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"A bloody family feud."
Ran is 160 minutes of pure engagement, fun, action or whatever you wished for. It's a tale about an Ichimonji clan who has a ruler Hidetora and his three sons. Within the first few minutes itself the entire story will become clear to you. Kurosawa's mastery is seen in how the story progresses involving many characters and each playing a specific part. Lord Hidetora is ageing and he decides to give control of his kingdom to his eldest son. What follows next is a powerful display of human nature mingled with treachery, war skill, decision making, loyalty and many more. Keeping the main story on the top all the time it allows the viewer to think about the question of good or bad. Lord Hidetora's past was filled with slaughter and suffering to people and it comes back to him making the viewer wonder whether to sympathize with him or not. The film takes inspiration from the Shakespeare's king Lear. The acting from Tatsuya Nakadai (Hidetora) was spellbinding. Majority of his work was done by his scary eyes which depicted his inability to do anything when he understood that the fall of his empire was imminent. His face with all that whiteness of exasperation speaks things which no one after watching the film can ever forget. There is active participation of the supporting casts including the women (who influenced the story greatly) who might be the king's associate but were free to speak. It is the most expensive film Kurosawa had made and speaks for itself. The beautiful landscapes, the costumes, the palaces, the army scenes all shout for their achievements individually. It felt like everyone in the family had a grunt over something and wanted to be a part of it. The brothers had no affection at all for each of them. It would be nice to have a prequel to this story to see how these characters developed in the past.

MESSAGE: "Circle of life."

VERDICT: "A must watch"

Match Point

"Now, isn't Allen, the master writing stories?"
The story of the film starts in a normal fashion and doesn't interest much to a general audience but the way it takes turns after the second half and the engaging part in the end is going to be in my memory forever. After watching the film, the question related to scripts again resurfaced in my mind. Isn't the story the most important part of a film? Well I just think of the fugitive, the story being pretty much normal but I bet there will be very few who didn't like it. No doubt, a film has to have all the departments very powerful in order to be successful. In the fugitive we have an extraordinary execution of a normal story and in Match Point we have an extraordinary execution of an extraordinary story. But why can't I distinguish between the two films properly. I want to incline more towards the Match Point but after finishing both of them I had almost the same feeling. But in the end I believe it is the story which should be paid more emphasis.

The film' story here digs deeper into LUCK. How luck can change the life. The story does true justice to the idea. We have a Retired Tennis player inducted into a family and start to have a relationship with the daughter of the family. Sideways, he grows his feelings for another girl involved in the same family. The story takes many turns all the time. The combination of the mood at times along with the opera music was an exhilarating experience. The way the film ends, the acting by the cast, the change in behavior or the characterization everything about the film is so perfect. The ending clearly suggests that this is how life is sometimes and we don't know it. Woody Allen is a master storyteller. With 23 nominations of original screenplays, the guy is a gem in our world. I seriously doubt that anyone would dislike the film. There are instances where the story tends to proceed in a clichéd manner but wait till you reach to the end.


VERDICT: "A must watch."


"It can look to be too much stuffed with ideas but the thrill is still too much."
Bradley cooper shines as a struggling author in the film. My only reason to see the film was this guy. The film also provides a plot which has endless possibilities. Eddie is a normal guy who is struggling to do something significant in his life. Getting desperate more and more, he finds a drug which enhances the capabilities of your brain. How this drug turns his life upside down in a proper cosine wave format is what the entire film is about. I know it sounds rubbish, normal sci-fi. But there are certain things which make the film a little bit interesting and make itself worthy for at least one time watch. First of all the effects are good, innovative and something which is not too star war types but which we can perceive visually in a good aesthetic manner. Bradley cooper himself has done amazing in his role as a struggling person. The narrative pattern of the film is also binding, where cooper himself narrates his life. I still think that in this way the audience gets more interested. Apart from these good parts, I felt like the information was too much in the short span of the film. Many details of the novel would have been tried to stuff into the screenplay. And not all were impressive and they just contributed towards the hurriedness and the abruptness at the same time to the film. The ending was clichéd and I was expecting something different so that also was a letdown. But in all the film is fast paced, gripping and a definite one time watch for all action lovers. There might be many action films pertaining to this sci-fi genre and this again is not too different but then again it is good in its own way and stands apart from others in the bucket.

