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Sangre Vurdalak

A solid enough if somewhat flawed genre outing
After returning from a hunt, a man's strange behavioral changes toward his family start to alert them that his sayings involving a family curse about a bloodthirsty creature known as a Wurdulak might have infected the family, and must try to figure out the truth before the family's killed off by the creature.

This one turned out to be a rather mixed bag effort. When this one works is due to the intriguing nature of the setup involving the couple returning to the community and trying to readjust to life there since they left. The tense meetings with the girlfriend's family and the later scenes of the family trying to determine why the lack of compassion for his daughters' interests and desires to be a part of the modern world give this a rather fun start to what's going on. That the rest of the family has grown tired of the sheltered lifestyle and see the barbaric behavior as being signs of something going wrong as the telltale warnings he mentioned start to take place. It all comes together with the family curse that's brought up involving the history of the predators coming for the family and needing human blood from their own family members to be a highly impressive setup. That also manages to provide the film with a lot of fun moments once the father returns and everything starts getting spelled out. The confrontations at the house the night he leaves are the best of this, displaying their complete inability to recognize the situation and descend into paranoia and hysteria quite easily trying to lock the boyfriend up while jumping at the slightest noise around them, starts this rather nicely. The main conflicts at the house the next morning as well as the series of battles with the family that includes the highly obvious change in behavior while debating what he really is provide some strong banter between everyone in the household that sets the stage for the finale. The big battle between the vampire and the remaining family members is a bit scaled-down from what could've been but has some enjoyable and brutal sections which are quite fun. These factors make this one quite fun although there are some minor incidents here that hold this one back. The biggest issue with this one is the central storyline idea being utilized here that is so familiar to genre fans that it makes the family out to be completely blinded by loyalty in the face of actual danger. The fact that it's plainly obvious what's gone on regarding what he could be causes them to be so moronic in not doing anything to protect themselves is a major factor with this one. Instead of just performing simple tasks that would immediately determine what he really is, their insistence on placating his demands that highlight his condition leads to their rightful downfall that could've been avoided with more common sense. As well, there's a lot of trouble trying to get through the series of technical issues here with badly out-of-place songs on the soundtrack and a distracting tendency to switch between dubbed voices and subtitled sayings in the same conversation that cause a tonal whiplash and drag this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.


Generally fun for what it is
Looking to pledge a special fraternity, a pair of friends are tasked with securing a stripper for a special party the group is holding, and after arriving at a lurid strip club learn that the performers and workers are vampires corrupted by the star dancer at the club and must find a way to get out alive.

This was a fairly solid and overall enjoyable effort. One of the more likable aspects here is the rather intriguing storyline that creates a great deal of intrigue with the way it melds together several different storylines. The first half feels almost like a frat-house comedy with the group going on an adventure trying to find a dancer for the party and leading to the exploits at the club which are based on far more traditional genre elements. The slow build into the revelation that the club is inhabited by vampires has a lot to like, with his search for the missing friend and encountering all sorts of enemy agents attempting to stop him from seeing the truth comes off rather well. The mix between the various tones here, with the light-hearted mix of humor at the school with the somewhat more horror-based antics at the stripclub offer a generally fun contrast. That leads nicely into the fun action in the final half where this one turns into a much faster and more energetic offering. Knowing that there's someone else at the club beyond their target, the means through which offers the start of some fun chases through the area and underground trying to escape their clutches. Managing to escape and get back inside where he's fully aware of the vampiric nature of everyone, the series of confrontations and battles with the numerous thugs inside the building which offer up the kind of fun energy that sells the situation quite well while building up to the highly enjoyable confrontation in the sewers that has a much more lively sense of enjoyment in terms of how the confrontation takes place. Combined with the overwhelming cheese on display from the decade of conception, these elements manage to work together to have a lot to really enjoy. There are some drawbacks to be had with this one. The main detrimental factor featured here is the decidedly scattershot pacing that comes off as unnecessary with several aspects that could've been removed or trimmed. The lengthy opening prank goes on way too long without establishing anything that couldn't have been utilized in a shorter time-space, while the journey into the city to secure their chosen target contains numerous detours from the inability to acclimate to city drivers or encountering the punks in the diner. With the film trying to cram these elements together into the storyline that comes off as somewhat awkward, there are parts to this that feel unnecessary and somewhat problematic, which along with its cheesier elements are what really hold this back the most.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity, and mild drug use.

Near Dark

Overrated, but still watchable with some good parts to it
After meeting a strange woman, a young man finds himself abducted by her friends and is soon ingrained into the group of vampires, but after a couple of encounters force him to realize he's not a human anymore and must decide where his allegiances lie when his family tries to get him back.

This isn't all that great of a film, but it did have some good moments. The best qualities of the film are its three solid action scenes which provide quite a jolt throughout when they occur. The bar scene is quite fun to watch, simply due to it being the first time there are some actual victims beyond the short scenes of them out stalking and hunting random victims along the road. From the stalking of the bartender to the assaults on the patrons and the short little intermission with the teenage cowboy, there's some great stuff here alongside the carnage on display that makes for a fantastic highlight seeing just how ruthless and vicious the group can be. The later shootout in the motel amounts to the film's greatest action scene, as the bullets fly around inside the small room with the sunlight filtering in burning the vampires and a fiery, gory climax really makes it stand out. The final showdown, which allows for some really nice gore scenes as well as the big final battle between the two, has a lot to like overall. Combined with the fantastic gore and make-up effects, these are the film's best points. There's not. A lot to dislike here but it does have some issues. Among the main issues here is how it treats the main group, including the fact that the villains here are so obviously vampires and nothing is specifically mentioned about that. As there's no mention of the term, fangs or even the traditional methods of dealing with vampires such as being staked in the chest, garlic, crosses, and holy water which are completely missing in any way, shape, or form from the movie the only way we know they are is being exposed to sunlight and the blood-drinkings. These don't act like the traditional impression of vampires, and the change is kinda out-there for a lot of the old-school to adapt to as the change in appearance and behavior are enough to cause some grievances with vampire fans. Despite the ingenuity of trying to survive in the sunlight with one of the more clever tactics to do so, trying to do none of the more common tropes and tactics associated with vampire lore without much explanation doesn't strike as that impressive. The other factor that drags this one down is the complete lack of action. Since the beginning is relegated to just having the new recruit around and his ability to accept what has happened, which just drags on. There are only two big action scenes and they're both near the end of the film, leaving it to wallow in boredom at the beginning with all the rules being explained and him having to come to terms with the condition. This is just deathly boring and nothing of much happens, rendering it so hard to sit through. The ending is also one of the film's biggest flaws. The reversal of the vampiric condition applied to the one character is quite believable as it was a short while ago that it occurred, but to have it done to the second participant is a little out there. It's been mentioned that the one had been a vampire for several years before the film started, and with the amount of time to get used to the specific variations between the two to have that simply changed in a simple operation is quite stupid. All things considered, this one felt overrated.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Far more fun than it has any right to be
Trying to revitalize the town, a group of influencers attempting to modernize a dying Texas town finds the area is the home to a chainsaw-wielding maniac who terrorized the community years earlier who has snapped after the death of his mother and is now turning his fury on their friends.

