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Great acting
That's about it, if you gay and lookin' for a fun movie this ain't it, too much straight drama, i don't get the characters and their decisions. Julia and Natalie are amazing they slay those roles, Jude and the other dude are fine as hell, and that's about it. I mean if you have some time to kill sure go for it, you won't die from boredom, but there are more interesting movies out there. Who knows maybe i missed some kind of a deeper point. It is a good example for girls to show them how not to act, and not make it all about the guy and do everything the guy says and just ugh that was annoying me. For me the characters lack a deeper dimension. And the male characters are just mean and egoistic, they don't really show any good quality except the good looks.

Scream 2

A great sequel!
I loved that the sequel stayed true to the first movie, just added more gore and more blood! The storyline wasn't as good as with the first movie, but then again nothing can top that, but it was still very amusing and fun to watch. It was still suspenseful, and had that horror movie element to it that made the first scream so good. The acting, just got better, Neve, Courteney, and David play their roles exquisitely, and i can't imagine other actors in the roles of Sidney, Gale, and Dewey. All in all, if you liked the first one, and love horror/slasher movies, you wont regret watching this installment in the series!


A cult classic..
This is the movie that made me fall in love with the horror genre. It's simply a fun, scary, amazing, original, action packed, perfectly balanced movie. Whit it's interesting plot twists, you will be trying to guess who is the man\woman behind the ghost-face mask the whole movie, and at the vary end, it may surprise you to see who the killer is. It's the movie that made slasher movies scary and original again. It has a great storyline, great acting, and the famous voice of the ghost-face killer will send a chill to the bone, every time you hear it. Neve Campbell as Sidney is pretty impressive, with this role she took the title of the scream queen. This movie is, and always will be a cult classic! 10/10

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