MESSAGE: "Life is worth taking risk"

VERDICT: "One time watch"

The Fugitive

"Makes you think, is there a formula for filmmaking?"
The film starts directly with the story without going into establishing much in the starting. The story starts with Harrison ford being accused of his wife's murder. Now after seeing so many movies, it is inevitable for me to think, where the plot will eventually go. But the story is simple without paying much emphasis on twists. The man is falsely accused and runs away owing to unusual circumstances and then starts to work in order to prove his innocence. There is pretty much just the running away from the police in the entire film. The plot is simple and what makes the movie worth watching are its fascinating screenplay and the power to grab your heart. The casting is one of the best. It could not have been better. From the starting itself the undoubted innocence on the face of Harrison ford as Dr. kimbley is the clue for everyone that he is falsely accused. This is the entire film. I cannot spoil the movie further because there is nothing much in the plot. Tommy lee Jones on the other hand again looks so sympathizing as the police officer that I knew from the beginning that he is going to help in the end. The movie is the best example of how a very simple plot can be so exciting. I was bound to think whether there can be a formula to make successful films. However, at times I got irritated at how he is able to escape always just from under the nose but then the innocent look on his face doesn't allow to go deeper into that. The film is very much normal and one of the best at the same times.

MESSAGE: "Everyone gets a chance."

VERDICT: "A recommended watch."

The Station Agent

The film succeeds in all the areas. It is quiet, peaceful and something which we all can adore in the end. Peter Dinklage is hugely responsible for making the movie so much memorable. From the starting itself it is clear that this man loves to be quiet and live alone. How one thing starts to lead to another and how he made some friends is adorable. Other supporting cast too had charismatic qualities. All the major character's seemed to be sad inside. The film apart from entertaining teaches you to find happiness in small thing. The pace of the film is slow and blends equally well with the lives of the characters. The story of the film revolves around a dwarfed man who has a fascination for trains and because of some unusual circumstances, he is forced to live in an abandoned train depot and his life starts to include certain new friends with slow but in an interesting way. The story gives you a feeling that it is all happening so naturally. Because the incidents are just so slow, not so attention seeking, that somehow in a very peaceful way you are drawn into them.

MESSAGE: "Search for peace of mind."

VERDICT: "A recommended watch."

The Constant Gardener

"Not such an effective thriller"
The story of the film concerns a couple. They work for the United Nations. The wife gets killed owing to blaming and finding evidences related to some illegal work going on in Africa. The film struggled all the time to keep up pace with one thing. As soon as the thrill of the film starts to build in present times, we are taken through flashback to the past when the wife was alive and working. The pace at these two times is not smooth owing to abruptness. The story itself is fine. As a matter of fact Countless stories have been formed concerning the drug and other illegal activities in Africa. All capture the same type of environment. The film comes from a director who gave us a master film like city of god. The effect of that film is heavily visible in the editing here. The fast pace alternated with the solidarity of the protagonist didn't seem to work as the emotions did not came out to a satisfying level. The camera work is eye catching. Introducing fast movements according to the mood and normal well established shots wherever necessary. The film also took a long time to establish the characters and till the half time it was engaged in establishing a great deal of sub plots. The approach and work with which the truth of the companies in the film was brought forward in the end, also seemed dull because the protagonist every 10 minutes was emotionally disturbed. The film could not eventually support so many things that it showed. And as such the thriller genre can't be justified.

VERDICT: "Watch at your own risk."


"Engaging till the end."
The film, if not entirely but to a large extent relies upon its plot. The screenplay is engaging till the end. The acting is good by all and extraordinary by some are some of those reasons why the film is one of the best. The story of the film which revolves around a kidnapping case which started to take unexpected turns is without any flaw. It is darkly funny at times. The actors have done it very smoothly. The setting, cinematography, and cast everything has been good in the film. The brothers have taken the advantage in the beginning by saying that the story is taken from a real incident, thus making the audience more cautious and interested. The story has a number of twists. Performance by Francis Mcdormand as Margie is one of the exciting parts of the film. Her acting is the major force behind the darkly comic nature of the film. The film is not to be missed by any film goer.

