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Lost Voyage

I rented this unsure of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The movie flows well enough and has enough creep factor to satisfy a small craving. The basic premise involves a young man named Aaron whose father and step-mother disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. When the ship suddenly reappears twenty-five years later, Aaron is intrigued as to what happened and ventures out to the Triangle to investigate. Lance Henricksen and Judd Nelson are standouts in the movie and are quite good. The rest of the cast are unexceptional and competent at best. My only real gripe with the movie is with the big ending scene. It's over-the-top and a case of a good idea with poor execution. Overall, not bad, but I really only recommend it for those without really high expectations that are only looking for a little mindless creepiness.

Dark Asylum

Not that bad
The lead actress in this movie, Paulina Porizkova, is fairly decent in this role. Having never seen her in anything else, I wasn't sure what to expect. She has her moments of overacting, but the main problem was some of the dialogue she was given. Larry Drake was scary enough as the killer and is considerably larger than I remember him being. Judd Nelson was really the standout for me in this movie. While not his finest work, he was believable enough in this role and seemed to be the only character that didn't make the typical horror movie asinine decisions. There is no real blood and gore in this movie, so it'll suffice for anyone who doesn't mind a little bad dialogue and plot holes, but wants to see a mildly scary film.

Excess Baggage

Worth a watch
I really liked this movie when it first came out and I really like it now. It's the story of a rich girl who stages her own kidnapping to gain her father's attention, but the whole plan blows up in her face when a good-hearted thief makes off with her car with her in the trunk. Alicia Silverstone is very charming in this movie as rich girl Emily and Christopher Walken is wonderful as Uncle Ray. But, the real show-stealer is Benicio Del Toro as the thief Vincent. His quirky delivery of lines, unconventional good looks, and sweet overall demeanor add the life to this movie and make it worth watching.

Suddenly Susan

Searching for something nice to say
The one and only reason I ever tuned into this show was to see Judd Nelson on a regular basis. And on that point I was not disappointed. I found him to be charming and engaging and quite funny. And a pleasant surprise was the comedic abilities of the late David Strickland. He had an endearing quality combined with a knack for delivery. The glowing review ends there. Brooke Shields was hit and miss, with a strong emphasis on miss. She could be humorous at times, but it was usually due more to circumstance than her delivery or timing. Kathy Griffin's Vicky had an obnoxious nastiness that could wrangle a snicker out of me every now and again. But, Aundrea Benewald and Nestor Carbonell were forgettable window dressing for the most part. The last season was not pleasant and I think I only suffered through the season opener. I don't try and sit through any of the fourth season re-runs, even if nothing is on but infomercials.

Betsy's Wedding

Utterly Pointless
"Betsy's Wedding" is absolutely yawn-worthy and I can't imagine how green-lighting this film was ever considered a good idea. The story is so uninteresting and incoherent that it's a total waste of celluloid. Upon excruciating inspection, one might be able to discern that Betsy (Molly Ringwald) is set to be married to a man who comes from money. Betsy's father (Alan Alda) is determined to pay for the wedding and throw an obnoxious display to prove that he can toss cash around with the best of them. What ensues is an agonizing plotline following Alda as considers getting involved with the mob to finance the debacle. As a fan of both Ringwald and Ally Sheedy -who co-stars as Betsy's cop sister- I can't imagine why either one took roles in such a turkey.


Try it. You'll like it. Really.
This movie is really a classic and a fun watch. I even managed to talk a less than enthusiastic male friend of mine into sitting down and watching "Shag" and by the end he was singing along to "Stagger Lee" like everyone else. Annabeth Gish is wonderful in this movie as Pudge and Phoebe Cates(Carson)and Bridget Fonda(Melaina) give great performances. Even if a dance movie about four girls set in 1960's South Carolina doesn't sound like your cup of tea, just give it a try. You'll like it. Really.

Fresh Horses

This movie is really only for those who were/are serious fans of either Molly Ringwald or Andrew McCarthy. The storyline is implausible and the characters are woefully underdeveloped. McCarthy stars as a young man named Matt who is engaged to marry his socialite girlfriend, but scraps those plans when he meets Jewel(Ringwald). The film follows Matt as he tries to figure out who exactly Jewel is and what secrets she might be hiding. For her part, Ringwald does a decent job. Her southern accent isn't overdone or ridiculous, though it is a bit odd. To her credit, she believably portrays a character that is totally unlike any of those in her previous movies. McCarthy, on the other hand, seems like a reincarnation of every part I've ever had the displeasure of seeing him in. He wanders through the film aimlessly and seems totally disinterested the whole way through. Overall, not a bad effort on Ringwald's part, but I would only recommend watching this movie if you happen to catch it on cable.

The Pick-up Artist

Don't pick it up
I can very vaguely remember some talk about this movie when it first came out in theaters. None of it was good, so I wasn't really expecting much when I watched it for the first time recently. And I didn't really get much. It's hard to put your finger on what exactly is wrong with this movie, though one might suspect it has something to do with the ridiculous storyline involving Randy's(Ringwald)alcoholic, gambling addicted father. The plot involving Jack(Downey)struggling with his womanizing ways after meeting the girl of his dreams could have been achieved without a convoluted plotline like what's provided. This isn't Ringwald's best effort, though she's decent enough and makes do with what she's given. Downey's performance is not pleasant to watch. While I suspect his character was supposed to come across as sweetly charming, I perceived him as manically sleazy. Watch if you're a fan of one of the actors, otherwise save yourself the time and energy.

From the Hip

Okay if you can overlook a lot
Overall not a bad movie if you can overlook the ridiculous way the judicial system is portrayed. Everything that happens in this movie pertaining to the law is sensationalized and cliché, but if you can ignore that and just appreciate it for the story about a man who is caught up in his personal sense of right and wrong, then it's a funny and charming film. This story centers around a young attorney named Robin "Stormy" Weathers who manages to make partner in his law firm after his very first case. He is immediately handed a high profile capital murder trial and is not sure how to handle it. Elizabeth Perkins is well cast as Robin Weathers' sweet and perpetually understanding girlfriend. John Hurt is downright diabolical in his scenes as the defendant on trial for capital murder. And Judd Nelson, as Weathers, is endearing as an attorney forced to defend a man he's not sure is innocent. The main problems with this film are the aforementioned clichés about the justice system and some fairly cheesy dialogue. Not an absolute must see unless a fan of one of the lead actors, but not a bad watch if you happen to catch it on cable.

The Breakfast Club

Personally, I don't think enough wonderful things can be said about this movie. It's absolutely outstanding. Each and every actor in this movie did an excellent job. The two standouts for me were Judd Nelson as John Bender and Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish. In a movie where every character was compelling, they actually managed to steal the show. Definitely a must see for anyone that appreciates a fine script and spectacular acting.

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