Overall, there's a lot to like and dislike with this one. The main aspect that really wins this one over is the startling strong and brutal gore from the kills on display. There's quite a lot to like here with the series of shock ambushes involved throughout the film including all manner of scenes where he appears out of nowhere and viciously stabs, slices, or impales victims with numerous types of sharp objects. The brutality inherent in these scenes not only manages to make this one inherently graphic with some enjoyable over-the-top splatter and bloodshed but also some fun action here including the police transport crash that sets everything in motion, the house attack including a spectacular brawl with one of the victims and the absolute delight of the bus attack which is the centerpiece sequence in the entire franchise as a whole. As it all looks impressive and happens to those that deserve it, this becomes all the more enjoyable, plus as well as the rather fun pace that keeps this moving at a fantastic tempo it all becomes quite likable in that regard. However, beyond this factor, there's not much to like with this one. Among the bigger flaws is the highly underwhelming storyline that doesn't make any sense or make the characters likable. Going through such a massive timeline shift that tries to tie into the events from nearly half a century earlier means that the appearance of characters and events from the original should match up which obviously doesn't work as all sorts of inconsistencies arrive from this factor. The inclusion of the character from the original is entirely meaningless with how they're handled here which is the start of the historical inaccuracies present here that range not just from the treatment of historical facts but also the presentation of the characters. It's impossible to believe the returning characters are anything close to the same people from the original due to their behavior and treatment and it becomes highly irritating to see this transpire here. The other real issue to be had here is the absolutely banal and terrible third act that transpires to kill off nearly everything that the film had built up. The escape from the bus carnage signals the end of the fun here as the film manages to completely dishonor the main character from the original in a disrespectful manner which leads to an endless series of brawling and chasing around the community that's utterly ridiculous to see play out. Seeing all the contrivances and excuses required to showcase how these girls are able to not only stand up to but survive a battle against the hulking behemoth of a killer interacting with them that goes on far longer than natural confrontations would provide and feels more pointless than cathartic. It's almost as pointless as the early setup and storylines brought up here that hold this up, from the reason behind their investments in the town to the guilty conscious behind everything that happens and the utterly atrocious politically-correct dialog throughout here about who they and their friends are which all bring this one down overall.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.


A generally disappointing and underwhelming franchise reboot
After a spree of vicious attacks, a woman learns that the kills are being conducted by a masked killer attempting to tie her and her sisters' friends into the town's gruesome history of masked-faced serial killers and sets out with previous survivors of the massacres to stop the current killers.

Overall, this was a decidedly fine if underwhelming reboot. One of the better features here is the rather strong setup that not only provides this one with some strong tie-ins to the rest of the series but also has a lot to like on its own. The modernized take on bringing together franchise individuals and previous participants that have appeared before makes this feel quite in league with the series of franchise setups that have been at play before in order to enhance the storyline is quite intriguing which sets up the fun to come. With that comes some of the underwhelming if somewhat brutal stalking scenes which are quite well-handled here, generating some fine gore with the stalking in the hospital or the finale in the house where the majority of the action at the end takes place, it all has some traditional franchise aspects to like about it which holds it up altogether. There are some big problems with this one. The main drawback on display is the seemingly unrealistic interjections of meta-ness in an effort to appear hip and trendy, a problem that so many of the other entries in the series suffer from as well. The idea of the killer constantly talking about modern genre films and the series of debates within the community that is still raging to this day featuring clues and triggers that are intending to reference these discussions as key points in the threats is incredibly ham-fisted and almost feel like conversations written off of internet arguments verbatim. The way they're included in the conversations here about trying to figure out the identity of the killer and their motive that just tries way too hard to be clever but is just annoying and aggravating to hear people try to talk like this when it's not how normal people interact. Another drawback with this one is the films' rather uninvolving pace that makes for long stretches of time that has nothing interesting going on. The conversations about the rules of the genre in the modern age have their own issues while the rest of this is unneeded abandonment issues, neglect, and just plain banal high-school drama that isn't in the slightest bit interesting or relevant to the rest of the film. Realizing the different interactions within the group of friends are just wasting space with nothing very interesting going on and making for an overlong running time is the worst part since the legacy characters provide nothing of any real interest so this takes quite a while until something happens. Lastly, there's the problem here with the finale where so much happens that it's impossible to take in. Since this one has such a sluggish lead-up to the big confrontation at the end, so much of the finale is rushed and flies by. Throwing tons of revelations and reveals out in this period, along with the battling and brawling that once again utilizes the standard in the franchise of people way too physically improbable to be the killer putting up a fair fight and at some points winning against more capable and imposing individuals than they are, crams up the works quite heavily and derailing this significantly. That tends to make quite a lot of the previous encounters feel far more like cheats due to the inability to recognize that the killer being put forth as being responsible is actually the one doing these crimes and causes everything to be that much harder to accept. These are the drawbacks on display here.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Dead & Beautiful

Uneventful, dull, and infuriating vampire effort
Bored of their existence in life, a group of bored teenagers decides to engage in a special trip to the woods for some thrills, but when they suddenly awaken during the trip with fangs and bloodlust they realize that they've become vampires and try to adjust to their newfound status in the world.

There's nothing worthwhile or likable about this one. One of the many problems here is that the film is reliant on attempting to follow some of the dullest and unappealing protagonists in the scene. Very few of the scenes featuring the main group conversing together, whether it's by complaining about the boredom their experience about life or their own personal relationships like they're interesting or fascinating when they're really not. There's nothing about them that makes their journey worthwhile since the entire effort soon becomes a redemption narrative regarding how they're supposedly transformed from bland, dull, and boring into something with substance that's completely unearned. They're just as dull and boring at the end with their vacuous complaining about the same thing they were doing while they were human so nothing changes about them at all the entire film. Most damaging, on top of that, is the fact that there's so little actual vampire action here that the film is just endlessly dragged out and boring. Not only are the characters here dull just prattling on about their lives but the pacing is just as detrimental with nothing happening at all for the vast majority of the running time so those expecting any kind of blood-and-guts gorefest or action-packed showcase of their vampire abilities are completely lacking. Those scenes are so similar to their lifestyle and behavior from before that it's almost not a difference that they've become vampires in the first place which makes the whole thing so pointless that any kind of twist the film attempts to spin about the rich sucking the poor dry. The technical aspects are great to look at and its subversions of vampire tropes come off as potentially intriguing, but everything else here is completely inconsequential.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.

The Deep House

A generally fun and creepy effort
After finding a new spot to investigate, a pair of adventurers descend to a special lake in France where a strange abandoned building has been reported at the bottom of the area, but as they investigate the house realize that there's some truth to the rumors that it's haunted and must get away alive.