MESSAGE: "Things never go according to the plan."

VERDICT: "A must watch film."

Bottle Rocket

"Sweet, simple, funny."
Time to time watching complex film plots, narration patterns, and abstractness it is better to watch a simple film sometimes. They act like a dessert after a long twisting experience for the brain. Bottle rocket is one such film. The plot is very simple. The characters are funny. We have seen them countless times in many films. The film gives you sweet comedy which is sure to tickle your bone. The comedy is situational. Nothing is forced in terms of plot or actions by the characters. It is just the way things are happening to them which are shown happening very naturally. I have come across a number of comedy types and still I find this type involving silly characters who look normal, act natural and desperate to achieve something but somehow things never work for them. They never understand that also.

The plot of the film revolves around three main characters, two of whom are just out from a mental hospital (but cured) and plan to attempt several robberies. The characters are natural, trying their best to do live life properly. Their plans are not hard core and neither is the difficulty too much. What the story focus is on their way of handling things which is way too amateurish and that's where the fun lies. This is one of the memorable roles for Owen Wilson and he without doubt steals the show.

VERDICT: "A recommended watch."

C'era una volta il West

"Words cannot describe the style"
The king of the Spaghetti Western delivers his film with a punch in every style in the film. The story is again the same revenge based but need anyone think it to be a negative point when it comes to leone? The thing in the screenplay and the execution which makes the film more exciting till the end is that I just pondered all the time about the characters. They are so mysterious. From the middle things start to become clear. Till then the way characters are established is going to be memorable forever. The opening sequence which has the 'wait' is one of the best sequences in the film. With his tight close ups and slow reactions of the character, I never felt if the movie was going slow. Add to that, the intricate music by morricone and we get a hell of a cinema. The story again involves three main characters. The way they are introduced doesn't make it easy to identify their personality traits. The film is good at all times and nowhere for the entire time did I felt lost.

VERDICT: "A must watch"

Les parapluies de Cherbourg

"Sweet Film."
Art cannot be for someone who fears. The director's approach fits in this quote. When I learned (before seeing the film) that it was a musical, I expected a rip off of the sound of Music. But when I started watching, everything started to look weird. All the dialogs in the film are in a musical way. You start to feel funny and irritated at the same time. The story is a very general, so do not expect much from it. It is just one normal love story that has a neutral ending with a good message. But what makes the film a must watch is its colorful cinematography. If for the first few minutes you are feeling irritated because of the musical dialogs then just wait some more and you will find yourself completely immersed in the film. After a time the dialogs, with music and everything look so normal that even such a predictable story can make you feel happy. It needed a lot of faith to make a film like this. The director has given a beautiful film which is definitely going to make you feel lighter. The most charming thing of the film is that none of the characters is shown as evil. It is the circumstances that are acting here as the obstacles. The film made me remember the films of Ghibli studios by Hayao Miyazaki. The film won the Palme d or in its time. But this is not the reason why you should be watching this, but that it is very much watchable in its own weird way.


VERDICT: "A recommended watch."


Within few minutes after Farida Jalal enters into the screen, memories of 'Sound of Music' surfaced in my mind. The character of Farida Jalal in the movie is one of a kind that people look forward to as their ideals. They are free spirited and invoke a sense of hope every time they come on screen. With them I can really think that nothing wrong will go in the story. Characters of these sorts are likely to exhibit powers of a silent hero who control the emotions in the film. The character of Julie Andrews in the sound of music had struck the same feeling in me like this one. I will also go on saying that having these characters I feel assured of a happy ending. It is an entirely a different feeling when you never fear even when something is going bad in the story. These characters are so Angel types that it is highly likely that we try and imitate the same. With Mammo, Farida Jalal has given me that feeling. Shyam Benegal is truly one of the best filmmakers India has. The movie went on to winning the National Film award for Best Feature in Hindi.

