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ESL: Replay: Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021 - CSGO Group A - Gambit vs NaVi
Episode 41, Season 2

2021 CSGO Group A - Gambit vs NaVi.
Flamie booted off NaVi, B1t replacing him.

Dust2 - Hobbit with a 3K and Gambit with an early lead. NaVi do well once getting a full buy, which takes them a while. Boombl4 with a 4K, NaVi end up taking the half 8-7 t-side. They run away with it in the 2nd half, Simple with a triple. Shiro pretty non-existent, but comes alive for a triple and Gambit's 1st round of the half. Bit strong late, NaVi take the map 16-8 in dominant fashion. Simple 103 adr, +12 k/d. Electronic 89 adr, +7 k/d. Overpass - Bit with 2 quick deags and NaVi turn the tables on an eco round. Axile with a big 9th round, shuts down Navi's potential comeback. Gambit win the half 10-5 t-side, despite their stars not having big games. Gambit win the 2nd half convincingly too, taking the map 16-7. Axile 117 adr, +12 k/d. Nafany 83 adr, +8 k/d. Mirage - Shiro shows up, with a 1v2 clutch. Then Nafany later with a quality ace. Simple with a 3K and the round. Gambit win 7 rounds on the trot, hunting survivors, taking the half 11-4 t-side. They take the pistol clean as well. NaVi make a game of it, well Simple does; including a 1v2 clutch, from a 2v5. Electronic smashed in this one, despite Navi actually claiming 9 rounds in the 2nd half. They lost with a full buy to an eco +Shiro awp though. Gambit taking the map 16-13 and the match. Sh1ro bringing his A-game to the party in the decider, with 102 adr, +24 k/d, +5 first kill differential. Hobbit 86 adr, +6 k/d. Simple 95 adr, +8 k/d, +5 first kill differential. Overall, Simple 88 adr, +19 k/d, +7 first kill differential. Not getting a lot of damage output from his team, though Bit's activity and decision making helped Simple more than Flamie would've I think. Shiro 73 adr, +22 k/d, +7 first kill differential. Hobbit 83 adr, +5 k/d. Axile 83 adr, +3 k/d. Gambit having 4 players with 50+ frags, Interz just 36, but all of NaVi beside Simple in the low 40's to 38.

3. (GE) Sh1ro, 2. (NaVi) S1mple, 1. (GE) Ax1le.

The Take: Episode #1.4
Episode 4, Season 1

The Take.
Solid finale. Hardy's character really well written this episode and he does a bang-up job. Charlotte Riley's also good as Maggie. Freddie's wife Maggie appears to be even more rotten than Freddie. The conclusion's a bit silly, but this was a big step up and now it's over.

The Take: Episode #1.3
Episode 3, Season 1

The Take.
Like why would Des go anywhere with Freddie, of course he's going to kill him, haha. A setup episode mostly, both Freddie and Jimmy planning to kill one another. Though it turns out to be little Freddie killing little Jimmy instead.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 30 - Knicks vs Nets
Episode 39, Season 3

Knicks @ Nets, Nov 30 2021.
Kemba Walker relegated out of the Knicks lineup. Spike Lee looking so stupid in that get-up, with his handbag. Harden aggressive and scoring early with 15 points in the 1st and rook Thomas with back to back 3's, Nets up 5. The Knicks bench do get out and run, even faking coming to challenge at the rim, sprinting out, i.e. Toppin. Harden hits a deep step-back 3 to end the half, Knicks up 1, KD relatively quiet. Aldridge with a nice block and Mills with back to back 3's, starting a Nets 14-0 run. The Knicks end the term well though, back within 4. Durant carries the Nets down the stretch, the Knicks stay in it. Down 3 with their last possession, Fournier ties it up. Robinson carelessly fouls, gifting Brooklyn the win. Even numbers, both teams took care of the ball. The Knicks slightly better from 3, the Nets with more production at the line and more activity defensively. Harden with an efficient 34 points, 8 assists, 10 boards, 3 steals, along with 5 turnovers. Durant 27 points, 9 assists, 5 boards, just 1 turnover. Aldridge 3 blocks. Randle for the Knicks, 24 points, 8 assists, 9 boards, 2 steals. Burks 25 points, 5 assists, 5 boards, 2 steals, 1 turnover. Rose off the bench with 16 points, 9 assists, 5 boards and no turnovers.