Overall, this is enjoyable if a somewhat unremarkable genre effort. When this one works the best is due mainly to the highly effective atmosphere present during the numerous investigation scenes of the couple in the house. These are usually quite chilling and unnerving, with the slow camera movements and eerie abandoned state of the area that's made all the more impressive with the truly foreign environment being underwater as deep as they are with little to no light, a few fish swimming around them and the desolate sign of life around them as they head into the fabled house. These scenes are perfectly in keeping with the atmospheric touches that continue on throughout the rest of the film and set up a rather chilling and creepy atmosphere which is incredibly well-done and welcome here. On top of that, the film's second half features a ton of shocking and effective shock scenes as the two swim through the submerged house. With the atmosphere of the house in perfect working order, the hints that something is indeed down there with them is truly effective and leads to some great times with the hearing noises, flash visions of someone or something in the outer limits of the house or the various mechanical malfunctions which signal something is going on. Once they discover what's happened there and are being tormented by a series of effective attacks from the undead owners still trapped inside the house, there are some thrilling and genuinely tense moments especially once they're aware that something has awoken the figures within. Since this all plays incredibly well with the atmosphere of the situation as the quiet of the situation, the suddenly appearing figures out of the darkness, and the brutality of the big twist at the end, this has quite a lot to like which holds it up over it's few flaws. There isn't much to dislike here but it does have some flaws. The main detrimental factor here is that the finale has way too much-rushed exposition that doesn't need to be there. With the revelations of what's going on fully spelled out and revealed at a point that doesn't really need to be there, the whole thing comes out of nowhere with very little setup or cause to exist in the first place which is quite unexpected and just comes off as a reason to add more time to the length here by spelling out something that didn't really need it. With the finale also needing a twist that can be seen coming a mile away with the setup already accomplished, this also feels rushed and underwhelming as the whole thing runs through the motions of everything and generates the kind of empty feeling at the end that brings this down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Violence and Brief Nudity.

I Hear the Trees Whispering

A rather problematic effort without much to like about it
After taking a remote job in the woods, a lone man taking a position at a remote cabin in the woods tries to not let the isolation get to him as he spends his days tending to duties around the area, but the longer he stays the more he comes to believe something isn't right about the area affecting his sanity.

There were some factors to like with this one. Among the more enjoyable factors here is the highly enjoyable atmosphere that emerges within here as the overall look and feel of the forest is quite impressive. The winding roads in through his own vision since everything is seen through a first-person setup, the thick impenetrable setup of the forest where everything takes place and the complete isolation of being the only one we get to interact with manages to provide this one with the necessary setup to the later half here with the revelation about what's happening in the forest. Since we see and hear through him in this approach comes together to give the atmosphere here a lot of immersion within this one as it goes along unraveling the mystery which makes for a fun time and the film's positives. However, very little of this one beyond those factors is enjoyable here with the film's general approach holding this one down significantly. The main issue is that there's nothing happening beyond his interactions over the phone as this one plods along with inane conversations about his duties in the forest or the past issues that traumatized him so it holds up the overall genre aspects to such low qualities that there's a dearth of activity happening. It also doesn't help that this is all reliant on a special twist ending that doesn't in the slightest bit come off as interesting or enjoyable as it comes off as a lame attempt to introduce a rather meta concept of retribution in a story that doesn't need it that's quite underwhelming. It ends this on a whimper and knocks this one down so much as a result.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.


A likable enough if somewhat flawed found-footage effort
After discovering the details of a special crime, students attempting to document the crimes at Finland's Lake Bodom back in the1960s for this thesis project, but the longer they stay there investigating the incident find themselves under attack by someone or something not interesting in letting the truth get out.

There's not a lot to like about this effort. Among the few enjoyable features here is the actual setup that manages to effectively evoke a chilling atmosphere while dealing with the topic at hand. The subject of the real-life murders at the heart of the story they're researching offers a fine start here while focusing on the experiences to give their exuberance for the project a fine grounding point to them going to the lake which has a creepy air that's only enhanced by their encounters with the locals at the lake. There's a strong atmosphere to the friendliness of the group trying to be acquaintances with each other which instead leads to the chilling and brutal final half where the encounters become much more terrifying and everything gets flipped on its head with a series of striking revelations that offer up a lot to like here. It's all enough to hold this one up over its big issues. There is a lot that holds this one down. The biggest factor here is a highly irritating and aggravating concept of having the two be at odds with each for nearly the entire time they're together during the trip. That we almost immediately get dropped into their relationship that displays a fairly antagonistic attitude where almost everything in regards to how they interact, from what kind of camera they bring along to how infrequent and ill-prepared they are to going flying and the use of their rental car which always devolves down into arguments at the slightest drop of a hat. That tends to make them highly unlikable and makes their journey together highly questionable, especially once a completely needless subplot is introduced that tends to introduce the reasoning for their bitterness but that just makes their relationship even more suspect than before this part of the film suffers greatly. The other factor here that holds this one up is the somewhat underwhelming series of action featured during the big confrontations in the final half. This is the part of the film that suffers the most with the found footage format as this series of confrontations and encounters in the woods around their house as there's very little to figure out what's going on as we're just guessing because the night-time camera lighting giving everything a dark green haze and camera movements that are so erratic all it does is make the audience confused as to make is actually happening in a blur of footage. Considering what's going on, this type of format hurts the actions so much as the scenes you want to see the most are hampered by the filmmaking format rendering the images nearly impossible to make out. On top of that, the series of reveals that come about involving their history is just lame and underwhelming to the point of not being believable in the slightest, all of which holds this down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.

Terror at Black Tree Forest

A highly effective and enjoyable reboot
Agreeing to take a camping trip together, a group of friends decides to head off into the woods nearby for a weekend of fun together, but when they realize one of them is missing head off to find him where they encounter a vicious killer hunting them down and must find a way to get away alive.