The story of the film is based on the maternal grandmother's sister (Mammo) who just comes into the house of the protagonist uninvited. At first you tend to feel against the character, but that is what is intended because it is needed to show how naturally her character blends into the family. How the initial reluctance turns into love and belief is blended with a powerhouse performance from Farida Jalal. Another opportunity that the director had in the film was to exploit the absence of a male in a family. There is always a visible and emotional absence of a male in their family. There is the life of a middle class family which tries to avoid a lot of problems just by any means. They struggle for simple things. They take small issues big. They manage and compromise a lot of times. Mammo is a character who smokes with a 13 year old grandson and does not make it an issue when he watches porn. She is hugely broadminded. The character of Riyaz is stubborn and irritating. Gradually his nature also changes, partly because of the influence of Mammo and some other when certain instances get raised during the course of the movie. Another beautiful character was of Surekha Sikri as Fayyazi, the grandmother of Riyaz. She brings up an oversensitive and fearful lady on the screen. She is older than her sister but then also she always has this unintentional habit of looking up to Mammo for certain big decisions. Her winning of National film award for Best Supporting Actress is well justified.

The chemistry that these three share on the screen is something that is rarely brought up on Indian Cinema. Though the film suffers from a little loop holes in plot and characters (sometimes), it is one of those films which make you forget about aesthetics and technicalities of filmmaking and just indulge with its lovable characters. Looking forward for more films like this.

MESSAGE: 'Life is Beautiful'

VERDICT: 'A recommended watch.'

Little Miss Sunshine

"Funny and motivational"
The portrayal of an average family's life and playing a focus on the question of what is important in life and how we live it is the motto of this film. In my opinion it is more than what it looks like if we truly go deep inside it. The film starts with the focus on a little girl about how she is very much excited about a miss sunshine competition. The family decides to go to the venue on their vehicle. The portrayal of the family shows us that they are not poor but a little below the average family and their entire hope lies on a deal which the husband is to make. Than we have a son whose entire aim is to become an air force pilot. There is an old man in the family who is always foul mouthed and has experiences from his war which makes him see life in a different way. There is another man, newly inducted in the family who is the brother of the wife and has suicidal tendencies. And finally we have the husband who always thinks of some rules to follow in life in order to be successful. The stories of all of them are initially unlinked but by the end they leave us thinking about life in general because all of them merge at one particular point. Although every time the focus seems to be on the little girl and all others are actually doing everything for that girl. But inside they all are also struggling with themselves and by the end it becomes clear what they all had been fighting within.

The film teaches us a lot on the behalf of life. Every other aspect of filmmaking helps properly to tell this great story which is funny and inspirational at same times.

MESSAGE: "Life has many fruits."

VERDICT: "Highly recommended."


A very well made thriller.
Having an upper hand on the film's story being happily ending, Affleck has proved once again that his directorial capabilities are arguably one of the best this time. The backbone of the film is its ultimately thrilling story combined with a very powerful editing.

The story adapted from a real incident where CIA gets out some people from Iran during crisis time is nothing new but how they did it is what makes the film so special. The film takes enough time to establish itself, so that we slowly dive into the situation mentally. Than in the second part they devise a plan to rescue all of them which looks stupid at the first thought coz it injects an abruptness in the thoughts of the audience as the story which was serious till this time has suddenly gone funny. But it is this part which makes the film different from all those different extraction films where they go the hostage place, fire some shots and rescue. This film on the other hand rarely has the firing and the protagonist who saves them all never ever fires any shot in the entire film. The film becomes a black comedy during the part when they are planning how to rescue.

The transition from here to the last part i.e. where the rescue operation had to take place, is smooth and engaging. You move from being in a funny state to again a serious and thrilling part of the story. A very important aspect of this film is its editing. The way that the parallel edits engage you into two places and keep you excited everywhere is difficult to achieve but it is there. The use of TV footages of those times was good and pushes the film more towards a real feel. The starting narration sequence was very good where you are taken from a long time back history to 1979 and then just after that you show the present 1979. The acting performances by all the cast was amazing and every possible thing in a filmmaking, contributes towards the last 20 minutes of the film which keeps you on the edge of your seats and finally you want to clap.