3. (Bkn) J. Harden, 2. (Nyk) D. Rose, 1. (Bkn) K. Durant.

Warm Summer Rain

Many rivers to cross, but I can't seem to find a decent film.
Warm Summer Rain is a load of drivel.

Sure Kelly Lynch's nice, but jeez. Weird for the sake of it, with woeful acting, writing, direction, the whole "shebang"... :)

The Take: Episode #1.2
Episode 2, Season 1

The Take.
Inevitable that Freddie would get with Maggie, but they made it so bloody obvious. She goes to the club and berates him, Jimmy's about to take a flight and he and Maggie have smiles on their faces like nothing could happen. Freddie's obviously going to come and rape her and be the father of her child, it's the most predictable writing ever. Other than that it picks up a little, but with the same problems. The viewer's not really taken into consideration, like telling the story's enough.

The Take: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

The Take.
First episode's okay, warrants continuation. Hardy plays the sort of "Goodfellas" Tommy without the charisma, which makes for somewhat interesting viewing. Has a lot of drama without the necessary substance to support it though and it's overly and unattractively sexualized. Have some dialect issues with it also.

ESL: Replay: Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021 - CSGO Group B - Vitality vs Big
Episode 40, Season 2

2021 CSGO Group B - Vitality vs Big.
New young player Kyojin replacing RPK in the Vitality lineup.

Mirage - Misutaaa having a game, Zywoo with a big clutch to put Vitality up 9-5 and subsequently 10-5 at the half. Big win pistol, but Zywoo alone with an ak essentially wins the following round. Vitality take the map 16-11. Zywoo 89 adr, +13 k/d. No player in the positive for Big, but Tabsen with 101 adr. Nuke - Kyojin starts with a triple, getting Vitality the pistol. Apex later with a 3K and 4K. Big end the half well, Xantares with a 4K, Vitality up 8-7 t-side at the half. Zywoo triple pistols, Misutaaa with 2 as well. Vitality run away with it ct-side, Kyojin with another triple. They win all 8 ct-side rounds, taking it 16-7 and the match. Zywoo dominant with 126 adr, +13 k/d. Misutaaa stepping up again 89 adr, +6 k/d. No Big player in the positives again, but Syrson +5 first kill differential. Overall Zywoo 106 adr, +26 k/d. Misutaaa 90 adr, +10 k/d. Apex 79 adr, +6 k/d. Tabsen 95 adr for Big. Syrson +8 first kill differential. Kito struggling, 48 adr, -19 k/d. Good commentary with Chad and Machine.

3. (Vit) Zywoo, 2. (Vit) Misutaaa, 1. (Vit) Apex.

Drop Dead Fred

Fred: I am a loner, a crazy wide eyed loner on a doomed mission to Venus to battle with the 3 headed mega beast but on the way I caught cornflakes disease.
Drop Dead Fred isn't great in totality, but possesses wondrous charm that many a film-maker would aspire to create.

Exuded through the lovely Phoebe Cates as Elizabeth and young child actress Ashley Peldon. Rik Mayall does a fine job as Fred as well. Unfortunately the story doesn't go anywhere meaningful, stuck in chick flick romantic drama territory. Does have its laughs though and a quality production to boot.

Those claiming it's about mental illness surely didn't watch the film properly. It's you who are seeing things that aren't there, or better yet not seeing things that are. Elizabeth and the kids all see these imaginary friends at the same time and place, the little girl's pinky finger locks at the end same as Fred would with Elizabeth and she didn't commit the act, the little girl did.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 26 - Pistons vs Clippers
Episode 38, Season 3

Pistons @ Clippers, Nov 26 2021.
Bledsoe with back to back to back 3's early, the Pistons offense ugly, Clippers up 12 after one. Horrible 3-point shooting by Detroit, they're not even close to going in, including multiple airballs. "Who said Mann can't fly," good in the 2nd, Clippers up 24 at the half. They hold a 20-point lead going into the last, Clippers denying Grant going to the rim time and again. Detroit never in it, despite George having 12 points. Neither team shot well, Detroit woeful. Bledsoe 15 points, 6 of 9 from the field. Zubac 10 points, 13 boards, 5 offensive. Mann 16 points, 10 boards off the bench. Jackson 21 points, no turnovers.

