards lowering it so at first glance ppl can tell it's nothing but faked tv for tv sake!

I by the way am a firm believer in the paranormal, i have seen and had physical interactions with ghosts, including seing my grandfather. I am a fan of many paranormal shows which is why i get so pissed when i find one that's so obviously fake.

Inner Demon

Amazing,,, until it wasn't!! (last 20 min'Ssh)
Well I will definitely start by saying It's a must see film regardless of my summery "Amazing until it wasn't" because as i said it was only the last 20 min's or so that let it down..

Basically everything after the whole becoming a vengeful spirit/demon which in my opinion regardless of the other comments wasn't well done, make up or special effects! Which in it's self would of been forgiven and ignored given the very high level of acting, writing, directing, editing, as well as how completely emotionally invested i was with Sarah Jeavens as if i was right there along side her the whole way, even to the point where i'd be shouting at her (more accurately the TV screen) during some parts and quietly giving her direction during others.

BUT.. I said would of been forgiven, unfortunately i can't ignore it as it completely ruined what was and mostly is a great Thriller/Horror that for some crazy reason then completely does a u turn and becomes a terrible low budget horror for the last 20 min's completely in contrast to the rest of the film and then just ends. leaving you wondering if someone had recorded over the last 20 min's with a completely different film for a joke.

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