The film's screenplay and direction is amazing and that gives the film a sure watch signal. Argo f**k yourself.

MESSAGE: 'You have to be decisive.'

VERDICT: 'Do not miss this one.'

Alice in den Städten

'Beautifully Slow'
The film tells a story of a writer (Winter) who hasn't met a deadline and decides to go to his native. On the airport he meets a woman with a girl child named Alice. Things got messed up a little and Winter is made to take the girl with him. The film's main theme starts from here. What we experience from now on is how reluctance turns into a slow and progressive affection.

The way the story started gave varied thoughts about its progression but it helps when you are deceived even a little in terms of expectations. Entire film is slow no doubt but this slow is different from what I experienced elsewhere. The characters and even the whole environment seem to be having a purposeless atmosphere. In a way all seemed to be sad in some way or the other. The cinematography heavily uses still frames which further induce slowness. There are unnecessary fades almost after every scene which becomes irritating after some time. For around 40 minutes of the film there doesn't seem to be much happening in the film and with little dialogs there is not a clue what is being shown. But after that the story starts to pick pace and that too slowly but noticeable. The way the interaction and the emotional development between Alice and Winter started, it failed to arouse proper feelings. However in the end you notice a very sweet buildup of feelings amongst the two happening at last. In the end for around 15 minutes I was completely blown with the acting of the casts and situations.

A major theme that is explored in the film is 'waiting' and how one's reluctance turns slowly into bondage. The conversion is definitely slow but is worth a watch for film fanatics.

MESSAGE: 'There is always a purpose in life.'

VERDICT: 'A recommended watch.'

The Player

Another subtle dark comic film from Robert Altman which will irritate you sometimes with its overlapping dialogs and keeps you on the edge of the seat with its extremely strong content. The script has a script and a script and again a script. The engaging portions in Altman's movies are the dialog and a very sweet comedy which will strike the intelligent areas of your brain. You have to analyze and understand. THE PLAYER is about a Hollywood studio executive who reads scripts by people and tells whether it can be converted into a film or not. Some writers get angry and he accidentally is involved in a lot of problems.

With this film Altman also gives the audience a small understanding of the movie business. While there are some movies which are made entirely on filmmaking like Day for Night, which do have a charming content as the audience is brought closer to something which they love. The Player has a nice blend of this charming plot of movie business and an amazing script. While seeing the movie I was constantly thinking of Inception which employed a layer of dreams and here too I observed a hell lot of layers of stories. Since the Protagonist himself is involved in reading and recommending film scripts, we are constantly given some new stories all the time and then there is the story on what the film has been made and then there is a story on which the life of the protagonist seems to work. The character of Griffin mill is one which you might have experienced earlier also. When he justifies his work, you are with him and for the rest of the time you have a mixed feeling for him. Tim Robbins as griffin miller performs fairly OK here but I am sort of full of his same type of acting in most of the movies. Greta Scacchi as 'June' has done a very good job. She has brought to the screen a character that is like – 'What the hell' for most of the times. You kind of consider her as a girl who is focused on her career and considers everything else secondary. The backbone of the film still is the brilliant screenplay. The opening shot is extremely commendable for its length and pays tribute to a lot of films.

This piece from Altman is definitely engaging and funny. You would not like to miss this one.

MESSAGE: 'Life is amazing.'

VERDICT: 'A recommended watch.'

Bad Teacher

Highly Predictable!
The story of the film itself is not new and lacks any originality but the way characters were presented has made matters worse. There are a whole bunch of movies like this and one movie comes in my mind for now. Easy A, a movie like this filled with similar elements but had sensible way to show everything. Here the story suffers from overpowering a particular individual and in this case Cameron Diaz character. The place and the people around her are shown as if they are living under some burden and indirectly Cameron looked to be dominating all the time. The ending was particularly unimpressive where we see a lot happening suddenly. After seeing the ending I am genuinely confused about the motto of the film regarding good and bad. Performance wise Cameron performed OK and not astonishingly, but a big letdown was from the supporting cast owing to their wooden dialogs. The story itself was highly predictable. I could not sympathize with the central character at any point of time.