3. (Lac) E. Bledsoe, 2. (Lac) I. Zubac, 1. (Lac) T. Mann.

ESL: Replay: Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021 - CSGO Group A - Team Spirit vs Virtus Pro
Episode 39, Season 2

2021 CSGO Group A - Team Spirit vs Virtus Pro.
Train - Even game, Magixx almost 1v3 clutches, but hunts for the last kill instead of defending the bomb and Jame gets the defuse, VP up 6-4. They run away with the half from there up 10-5 and take the pistol t-side. Jame clutches their 14th round. Spirit make a run, but VP close it 16-11 with tec-9's. The frag numbers would suggest Spirit won the map, but no. Magixx 81 adr, +8 k/d. Chopper 86 adr, +3 k/d. Inferno - Magixx on top of things early for Spirit. Yekindar breaks through, Buster with his first frag in the 9th round after a poor first map. VP too indecisive dwindling down the clock, Spirit up 10-5 at the half. Spirit have problems of their own, forgetting to plant in time. Mir with 2 instant kills with the tec-9, but Yekindar gets a 4K to still win the round for VP. Buster picks up his play, VP almost flawless ct-side losing just 1 round, winning 16-11 in a huge comeback to take the match. Yekindar dominant, in a way unlike other top players and a reason they're a contender, non-awp entry frag dominance. Yekindar 124 adr, +8 k/d, +6 first kill differential. Sanji 82 adr, +7 k/d. Sdy 92 adr for Spirit. Overall, Yekindar 99 adr, +6 k/d. Jame 71 adr, +6 k/d. Magixx 74 adr, +9 k/d for Spirit.

3. (VP) Yekindar, 2. (VP) Jame, 1. (TS) Magixx.

Dexter: New Blood: H Is for Hero
Episode 4, Season 1

Just kill everyone and start again please.
The old show kept us on our toes, here we know Harrison's guilty and it's belabored throughout. Already thought Kurt was the one killing the bar girl as well, so this episode brings almost nothing new to the table. Nor is anything particularly memorable either. Not too dissimilar to "Resident Alien" and I watch that show, but it shouldn't be anywhere near the realm of Dexter...

ESL: Replay: Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021 - CSGO Group A - Gambit vs G2
Episode 38, Season 2

2021 CSGO Group A - Gambit vs G2.
Mirage - Shiro almost with a nice clutch, last kill could've went either way. He clutches in the 3rd round to get Gambit on the board t-side. Gambit take the next 6 rounds. Amanek gets a triple, but Gambit still clutch it 2v4, Shiro again. Gambit dominating the half 11-4. G2 take the pistol and get consecutive rounds, but then lose with a full buy to pistols in a B stack entry. Bit of a silly play by Hunter to go all the way around A with the bomb ticking, Shiro just defuses uncontested and Gambit go on with it, taking the map 16-8. Axile 103 adr, +10 k/d. Train - Gambit start with the first 5 rounds, with the usual suspects Hobbit and Shiro, until G2 get a clean round. Hobbit like the 1st map winning so many close reaction 1on1's. G2 bring it back though, event taking the lead. Two Gambit players with just 2 frags apiece, G2 up 8-7 at the half ct-side. G2 finish the map well, taking it 16-13. Nexa 89 adr, +6 k/d. Shiro for Gambit, 78 adr and +4 first kill differential. Dust2 - Niko slaying with his scout, following the pistol round. Gambit wins 11 rounds on the trot though, Jackz and Amanek very low adr. Jackz has some nice rounds to end the half, pretty much all his adr prior coming from the pistol round though. Gambit take the half 11-4. Shiro 1v3 clutches the pistol and Gambit goes on with it comfortably, winning 16-4 and taking the match. Shiro dominant, with 88 adr, +14 k/d and +3 first kill differential. Nafany 98 adr, +11 k/d and +6 first kill differential. Hobbit 110 adr, +6 k/d and 95% of the rounds, killed, survived, assisted or traded. Overall, Shiro 78 adr, +26 k/d and +7 first kill differential. Hobbit 87 adr, +6 k/d. Nafany 82 adr, +12 first kill differential. Nexa the only G2 player in the positive, one of Niko's least impactful performances.

