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Mädchen Mädchen 2

Very refreshing and not stupid and not American comedy
Yesterday I was at the movies. There were a lot of alternatives, but among them this movie was the only not American movie and because I saw the first part and liked it very much, I went to this one. I saw it in an Slovenian Cinema with bad Slovenian subtitles. Many gags in the movie aren't understandable if you don't know German language very well.

First I was disappointed that Felicitas Woll was replaced with Jasmin Gerat. At the end I was sure that the substitution was very accurate and Jasmin made a cute :) job in the movie.

In my opinion all the roles were presented well. The story is simple. Three friends Inken, Lucy and Lana are searching a cheap apartment in Munich, Germany which we all know has the highest rent prices in whole Germany. Every girl is searching it her own way.

I can't say what I disliked in this movie. I think it's real life stuff - as funny and sad is it is.

I forgot all the things that bother me, there was not a minute that was boring.

I would suggest everyone to see it, but it's better you see it in original and you know German and the Germany current time "life".

I gave it a rate of 8.

The Matrix Reloaded

The most boring movie I've ever seen
I don't understand the rate of above 7. The scenes that could end in 15 seconds were made 15 minutes long, dialogs were far too long and they are only turning sentences around over and over again that a normal person must get asleep, like I did. I am sure this movie is only for freaks that think they live in matrix. Go visit a dentist - it's gonna be more entertaining.

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