VERDICT: 'Don't bother.'

Le dernier métro

The film starts with a lot of characters at once but then after some time you start understanding the flow of the story and start praising the storyline. Truffaut is a master in keeping the audience engaged. The story is about a director who is a Jew and because of a law, he has to hide in the basement of a theater which is now run by his wife. The focusing part of the story is how slowly his wife starts to get attracted to a new actor, but the story doesn't concentrate entirely on this buildup of emotions. It gives the audience a variety of characters. The film is not like where the husband is jealous and the wife herself is behaving in a very controlled way. However the start of the film looked to be a little bit confusing but gradually you are pulled into the film. Cinematography and all other aspects too were nice.

MESSAGE: 'You have no control over some things.'

VERDICT: "A recommended watch."


"A little confusing and abstract in nature."
Patience and concentration is utmost necessary if you want to see this film. The film tries to depict the block situation of a director. The protagonist is not able to conceive a film and is also suffering from his haunting past. What he wanted to show was a type of abstract film and he had to struggle with the finances.


The film at sometimes becomes very much interesting and makes me remember the truffaut's masterpiece – 'Day for night'. One thing was sure, the director in the film was confused about his film and what he was doing and thinking was also confusing.


The film has opening and some sequences confusing. It became difficult to figure out when he was dreaming and when they were shooting.

VERDICT: "For mature audience."


The film does not tell anything new, but the refreshing feel that it gives you after watching is something you will cherish forever. The credit basically goes to the acting by the lead cast. The storyline is pretty simple. Oh and the music is the backbone in this film. It is one of those few films which manipulate your feelings extensively with the help of sounds. The story of a quadriplegic man helped by another man for day to day work and living the beautiful moments of life is sure to impress you.


The thought that fascinated me most was the demand of Philippe from people not to be sympathetic to him. That is so true and original. People met with accident want a normal life again and do not want sympathies which eventually look like forced upon. Omar Sy as Driss has definitely stolen the show. The main story revolves around what the two do all day, but it also gives fair judgment to the personal life of Driss. He has been shown as a realistic character that is kind hearted but on the other side, is not able to live properly with his family. The film, its characters, its locations, music, cinematography and almost everything else is soothing.

MESSAGE: "We all need equal treatment."

VERDICT: "Most recommended."

In the Heat of the Night

"A distinct investigation."
The story of the film doesn't offer anything new with the only new thing being a new type of angle to investigate the story. The murder is investigated by a white and a black man and the way that they work despite the problems faced by the community is refreshing in some way.


After some time you yourself will not care about who is the culprit, but will focus on how the two are working. The story is average but there are a great number of exciting moments. The film is focused on what the filmmakers wanted to show. There are no unnecessary details. It keeps you into the subject and the location all the time. The acting by all was fairly OK. The way they showed a Black police officer working in an environment where no one wants him, gives a feeling how they all were treated back then. The charm of the film is the depiction of a white police officer taking help from a black one.


The way the white police officers were shown was unimpressive. They were shown coming to conclusions without even thinking a little bit. May be it was done to show that Virgil was smart. But this type of comparison looks cheap. It makes the general look and feel funny. Also the way they shouted looked so funny even when they were trying to be serious.

MESSAGE: "It is not a shame to ask for help."

VERDICT: "A recommended watch"


"Knowledge is good till it rests on morality."
The entire theme of the film is based on what is right and wrong. The messages are not clear but depicted in a superficial way. You need to be entirely concentrated all the time to understand the film. It is almost likely that you will get bored. But stay patient and things will get interesting slowly. The story is about a situation when mankind has discovered something beyond their potential and now it is up to them to continue their research or abandon it in the name of humanity.