3. (GE) Sh1ro, 2. (GE) Hobbit, 1. (GE) Nafany.

The X Files: Small Potatoes
Episode 20, Season 4

You think the fall killed him?
Small Potatoes is about Mulder and Scully traveling to a small town, when there are reports of five babies born with tails.

The episode's laughs a minute, with superb writing and Darin Morgan golden as Eddie. The general opinion here's that the high-point of the episode's when Eddie becomes Mulder, with him locked up, though that's where it wavers a bit for me. Still love it though, there are so many funny lines.

Mulder: I admit the photo's a little over the top, but uh, what do you think Scully? Scully: No, seriously.

Eddie: They spelled my name wrong. It's Van Blundht with a silent "H". B-l-u-n-d-H-t. Mulder: Oh, we'll get right on that. Eddie: Lots of people spell it wrong. It's like Dutch or something. Can I go now?

Scully: But what are you saying, that that Van Blundht is an alien? Mulder: Not unless they have trailer parks in space. This is something different.

The Voice: Live Top 11 Eliminations
Episode 20, Season 21

Live Top 11 Eliminations.
Bit of a waste of time to do a whole result show eliminating just one artist from many. The songs with coaches, like the rest of the episode unmemorable.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 24 - Nets vs Celtics
Episode 37, Season 3

Nets @ Celtics, Nov 24 2021.
Harris out for Brooklyn, Brown back from injury for Boston. The Celtics offense poor early, Smart the only one generating buckets. Tatum struggling, Nets up 7 after one. Mills hitting his 4th 3-ball, Breen painful to endure. Rookie Thomas, giving the Nets good minutes, Nets up 13 at the half. They extend the lead to 21 ending the 3rd, Breen's really grating, why doesn't he bother everyone else... Boston on a 17-0 run from the 3rd, bringing some defensive intensity, but the Nets too far ahead and kick it back out. Mills deadly from 3 in this one. Udoka evidently doesn't like Pritchard, with him out of the rotation. If you want ball movement, that's the guy to run your team. Keep Smart in, take Grant Williams out, he's just being left open sitting at 3 and not getting on the boards. The Nets shot much better from the field and 3, the Celtics poor. Both teams took care of the ball, the Nets just 10 turnovers. Mills with 23 points, 7 of 10 from outside. Aldridge 17 points, 9 boards, moved into the starting lineup for Griffin. Durant 21 points, 8 assists, 2 steals. Harden 20 points, 11 assists, 7 boards, 2 steals. Bembry 10 boards, 3 steals, in the starting lineup. Smart best for the Celtics, with 20 points, 8 assists, 2 steals, just 1 turnover. Tatum and Brown combine 1 of 17 from 3-point land.

3. (Bkn) P. Mills, 2. (Bkn) L. Aldridge, 1. (Bkn) K. Durant.

The Voice: Live Top 11 Performances
Episode 19, Season 21

Live Top 11.
Girl Named Tom were good, looks like they have the voters too. Good song selection for Paris. A lot of cringe this episode though, fan week and destroying one of the best songs ever.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 23 - Lakers vs Knicks
Episode 36, Season 3

Lakers @ Knicks, Nov 23 2021.
LeBron out due to suspension, Rose out as well. Julius aggressive and dominant early. Reggie saying the most obvious things, like he's saying something... Westbrook trying to run offense and Rondo talking with him off the bench. He's a bloody MVP, LeBron ain't there, go be Westbrook and attack, nothing else need be said. Fournier with his shot going for the Knicks, the Lakers a bit of a shambles, down big. They have so many one-way players, they do make a run to end the half, down 12. The Knicks offense goes missing, Fournier's 3's keeping them ahead. Westbrook aggressive and impactful in the 3rd, Knicks up just 2 going into the last. I don't like these lineup choices by Vogel, Ellington's there best shooter but he's never going to get the shot with these types of lineups, so why have another liability out there. These players on the floor with him are chuckers and guys the defenders will allow certain shots from, so Ellington's just never gonna get an open shot. Plus you're playing Bradley and Monk over Howard and Rondo? Melo cold in the 4th and Davis missing from the line, Quickley hitting 3's playing down the stretch again ahead of Walker. Knicks win it by 6, shooting much better from the field and 3, 44% from there. Fournier with an efficient 26 points, 6 of 9 from outside. Randle 20 points, 16 boards. Westbrook with an efficient 31 point triple-double for the Lakers, 10 assists, 13 boards, 2 steals, 6 turnovers. Bradley 15 points, 9 boards, 2 steals. Horton-Tucker 0 of 8 from the field.