There was quite a lot to like about this effort. One of the strongest features is the delightful setup that takes on the same situation as the original while still offering its own spin on everything. The central idea is that taking the group of friends on a hike into the woods for a weekend of fun and drinking that gets crashed by the escaped serial killer prowling the woods who begins taking them out offers a great workable setup for this kind of film. The fact that it spends a nice amount of time building a great camaraderie between the group, not quite being completely vicious to each other but relying more on everyday banter and storytelling, being affected by the elements, and generally having fun that feels realistic to how a group of friends would really act on this kind of trip together. On top of that, there are also the rather creepy and chilling slashing scenes that provide quite a bit of fun to this one. Featuring a highly effective setup in the forest that takes on a truly atmospheric take on the woodlands setting as the scenes with the group hiking through the woods offer a rather chilling vibe. That makes the stalking and attacking quite fun, with the double-ambush for the cold open, the attack on the group following the campfire story, and the chilling scenes of the group split up and lost in the woods looking for their missing friend while getting hints that someone is watching them from time-to-time making for a great bit of action here. In addition, the kills here are quite fun as there are multiple stabbings, a victim choked out with decorative wire, a gruesome slit throat, and some eye-gouging that comes off quite bloody and enjoyable in the indie style they're featured in. Combined with the fantastic twist that gives everything a shocking setup and some surprising motivations, there's a lot to like here. There isn't much to dislike about the film but it does have some minor drawbacks. The main issue is the film's somewhat overlong set up that keeps the fun and stalking to be relegated to the back half of the running time. While generating a lot to like with the groups' friendship and bond in this section, there's not much in the way of action for a long period of time after the cold open to where the group discovers his presence and begins to get knocked off. That the backstory to the killer's connection to the area comes off around the halfway point in the film is a bit of a sign that the pacing is a bit slack and is a bit of a letdown, much like the sightly irritating ability in the last half to think everything is a joke or prank. This factor is original at first but carries on a bit too long to be realistic and makes for a questionable inclusion in the situation, but all these do is only knock this down slightly compared to the rest of the positives.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

Harvest of the Dead

Enjoyable enough anthology/lasher mash-up that does have a few issues
Taking a trip out into the English countryside, a group of girlfriends decides to spend the night telling ghost stories and camping out, but are soon forced to escape from their own real-life nightmare.

The Good Stor(ies): Pumpkin Pie-Standing around the campfire one night, a group of friends manage to inadvertently disrespect a supernatural pumpkin, causing it to come to life and enact a series of murderous fantasies. This one wasn't all that bad despite the segment's low-budget making for a series of obvious cheats to the death scenes by cutting away in a series of glitchy, computer-rendered images that are never told to us or by the flimsy nature of the pumpkins floating in mid-air. Still, the idea of this one coming true in the nature it does is quite chilling and there's enough to like with the

Project #39-Headed out to a haunted church, a team of paranormal researchers attempt to carry out an investigation as usual but are soon forced to confront something they've never come across before. This was a pretty solid segment. The cliche setup of the ghost hunters getting more than they bargained for means nothing really new happens throughout the segment, but overall there's a lot to like with the creepiness of the ruins they're shooting in for the underground church and the surrounding woods. The reveal is handled well enough being done through the found cameras of the doomed crew and the final twist is nicely handled if somewhat disappointing, but overall this has a lot to like.

The Myth of the Plague Doctor-Taking a road trip together, a group of girlfriends head out for a getaway in the countryside but soon come across someone or something out in the wilderness hunting them down one-by-one. This was a decent enough entry that really could've gone even better than what ends up happening. The simple slasher setup that gets them lost and encountering the killer is a fine one, getting some decent suspenseful imagery out of the setting. The graphic kills and imposing killer look great which helps to offset the confusing ending which makes no sense since it just cuts off without explaining anything, which isn't a huge problem though.

The Bad Stori(ies): Bait-Attempting to do some night-fishing, a group of friends is surprised when their catch decides to bite back in more vicious ways than expected. This one showed a lot of promise but was just too short for its own good. It barely has any time for a setup involving the two arriving at the spot and then separating just enough for the attack to take place. The idea is great but it needed time to actually employ it, not get cut off before the good stuff happens which is the case here since everything else here works quite well.

Wrap-Around-Taking a trip out into the English countryside, a group of girlfriends decides to spend the night telling ghost stories and camping out, but are soon forced to escape from their own real-life nightmare. There are some flaws to be had with this one. One of the biggest problems is the general lack of anything resembling an explanation for what's going on. The central point of the girls going on the trip is never given, only that one of them recently went through a break-up which is only given on the ride there, so due to that the original purpose is never given. Likewise, the cult being out in the woods and going through their ceremonial rituals or killing off anyone who trespasses against them goes unexplained leaving this part feeling quite confusing which all hold back the reveal that it's actually an anthology setup until quite far into the film. While there are some decent gore and kills featured here, it's not nearly enough to make sense o this one.

Harvest of the Dead-Waking up the next morning, the friends find themselves stranded in the woods with no way out and soon come face-to-face with something far more dangerous than she expected. This one has a lot to really like and dislike about it. The best part here is the first half with the group waking from the night before and showing the results of the stalking through the woods that ends up getting a few solid stalking scenes featuring the killer getting some rather impressive scenes as well as the girls getting lost. It does get a little lost with the revelation in the second half that comes off with little information about what's going on or how it all ties together. It makes for a rather fun but troubling conclusion to this one.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

Larva Mental

Impressive and highly disturbing if flawed extreme horror effort
Living alone in their apartment, a man and his girlfriend are overwhelmed by their impulses and desire to explore the tabooer side of life eventually leading them down a road of darkness and self-perversion that neither of them was ever expecting after she succumbs to a tragic accident.

There's quite a lot to like with this effort. The film is at its best when working with the far more psychological undercurrents that are being utilized by the experimental imagery present. The almost dialog-free effort tends to bring about scenes with plenty of context about their intentions, from the attempts by the woman to calm herself with cat photographs that gradually turn into more ferocious and vicious snapshots indicating the flashes of blood-covered figures working throughout her conscious mind. The fact that this precedes both of their constant need to press forward with exploring more taboo aspects of their own self-mutilation in the name of confronting the taboo nature of the human condition, revolving around blood-play, carving symbols or other figures into their bodies, or generally disfiguring themselves as a means of stopping these visions from continuing speaks highly of where the intent behind this one lies. Moreover, it's also rather enjoyable in the fact that it doesn't just explore these themes but is openly at ease with featuring such material in the first place. The frankness with which it displays the bathroom pleasuring, cleaning off dead skin from various orifices of his body, or purposefully placing objects inside him by getting into close-up views of the act being performed offers up shockingly perverse ease and numbness to the imagery on-screen. This also extends to the close-quarter views of the male form in unexpected and graphic means, growing erect while pleasuring himself, actually showing the insertion takes place inside his orifice or the release of actual bodily fluids. This becomes rather more disturbing as time goes on after realizing the whole intention was done while trying to remember and honor the forgotten memory of his lover based on their relationship together, all of which make for a wholly disturbing and bizarre trip. There are some drawbacks to this type of effort, though. Most obviously is the complete lack of dialogue that brings a more coherent understanding to their snapped mental state as the experimental state presented here might be off-putting for some to get through. It does the same for the extreme content on display, as a lot of the scenes here might be far more offensive and shocking than actually disturbing as were the intentions. From the seemingly endless scenes of him fondling himself in the bathroom that takes forever to get to the expected release and her self-mutilation with the scissors that has been shown before in various stages before which devalues some of their impacts. However, the biggest issue is that despite this being nearly an hour, some of it comes off as needless filler running on a bit too long for its own good. Not only does it hit a natural ending point and then keep going rendering the material somewhat irrelevant past that point but has several scenes designed merely to pad the running time as it is, which are enough to hold this down overall.