Though in the starting it was not clear what the film is suggesting, but it had a vague feeling that the plot is promising. How would you react when you have discovered something which is beyond your understanding and you need to decide how to approach further? There was confusion even until the half time but even then this curiosity to know the end, keeps you seated. The good thing is that the process of creating confusion was so smooth that you will feel a strange feeling to focus more and more until you know everything. The second part is faster and more exciting than the first. Interesting things keep on happening all the times and whether you understand them or not is not a question. The close angles at most of the times were very effective.


The acting by the cast was just average and nothing too interesting was done by them. A big loss was the lack of proper technology for the visual effects. The film had a lot of potential for them. The first half is excessively slow.

MESSAGE: "Sometimes it is better to stop going further."

VERDICT: "Put on your list."


"Sugar coated with good animation but nothing refreshing."
The biggest letdown was the story, centered on a very few characters and most of them shown foolish. The story revolves around a princess who doesn't like traditions. She does not want to be married to anyone who she doesn't know. While the film has an awesome animation, it can impress only the kids, just like the Madagascar series.


The animation of Merida, the girl was particularly great and her hairs will be something to be remembered forever. It was good to see a women centered film. But the story couldn't go to some exciting ends. It is also a relief to see a film devoid of a boy-girl love story. The major focus was the relationship between the mother and the child. Considering that, the purpose was fully served, however it gets dull in some time and we need some different exciting twists in the film.


Most of the times there were steep changes in the emotions and it's difficult to get linked up with them. One time you are dancing, playing and the other moment you are sad and worried. There was no proper buildup of the emotions. The film is coated with forced laughter without any genuine weight in them. The men were shown bumbling fools and it felt as if they were made to look like that, so that the women automatically look sensible and powerful.

MESSAGE: "Everyone has a destiny."

VERDICT: "Watch at your own risk."

American Psycho

"Not too interesting story but Pateman's character is worth watching."
The story is an average one but what makes it worth watching is the character of Bale. The character has its own attraction. The story is about a big industrialist who lives mysteriously and is difficult to understand because of what he is doing or do at the next moment. This type of character makes you watch each and every scene with proper enthusiasm. It explores the behavior of a mentally unstable person very nicely. In the end there are some breathtaking scenes. Christian Bale with his acting has probably brought this character to a beautiful depiction. The sounds and acting by the remaining cast is also satisfactory.

VERDICT: "Watch if you want a psychotic taste."


"Sometimes funny, sometimes brilliant."
Opinions kept on changing during the entire time I was watching the film, but finally I believe this is one of the most faithful depiction of the superhero phenomena. No doubt the subject looks a little amateurish in the beginning but eventually you will realize that this was very realistic way to define superhero. The story is about a man who has recently survived a train accident and does not make a great deal of the fact that he has not even scratched anywhere. Later another man points this out to him. And thus begins the journey of beliefs and disbelief. The story definitely lacks the charm of the sixth sense mainly because of relatively mediocre twist ending.


The film in a way explores the rational reasoning about the existence of superheroes. Whatever they showed had nothing unbelievable. People might be there who have never noticed their powers. The beauty of the film lies in being true to the purpose. Comics are an integral part of human life and exploring them in such a different way was truly great.


The protagonist can be called a superhero but do not expect him to break walls or anything based on superhuman power. The expectations set at some times make you feel sad. The hero is discovering his power and that makes the progress and the depiction of the events slow. Sometimes in the middle it looked as if the film was becoming too childish, but a broader outlook is required to understand the purpose of the film.

MESSAGE: "You cannot be sure of everything."

VERDICT: "A recommended watch."

Animal Farm

"Poorly handled."
The awful thing was the lack of emotion in the film. The director didn't seem to focus on the talks between the animals. What they focused for that short span of time was how the animals did the work with a very little focus on developing the story. It looked as if I was watching an episode of a big TV Series. It seemed that they were in a rush to include everything present in the book. However it is good to know that at least, some attempt has been made to present this novella visually. The animation can be considered to be a little immature but considering the time it is fairly good. What pains most is the absence of emotions between the animals which was amazingly depicted in the book.

Verdict - "Read the book alone and wait for some other version to watch."

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