3. (Nyk) E. Fournier, 2. (Lal) R. Westbrook, 1. (Nyk) J. Randle.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 22 - Nets vs Cavaliers
Episode 35, Season 3

Nets @ Cavaliers, Nov 22 2021.
No Harris for Brooklyn, Cleveland with quite a few out. Love coming off the bench, what's that about. Cavs up 3 after one, Allen with no conscious, jacks up hooks, steps back to 3 even though has the open baseline shot. Garland too evasive for everyone, Cavs up 11 at the half. Nets play some defense early in the 3rd, with 3 blocks in two trips down, retaining possession. Garland goes off from minor contact and the Nets make a run, holding the Cavs to just 19 in the quarter, up 2 going into the last. Aldridge's mid-range shot punishing all help and Mills with 3's, Nets get over the line. The Nets shot much better from the field, the Cavs getting more production at the line. Both teams took care of the ball, the Cavs +11 on the boards, the Nets just 9 turnovers. Durant with 27 points, 9 assists, 6 boards, 3 blocks, 2 turnovers. Aldridge 10 of 14 from the field, 11 boards off the bench. Mills five 3's and Harden 15 assists. Garland was playing well in the 1st half, ended the night 9 of 27, with 11 assists, 2 turnovers. Allen 20 points, 15 boards, 6 offensive.

3. (Bkn) K. Durant, 2. (Bkn) L. Aldridge, 1. (Bkn) P. Mills.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 21 - Knicks vs Bulls
Episode 34, Season 3

Knicks @ Bulls, Nov 21 2021.
Chicago without Vucevic. Randle the only Knick with it going, where's Walker at. Caruso doing good defending Randle in spots, but everyone else getting torched. Great pass by Caruso to Bradley also, who doesn't even acknowledge it, Bulls up 6 at the half. Many Bulls in foul trouble, Randle taking advantage, while LaVine continues to miss jump shots. The Knicks take the lead going into the 4th, but the Bulls quickly go back ahead with consecutive 3's. Dunno why they signed Walker and Fournier when Thibodeau plays his backup guards significant minutes and down the stretch. Chicago gets the win, with a 37-point last term. DeRozan doing the bulk of the scoring for the Bulls. Similar numbers, other than the Bulls much better from 3 and just 9 turnovers. Randle with an efficient 34 points and 10 boards in the losing side. DeRozan with an efficient 31 points and 2 steals.

3. (Nyk) J. Randle, 2. (Chi) D. DeRozan, 1. (Chi) A. Caruso.

ESL: Replay: Magic the Gathering: Pro Tour Hour of Devastation - Final Damo da Rosa vs Pardee
Episode 24, Season 3

Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa (Ramunap Red) vs Samuel Pardee (B/G Constrictor).
Paulo wins quickly on the play in game 1, Pardee without early removal and nothing able to stay on the board or defend. Game 2 over similarly as quick, with Paulo on the draw not holding any removal and 3 Hazoret's in hand, unable to stop Pardee putting down 3 Winding Constrictor's and a Nissa, resulting in a lot of counters. Game 3 after sideboard, Pardee on the draw mulligan's and gets stuck on 2 land. Paulo drops a Chandra Torch of Defiance down and ticks it up each turn, as Pardee continues to not to draw land or anything to play, he concedes. Paulo on the draw in game 4 gets out 4 early creatures, but Pardee drops Walking Ballista for 3 with Winding Constrictor in play and in great shape. Pardee plays Nissa, but chooses to make a plant token instead of adding counters, leaving the window open for a Glorybringer to kill the Ballista. Which Paulo does, which also allows him to kill the Nissa. He could've also just left the mana up for the Ballista to just response to Paulo's plays, but I guess that's not taking into account a potential Hazoret. Pardee plays Ishkanah Grafwidow, which stabilizes or even puts him ahead. Paulo eternalizes Earthshaker Khenra, Pardee plays Verdurous Gearhulk, putting counters onto his spiders cleverly. Paulo chooses not to play his other Glorybringer as it doesn't yield a path to victory, not worrying about his own defense and Pardee takes advantage. He removes the Glorybringer in play and attacks with everything and Paulo effectively dies. It's a pretty big error by Paulo that the commentary fails to acknowledge, as he's one of the great players. All tied at 2-2. In the deciding game, Pardee mulligan's on the draw. Paulo gets immediate threats down with a nice curve right into his 5th land and Glorybringer. Pardee on the back foot, flooded with no removal and his creatures consistently unable to block. Paulo with multiple avenues to victory, he eternalizes Earthshaker Khenra making Pardee have to use Grasp of Darkness on that with Hazoret in hand, but Pardee with just land in hand. Paulo wins the match and Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, with Ramunap Red. Which also yields him Player of the Year by doing so.