Rated Unrated/NC-17: Extreme Graphic Violence, continuous Graphic Male and Female Nudity, graphic sexual encounters, and drug use.

Jurassic Island

A fun and enjoyable cheesy creature feature
Worried about her missing parents, a woman gathers a team of friends to go looking for them once they learn of their trek to a remote island looking for signs of prehistoric life, and once they arrive there are confronted by a slew of still-living dinosaurs forcing them to survive and get off the island alive.

Overall, this was a solid enough genre effort. What works nicely here is the films' adventure film setup involving the quest to find her missing father and the mystery surrounding the island they're going to visit. With the general setup involving the daughter arriving to find their disappearance and the quest to gather a crew that will head out onto the island in search of them, the early parts here aren't that bad at getting the group onto the island in the first place. Featuring the groups' struggles to adapt to the island once they arrive, including the parasite that infects the one member turning him into a possessed killer and the group traversing the jungle on the search for the missing parents while conducting a slew of tests about the wildlife to be found there gives this a strong enough start. Likewise, the ensuing series of dinosaur attacks that emerge once they arrive here is cheesy enough to be quite fun. The opening ambush on the party on the island with no context for anything gives this a strong starting point to the fun, while the initial encounters revolve around the zombie-like attacks which are rather fun with the sudden changes taking effect. The various dino attacks, including the Rex ambush in the middle of the woods, the Pterodactyl appearing out of nowhere to swarm a victim, and the finale involving the escape to the boat away from the dinosaur hunting them on the beach are just cheesy enough to make for a fun time. These here manage to hold this up over its flaws while there are several factors that hold this one back. The main drawback to this one is the surprising lack of intelligence on behalf of these people who are in the middle of everything. The main culprit here is not listening to authority and sticking around to either get stuck in the middle of the jungle involving killer leeches that turned you into a ravenous zombie. There's ample evidence to suggest getting away from the area is a proper way to about surviving the situation yet they always want to return to wrecked campsites in order to retrieve information left behind or to attempt contact with individuals that are clearly infected and possessed. There's little surprise why they continually get into trouble here with the kind of decision-making featured here. The last factor here that holds it back is the seemingly obvious and rather unrealistic special effects work that plays out for the dinosaurs. They're anatomically weird in having far too wide a stance or other bizarre proportions that aren't in any way realistic or believable but also just feature just about every shot of them features the creature doing something unnatural or bizarre. Either they're performing unusual movements in order to keep the entire figure in the frame when it never could've bent into that position or appearing to change size in the screen which comes complete with all the hallmarks of the typical underwhelming CGI usually found in this style. Otherwise, this one isn't that bad.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.

Night Caller

An enjoyable if somewhat flawed serial killer effort
After believing she's seen a murder, a worker at a psychic call center tries to make sense of the visions which soon brings her and a co-worker at the agency she works with onto the trail of a psychotic killer aware of the connection they share and must try to stop him before he kills again.

This was a pretty solid and somewhat enjoyable effort. Among the better features to be had here is the fun setup at play here that attempts to do something original with the idea of the psychic seeing visions of a killer committing murders. As the idea itself isn't the most creative to start with, the idea of her being forced to use her powers to help the killer pull off more crimes to help instills a sense of fear in her. This comes together rather nicely with the setpieces here detailing how she and her friend at the center are trying to use their abilities to help others and getting caught up in the fray about the series of highly-chilling scenes looking into the truth of her visions. That leads rather nicely into the film's highly impressive series of attacks and confrontations with the killer. Managing to spread itself nicely between actual present-day confrontations or the chillingly gruesome flash-visions of the killer attacking her, this comes together incredibly well with some strong scenes here. The opening attack while talking on the phone with the killer, a later scene abducting a victim from a car park or confronting the psychic on the phone are quite impressive and enjoyable, while the visions she gets from the contact they share in their encounters leave this with a lot to like. Along with the great gore in the brutal kills, these here hold this one up while there are some minor issues at play with this one. The main drawback to be had here is the utterly confusing and highly disjointed investigation that takes place here. This one jumps through a series of points that no real investigation would go through, from the police only getting involved at the very end despite all the bodies bearing the same operating method, to the complete jumping to conclusions when trying to bring her visions to others or the just flat-out saying of content that is unknown to her from sources that do which take the place of discovering the material for herself. This is all the better since hardly any of the motivations and purposes for the rampage make sense or make the killer threatening which overall makes this part of the film rather disappointing. That ties into the other detrimental factor with this one which is the rather jarring means through which this one attempts to showcase the psychic visions playing out. These are usually accomplished merely by having the recipient see images of the killer appearing before them and trying to attack which is a fine concept but grows rather disjointed over time as there's little about them that ties into the main narrative. They just appear without warning and are done without the context of them being visions so it comes off rather awkward in execution, leaving the entire investigation here being quite problematic and a big part of what holds this back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

They Talk

A generally bland feature without much going for it
While working on a documentary project, a sound engineer continually receiving messages on his equipment informing him of a deadly presence coming to him eventually comes to believe his reconnecting with a now-troubled childhood friend is to blame and races to stop a supernatural threat.

This was a decent enough if underwhelming genre effort. What works quite nicely here is the idea of the noises being recorded and the whole inability to believe what's going on with them. The initial manner in which these first start to show up to him, with the noises appearing as background noise in their videos before turning into much more overt pieces that sound much more inhuman and mysterious. The idea of turning to the scientist for help and tracking down the cause of the communications is a bit of fun here with the gradual discovery and revelation of the location concerning their deaths focusing on building a rather impressive overall setup that pays off rather well here. Combined with the shocking ending that's hard to see coming, these are all that work for this one. There are some major issues to be had with the film. The biggest drawback here is the pacing which just manages to make for one of the most lifeless and inert investigations in the genre. Rather than bring about a sense of fear and macabre menace looking into the cause of the messages he's receiving, there's very little here that scares with seemingly endless shots of looking at recording setups and computer screens hearing muffled voices over and over again. Hardly any of it makes an impression and renders a lot of the film to be a thoroughly tough pill to swallow with the lack of energy or interest in what's going on during this part of the film. That also leads to the main big drawback with the film's main focus appearing to get away from the killer spirit to appearing as a drama by not making it the featured part of the film. The incidents here regarding the supernatural figures at the center of the film are kept to such a small part of the film's running time that there's the opportunity to mistake the kind of film this is by not going for the more enjoyable facets when it can. The rather uninvolving ending that explains nothing and contains the only real gore or threat of the spirit doesn't help either, and a rather ridiculous subplot involving his girlfriend thinking he's supposedly going through an affair with a friend takes out even more time away from the killer figure here. These all combine to hold this down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Nudity, Graphic Violence, and a sex scene.

The Cellar

Somewhat familiar at points but still has a lot to like about it
Arriving at a house in Ireland, a strained family trying to get through the move is disturbed when their daughter disappears inside the house, and when the investigation into what happened unearths a terrifying secret inside the cellar must race to stop it from destroying the family.

