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Beautiful and Evocative...a MUST-SEE!!!!
My stepmother and I went to a free screening of this movie at the Angelika Theater. I didn't know what to expect except that I knew the girl was a lesbian.

This flick features TRULY gifted and believable actors...from the main character, Alike, and her pains and trials, to her young sister in high school and the parents...OMGSH, the parents...and her friend Laura was incredible too. The characters are juicy and rounded; you find yourself truly interested in the people they're portraying to be, and in how they feel. It's almost like you come to know them.

Here, folks, is what to expect from the movie Pariah: this is an emotional film. It's got a lot of humor and heart, and it's got sadness and pain, too. We all remember growing up and trying to find out who we are and what we are attracted to; Pariah will remind you of what that felt like. You will emote as they do and be drawn in to the story right out of the box.

Trust me...this is a movie you do NOT want to miss. Two thumbs WAY UP! :)

Zombie Nation

REALLY low-budget
This is beyond bad, yall...i only watched it for something entertaining while i was sick. it's not even worth that much. Here, let me give you the run-down of this low-budget "thriller"...there's very little perspective change, the cop kills chicks and puts them in large duffel bags yet his partner somehow doesn't get what's going on and the precinct helps with it, and upon sitting and watching for 30 minutes, I still have YET to see a single zombie. There is, however, a good amount of female demoralization and titty grabs. Yay team...everyone loves a good woman bashing, right? Yeah. Definitely. These are the founding morals of our society for SUUUUUUUURE.

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