The Hallow

Acting the maggot.
The Hallow is eerie and engages, but the protagonist grates.

Has a bit of "X-Files - Detour" about it, with the encroaching on land. Adam keeps putting his family in danger at every point and almost everything about him irritates. Not believing in folklore is one thing, but ignoring what you see and hear is another. While Clare's baller, chasing after, trying to retrieve her baby. The creatures were okay, but not memorable.

ESL: Replay: Magic the Gathering: Pro Tour Hour of Devastation - Semifinal Samuel Black vs Samuel Pardee
Episode 23, Season 3

Black (Ramunap Red) vs Pardee (B/G Constrictor).
Black mulligan's to 4 in the opening game and draws no land. Black wins game 2, as Pardee's flooded with no removal in hand, in an uneventful match thus far. Game 3 after sideboard, Black wins on the the draw, as Pardee's too slow. Glorybringer the star, taking out Pardee's Kalitas Traitor Ghet. Don't think Pardee should be playing those prior to Glorybringer, he should probably just be responding with removal and ticking up his Walking Ballista. Should also have some sort of etb life gain to stabilize against red, surely in black/green. Black burning Pardee for 4 discarding land with Hazoret impactful. Pardee on the play in game 4 gets a Nissa Voice of Zendikar down and Black stuck on 2 land with mostly removal in hand. Pardee taking the game quickly, squaring it up 2-2. In the deciding game Black mulligan's to 4 on the play, Pardee doesn't have a very cohesive hand and Black actually posing a threat, but when Pardee drops his Nissa on the board with Winding Constrictor in play, it becomes impossible. Pardee closes it out, advancing to the final. Good thing as we don't want a Ramunap Red mirror.

NBA on ESPN: 2021 Nov 20 - 76ers vs Trail Blazers
Episode 33, Season 3

Sixers @ Blazers, Nov 20 2021.
No Embiid for Philly. Nance with a nice reverse alley-oop finish to end the 1st term, Blazers up 5. No one that Curry can matchup on in this Portland lineup, Blazers up 9 at the half. Though the Blazers never really look for easy baskets, no matter how they're being defended. Philly held at bay throughout in this one, though their players, coaching staff and commentators all annoyed by the refereeing. Lillard with his best scoring night of the season, living at the free-throw line. Philly shot slightly better from the field, the Blazers better from 3 at 44%. Both teams took care of the ball and excellent from the line, Blazers +6 on the boards. Lillard with an efficient 39 points, 7 assists, 3 blocks, but 4 turnovers and 0 boards. Nurkic 5 of 6 from the field, with 11 boards, 2 steals. McCollum 18 points, Powell 17. Maxey best for the Sixers, with an efficient 28 points, 9 assists, 2 steals, no turnovers. Harris 28 points as well.

3. (Por) D. Lillard, 2. (Phi) T. Maxey, 1. (Por) J. Nurkic.

Dexter: New Blood: Smoke Signals
Episode 3, Season 1

In this episode we have Clark Kent Harrison and alpha human to save the world... Can't just write regular teenagers?

So Dex comes in from being out all night when it's light out, Harrison's up and they leave within a minute, yet there's lots of people there already, good timing? Looked like Kurt's eyes shooting the girl from the bar, but could be anyone. Probably be some type of "The Most Dangerous Game," thing following. The show isn't bad, it's just disappointing thus far compared to "Dexter." Dex is still Dex though.

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