Overall, this was a solid if somewhat formulaic genre effort. When this one works well is due to the rather impressive atmosphere this features beings around the house. The creaky floors and Gothic layout look suitably creepy that something is going to happen which is all enhanced by the early scenes of the house going dark in a blackout caused by a supernatural force. The setup to the sequence and the payoff with the phone-call help to enhance the atmosphere greatly leading to the rather chilling disappearance that takes over the rest of the first half as they search the house and the rest of the area to find her. This is all played extremely effectively to wring the emotional weight for all it's worth. There's a lot to like here as well when they attempt to track down the clues surrounding the disappearance and the connection to the house. The gradual discovery and unraveling of the clues about the houses' origins and past history are incredibly chilling and far more involved than expected as the inclusion of occult practices into the matter. Not only is this incredibly fun to see play out in practice but also sets the stage for a series of fun encounters that also focus on offering a great conclusion to the setup provided. The finale offers quite a lot of unexpected encounters and setpieces that bring about some chilling focus away from the haunted house work that's been in focus until then, getting this to end on a high note and really has a lot to like. This one does have some minor drawbacks that hold this back. The majority of the issues here stem from the overly familiar and hardly original storyline at work here. It's yet another in a long line of haunted houses involving an unlucky family moving into it unaware of a dark history inside which is done countless times in these kinds of films as the first half is way too familiar. The other minor issue here is a rather troublesome and expected part of the genre in their highly controversial decision to remain in the house for as long as they do, as the disappearance and series of accidents that take place are more than enough to get them out early on yet the decision to stay makes no sense. These are the few issues that hold this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.

Room 203

A better than expected although still heavily flawed effort
Moving into a new apartment together, a pair of friends living together is soon caught up in a wave of mysterious deaths in the building which forces them to look into the grisly history of the apartment where they uncover a connection involving a murderous spirit that's now targeted them.

This was a decent enough if overly formulaic genre effort. What works well here is the general sense of atmosphere and chills that emerge from the apartment. Since the atmosphere is driven by the lack of proper lighting throughout here with the building being renovated, the look of the apartment and the layout here makes the early scenes of shadows in the hallway or loud knocks that no one's around to perform offer some chilling moments. Once it grows in intensity to start including deaths and mysterious disappearances of those around them, the full reveal of everything with the backstory investigating the strange lore about the figure in the apartment. When this leads to the full revelation of the incidents surrounding the apartment haunting and how it all ties together, this one becomes a bit more fun with some brutal kills and hard-hitting chases that take place here which are all enough to make for an enjoyable enough effort. There are some big flaws with the film though. The main issue here is the generally overlong and unnecessary running time that goes on way too long for its own good. The exploits of this come off in several areas as the film is either dug down in an unappealing tempo for what it's trying to do or features elements that aren't that important. There's a lot to like with the romance that blossoms between her and the guy at school but it's just so dully composed that it sucks the life out of the film in much the same way the constant reminders of their past traumas work but slow the film down considerably. Several scare scenes as well follow this tactic of just going on far longer than necessary which includes meandering sequences looking for her after wandering off or the aftermath which enhances the running time. Other stuff, including the traumatic childhood background that keeps getting brought up involving how they're being affected by the tragedy which begins affecting both of them differently, is hammered home to the point that it's not that interesting to witness going through once more. Another factor here is a highly unoriginal and overly familiar setup that turns this one into yet another in a long line of ghost movies that are driven by a specific curse. The initial incidents and accidents that take place at the apartment are more than enough to alert anyone that something's not right about the place, from the mysterious stained-glass painting to the discovery of the strange necklace in the wall and the visions about the figures coming out of the wall as well as the sleepwalking that she's unaware of. These all lead to the investigation of the mysterious figure haunting the apartment building but are so obviously drawn from the same mold as numerous other genre efforts that it's hard to get the same impact from them especially when it signals the incredibly obvious and completely expected series of reveals that aren't in the slightest bit shocking. Overall, these factors end up lowering this one overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Violence and Language.

BNB Hell

A generally unimpressive and overly flawed effort
Attempting to investigate her sister's disappearance, a woman stays at a rundown bed-and-breakfast to begin her search, and the longer she stays at the motel looking for her she eventually stumbles across a savage killer and his controller preying on guests that stay there and tries to get away.

There wasn't a whole lot to this one that really works. What really works here is the setup of the facility operating as it does under the radar to let the killer prey on guests. The concept of the two operating out of the bed-and-breakfast while using the cameras set up around the buildings signals something is going on at the operation and provides this one with the necessary air of suspense leading into the finale. This is where the lone bit of action arrives with the confrontations providing the type of hard-hitting confrontations this needs even if they're still not that impressive as the majority of the action works only due to what's come before. This is really all that works for this one. Beyond that, though, there are a lot of issues at play. The majority of those are tied up in the fact that there's so little story here that it resorts to obvious and obnoxious padding to get this to a respectable length. So much of this one is built around her looking through the contents of the video camera she finds in her room that clues her in that something is going on with not just her sister but the other tenants at the location. Way too many of these segments aren't that interesting with the bizarre behavior being captured on the recordings just makes for an exhausting and lifeless pace which is based solely on seeing them on the recordings not doing anything of importance during the sequence. That takes a lot of steam out of the film when so much of it comes across as lifeless and unimportant. That wouldn't be so bad if the rest of her investigation was interesting or pertinent to her main reason for being there. While she initially starts off looking into old videos to get a clue about her sisters' whereabouts or talking to others trying to get an idea of what happened, she ends up dropping her investigation to spend time sight-seeing and looking around the city to spend much of any time looking into what happened. This is all compounded by not just doing anything interesting for the majority of the film, not just the obvious padding but other scenes including the pointless yoga session or meeting with her neighbor which tends to hold up the investigation or even the killers' antics until the finale as a result. These issues are the most detrimental and hold this back the most.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Violence, and Brief Nudity.

Patients of a Saint

Fun enough for what it is but still has some issues involved
Condemned to death row, a woman given one final shot at not being executed is sent to an island prison with a slew of other dangerous inmates to participate in a series of extreme medical trials, but when a zombie outbreak spreads throughout the island forces her and other inmates to try to get away alive.

This was a decent enough if overall flawed genre effort. What works the best for this one is the highly impressive and enjoyable sense of action that comes from the zombie outbreak. The viciousness and rage that unfolds once the effects take hold and turn the infected into the ravenous beings are especially fun which is put to use rather nicely with the series of high-energy attacks featured here. With the encounters ranging from swarming over the guards in the main hallway, the battle in the holding cells with the creatures pouring into the room turning everyone they can into fellow zombies, and the minor ambush encounters throughout the prison serving this one with some vicious encounters, solid bloodshed and a decent enough set of zombie make-up, this comes off rather nicely for the most part. That there's some emotional resonance in the finale where we care about the final outcome is a nice bit included here, and overall is enough to be worthwhile enough here. There are some big problems to be had here. The main issue holding this one back is the film's excessively overlong and unnecessary length that comes about from way too much padding. There's not much of a storyline to be had with this one, especially with the flimsiness present to offer up something for as long as it does merely content to meander around the truth about the medical trials on the island the way this does. Rather than get to the point as it deserves, there's way too much here with the early scenes of her getting in trouble at the prison, the revelation of her backstory that sent her there, and the various guises that are needed to keep the services under wraps. Likewise, the fact that this one tends to waste far too much time with characters aware something is wrong but just standing around waiting for it to come to them instead of confronting or escaping lets these scenes meander along longer than necessary as well. The other real issue with this one is the incredibly banal and lifeless second act that tends to stop the film cold in its tracks for a series of utterly unimpressive sequences. Taking the group out of action once they've managed to barricade themselves into the chambers of the facility lowers this one quite drained with the focus turning into a cliched series of scenes involving the team getting on each others' nerves or trying to play a power struggle to be the one in charge. None of this is all that enjoyable to sit through as it follows the usual assortment of stereotypical moments where everyone tries to get their voice in as the lead of the survivors to get out of the prison, rendering this part to also lose the zombie action until the finale due to this inclusion. These are the few factors that hold this one back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Carnal Monsters

Likable enough for what it is
After escaping from the clutches of a mad scientist, a couple of girls are rescued by another group of girlfriends and try to get them to safety, but when they realize that the girls they've rescued aren't what they thought are forced to escape the demented killers.

This was a somewhat fun if troublesome slice of exploitative genre filmmaking. When it relies on those qualities, this features quite an enjoyable sleazy atmosphere with the generally trashy qualities on display. With plenty of women getting naked or stripping down to engage in anything from nude news telecasts, experimentation sequences with the mad scientist, or just in general hanging out with the girls while they're hanging out together, this one easily sets up a perverted atmosphere that's capitalized on rather well. Not only that, but this extends to the gloriously goofy and silly second half where its horror-film leanings are brought to the forefront as the victims dress up in bondage gear to chase them through the facility killing them one by one. It adds some fun indie-styled kills and attacks in these scenes while still plowing through the sleaze quite frequently which is all perfectly fine and worthwhile for those that appreciate this style. That said, there are a few issues on display here that hold this one down. The main issue is the film's general randomness which makes everything seems unorganized and improvised without any kind of direction. It comes off much more like things are just happening randomly and that there's no real story here with the way things play out here as being just a random assortment of scenes done in without much of a concept or idea at all. Those who don't mind these features won't be that put off by it but will also have the films' rather obvious low-budget qualities that are featured throughout here. Ranging from the obvious use of stock footage to complete sequences, jarring editing work for the scene transitions, and the usual features mentioned above involving the improvised nature of the film beforehand. These factors don't really have a truly detrimental effect but are enough to drag this down overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Full Nudity, Graphic Language, and Violence.

Slutty the Clown

A generally likable if flawed genre effort
Trying to explore an abandoned factory, a pair of girls find the area haunted by a demonic, demented clown that's long been rumored to live in the area and immediately captures them for her own disturbing glee, forcing them to try to survive the experience.

Overall, this was a pretty solid if somewhat flawed hardcore genre effort. As a character study portrait of a deranged and insane individual that's not shy or inhibited by anything at all, this works quite well with the shots of her going around the abandoned factory trying to make a demented form of a friend in her eyes. The majority of this one features her by herself rummaging through the remains of the building playing child-like games with skeleton pieces, sex toys, or anything else that she can come across while acting with a disturbing sense of glee towards how she acts toward her prisoners with a fascination to stripping them naked and then dressing them up in clown outfits before engaging in a series of brutal and demented games with them. The fact that she treats everything like a game by maintaining a giddy enthusiasm and constant high-pitched, child-like laughter during even the cruelest aspects of what she does enables this to really get a lot out of these scenes while still engaging in the sleazy, cruel, and barbaric aspects throughout here. That said, the film is somewhat undone by its random nature and seemingly disjointed appearance. Since there's very little dialog to explain what's going on, and most of that instead comes from a series of video clips that are researched during the film to attempt to provide a folklore-based background on her as if she's a supernatural being haunting the area for years, very little of this makes sense. It comes off more like a random collection of scenes that were improvised on the spot without much else put into this one as it doesn't really have a discernable story or plot beyond letting the titular clown do depraved actions to the girls while under the guise of her childlike glee from the activities. Even still, the fact that most of these scenes revolve around dress-up activities and not going into the more overtly graphic or extreme route could be an issue much like the constant usage of missing-reel screens that serve as cut transitions to the next moment. It's good for what it is and still has some depraved moments but still doesn't go as far as it could've.

Rated Unrated/R: Continuous Full Nudity, Graphic Violence, frequent usage of sex toys and sexual activity, and Language.

Children of Sin

A generally enjoyable indie effort
After getting in trouble with their family, a teen and her brother are sent to a secluded camp with other problematic teens for converting them to religion, but when they realize the tactics aren't the holiest in origin must try to convince the remaining guests to leave before it's too late.

There was a lot to like with this one. Among the better features here is the highly engrossing setup that paints their arrival at the facility in a strong way. The dynamic on display at the house, with the intense religious imposition onto others with his own beliefs towards how he wants the family to behave despite how the rest of the family acts including the questioning how the whole affair started or the inability to follow along with his regimented idea of how a family acts, get this going along nicely. That it's so hard to feel any sense of sympathy for the parents and instead derives plenty of intrigue towards the kids instead of for their plight makes this one rather interesting. Once they get to the retreat, there's a lot to like here with the film opting to work with the concept of the owner being the secretly corrupt and improper leader while trying to maintain a sense of prim and proper status. Spending the time to ensure the other guests there are hammered with the sense of her desired values with a strict and severe punishment system ready to be introduced at the slightest provocation, the setup on display here works incredibly well for this type of effort. That enough is going on with these rules and the cruel kills she enacts to keep the ploy going about trying to save them has quite a lot to like leading into the fun finale. That's the biggest factor to this one as the series of encounters and confrontations that emerge has a lot to enjoy. Getting the big reveal out about the truth behind the leader and what she was doing with the unruly participants allows this one to generate a lot of fun back-and-forth encounters here involving the last-ditch efforts to kill off the group. That includes the chases around the house or the final brawl that manages to include some pretty brutal moments that offer up some more bloodshed than expected to go along with the really enjoyable action to take place. These elements are enough to hold this one up for the most part. It does have a few minor drawbacks that affect this one. The main one is the rather obvious sense of padding that goes on here, making a film like this last far longer than it should. This is based mainly on the suspense scenes showing the group around the camp trying to sneak around the facility or look into something that doesn't make sense about one of her stories which lasts way too long, although that also takes into account several scenes involving the love story with the handyman which also falls into that category. The last sequence that falls into that, which is a big issue separately, is the overlong finale that reads as a massively stupid move by characters that had displayed far more of that to that point while also running on too long for its good. These are the issues that bring it down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, and themes of sexual abuse.


A highly-enjoyable found-footage zombie film
After hearing reports of religious phenomenon, a man and his friends head to the small-town at the center of the reports to investigate the incidents, but the more they investigate the claims for their documentary the more they uncover a deadly secret is about to be unleashed putting them in jeopardy.

This here was a decent enough found-footage effort. Among the big parts to like here is the fun setup that gets this going, focusing on the resurrection of the body at the funeral which suitably and realistically sends everyone screaming in a hysteria over what's going on. That this is treated as a mystical and truly unexpected sequence with the screaming and chaos at the scene is a rather unique touch which is pulled off well. The desire to document this and explore what's going on brings them into the town where they begin to witness other bizarre features including people who were paralyzed suddenly able to walk or behave in completely unexpected manners than how they were behaving before. This all creates a fantastic setup that's highly enjoyable and rather ominous in terms of religious fervor. However, in the second half this one takes a nice turn and shifts away from the kind of expected setups to turn into a rather fun cult/zombie film hybrid. The setup of the worshippers looking forward to her every movement and reaction with a rabid fanaticism isn't that new and feels entirely believable, the fun starts when this shows off the fact that their members are turned into ravenous zombie-like beings that try to convert more into their ranks which carries on the cult-like mentality on display from before. This leads into a highly enjoyable and likable series of chases throughout the community which is made all the more tense and vicious for the use of the found-footage style here that makes it all up close and visceral to match the bloodshed and gore on display. These are what make this one so enjoyable. There are some minor drawbacks to be had with this one. Like most found-footage films, the pacing to this one is set up to the point where the action is mainly relegated to the final half which can make the beginning to this one somewhat taxing to get through. As the focus comes off more on the build-up of their relationship together and getting to the point of the religious incidents that hardly anything thrilling happens. Being that all of this is cliched and uninvolved carries on throughout the rest of this one as the majority of the time it comes off with that feeling. A lot of this comes from the decision to do the shaky-camera style from found-footage in the overall setup so it's not that big of an issue but does stand out somewhat holding this down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Reed's Point

A generally enjoyable creature feature
After her friend goes missing, a woman joins her friends on a trip into the woods to investigate and find answers to what happened, but when they eventually stumble upon the purported Jersey Devil living in the woods they have to escape from the creature and another threat in the woods.

This was a rather fun and enjoyable creature feature. Among the stronger aspects here is the fun setup that provides this one with a rather intriguing setup. The cold opening featuring the accident that fuels her obsession with finding her missing cousin and the strange animal she claims she saw at the time is a good start, especially connecting this with the stories and reports about the creature living in the area. The various sightings told about it over the years and how it fuels the film going forward where everyone they come into contact with is aware of it gives this a nice starting point into the creatures' existence. Likewise, the search to find her and the strange hiking mission they undertake to go into the woods looking for her cousin which turns into a survival thriller involving them coming upon the shady hiker and the mysterious scientist living out in the woods creates some intriguing aspects to this one as it goes along. Aside from this, the film also manages to feature some rather enjoyable creature action the appearance at the crash site at the beginning is a nice starting point where its hairy legs and massive claws are the only brief hints shown as it slashes one of the victims and drags another away in a haze due to the injuries sustained in the accident. Likewise, the brief ambushes sequences out in the woods later on are quite fun, with it appearing on the trail of a victim looking to find the missing group and attacking, the ending ambush in the woods of it chasing down and hunting the last remaining survivors through the woods have some rather likable elements here with the night-time setting and dizzying woodlands location providing some enjoyable aspects. Along with the generally imposing creature costume that looks rather good and a fun pace that's never boring, this one has a lot to like about it. There isn't much to dislike here but it does have some issues. The biggest factor with this one is the film turning away from the creature feature setup to become a showing about the family vengeance that's a more prominent part of the second half. Hen the creature's origins are revealed and it turns away from that kind of film into more about the strangers holding them hostage, it becomes almost comical how ludicrous this section of the film actually is including numerous scenes involving characters knocking each other out with the butt of a gun to get the upper-hand or chaining them up only to escape moments later. The explanations for everything taking place aren't any more enjoyable and this part of the film is a bit of an issue. As well, combined with the obvious low budget here that comes through at the most inopportune points for the night-time sequences being too dark to tell what's going on, these here are the main drawbacks.

Rated Unrated/R: Violence and Language.

Titanic 666

A much better than expected genre effort
On the anniversary of the original disaster, a ship takes off on a memorial trip to the spot of the original sinking only to be suddenly struck by a series of incidents and accidents that suggest a supernatural force has been summoned to the ship and seeking revenge, forcing the survivors to stop them.

This one ended up far better than expected. Among the better features here come from the rather likable setup that provides plenty of fun in getting the group to the site of the original sinking. Taking on the memorial anniversary trip route that features the ship retaking the original route with a more modern clientele base which allows it to feature the assortment of influencers and social media personalities that populate this world, the series of passengers onboard that rival old-school enthusiasm and glamor for the trip with those that are onboard merely to hustle and swindle them makes for a rather enjoyable starting point to the fun. Combined with the series of coincidences and freak accidents that slowly detail the emerging sense of the ghosts haunting and taking over the ship as a means of revenge that takes quite a while for the crew to realize, the setup here has quite a lot to like about it. That last part offers up the great part here where the supernatural antics of the ghosts taking revenge on everyone through a slew of impressive supernatural attacks. With the summoning ritual taking place inside the bowels of the ship, the resulting chaos that transpires involving the ghosts taking out the crew features some rather fun ambush-style sequences with a lot to like overall. The big scenes involving the ghosts confronting the couple out on the deck of the ship or down the holding brig are rather impressive sequences getting some fun attacks along with some cheesy deaths involved, while the finale featuring the ghosts running wild on the ship as it heads to the iceberg in a series of graphic encounters and big action in the midst of the chaos to get away to safety has a lot of fun. These features make for a lot to like here which holds it up overall. There aren't too many issues here, but it does have some minor flaws. The biggest factor with this one is the highly convoluted and scattershot means of revenge that the ghosts play out, which seems somewhat misguided. Rather than going for the route of taking their revenge on those that removed their personal belongings from the gravesite, this one tends to be rather skewed towards the standard role of taking out everyone they come across. However, most of the second half here is based on the idea of trying to return the stolen goods back to their rightful owners and features the idea of the summoned onto the ship to carry it out which seems to shift their focus from time-to-time depending on the needs of the sequence. That is a bit off-putting, much like the somewhat obvious low-budget CGI here for the effects and spectacle sequences which carries a sense of cheesiness it doesn't really need in this kind of film. These are the only real detrimental features.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

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