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The Angry Birds Movie 2

Funny and easy to follow
Even though it has an awkward added short that should have been used in between the first and this film. It is very much the same great voice acting and pausing humor. Josh Gad however is still trying to push his opera singing once again. The best part has to be the third act. There is a hilarious dance off just like the commercials. I enjoyed it and I guarantee the targeted audience will too.

Marnies Welt

This movie needs to be recognized as visual art.
I enjoyed the graphics. The landscape stood out the best. The story was very enjoyable cut with humor along the way. I liked the idea of a group of heroes coming up like the wizard of oz. This has been one of the very best to date.

Dark Phoenix

Depressingly Boring with little to no plot.... Shoulda spent time developing a story and kept Lawrence off the film (period!)
This film had potential when looking at the trailers, then got ran through the mud where the pigs lay. It starts out with cheap "comic source" uniforms with everyone under the leadership of Mystique because now she is empowered and a strategist in the battle field ?? Even though all other films she was pretty much a spy that can change shape. She tell professor x how to run his team. And now is able to change out of her blue skin. The chemistry between Jean and Cyclops' actors is not there and their relationship seems forced. Quicksilver has his one or two slow motion scenes but he is overall really not used in the entirety of the film. This film is a large unfinished story that does a huge call back to the X-men and how they saved the President also everything that happened in the previous. Basically it is Daniel Craig's Cowboys v Aliens but with X-men. The highlights of the film are nightcrawler and that's it. I say this because it seems as if they constantly need to reintroduce the audience to the ability of each character. Magnetos big moment of pulling a subway car out of the ground is almost reminiscent of X-3 with the Golden Gate Bridge but on a lesser more uneventful scale. They really punch in obscure references and unknown "the brotherhood" mutants.

Once again, wait till it comes on blue ray or dvd, because this plot is eMo Jean that is acted terrible. An underpowered Magneto, Storm, and Professor X. With a nonsense use of mystique (primarily part of Jennifer Lawrence's need to change the character's role). Beast as well really diverted to being no use.


Needed work
The kids acting was subpar and at times the adults seemed more of a comedic aspect. The outlier is Elizabeth Banks. She doesn't fit the role and when it comes to a desperate mother it is anything but believable. The story was dragged out and it was the vibe of 'Superman meets the Omen'

Missing Link

Clever, funny, and fresh.
Even though it seems like a kids movie, this is more of an experience shared by all ages. Not only did the voice acting prove to benefit the film, but stars such as Jackman almost meld into the role giving an unfamiliar identity to the story. With each character you're given a fun and clever story arch that is not over written or out shined by the whole story. The cleverness of placement on material and jokes is very much a comedic's touch. I was finding my self laughing at many parts of the clever animation nods to a one liner. Overall, very new and refreshing to the over saturated market doing fully 4/5 movie sequel deals.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Wtf happened
Once again Keanu has given us an unfortunate consequence to not passing on a RIDICULOUS script. This movie would have been lower if not for the decent action scenes. Now by all means is it not a clean action scene where you Won't tell it is a 50+ Keanu walking through a very choreographed fight. Sheesh! 75% of the shots were clear as day when telegraphing a strike. Hale Berry was an unnecessary addition. So was the first act. This script is all over the place. I wasn't sure whether any of the exposition was important for his ties to a Russian smuggling ballet/sombo/smuggling ring since it only showed 15 minutes then was just tossed out like nothing. The over used "dog" line felt redundant and unnecessary. World building clearly was a thing Lionsgate is hoping for. Rather than rush details about the "high table/under the table" universal rules lets break it down at some point. This movie was too soon, it clearly needed a better script/screen play/ stunt work/ story line/ and laws of what is capable.

I liked the first John wick. It provided an almost mystery as to who this guy is and why it was a mistake to double cross him. They took that entity and made him the god damn terminator!!! Literally no risk to reward ratio. So the pay out seems predictable. Stabbed 15 times and no possibility of injury, falls off ten foot ceiling and gets up with no problem. Just an overall disappointing addition to the series and it seems like it's taking the place of what the "Die Hard" series once was, but it quickly follows that same train wreck.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Kate Blanchet and Jack Black make the movie enjoyable
The first and third act consist of a very well trimmed relationship between Jack Blacks character and Kate Blanchet's. So much so that without these two the premise would have fell flat on its face. The kid is enjoyable in sections, however, still really amateur poor acting that wasted a major enjoyment from the film. Eli Roth keeps a great direction throughout the film except for the school subplot which almost fully derails the flow set in the beginning by Jack Black.

Overall, it's worth seeing if you enjoyed Black's previous "Goosebumps" appearance.

The Predator

Great homage to the classic. Pushing forward to what could be !!!
Great tie in to the original predator franchise! Kinnaman actually holds great chemistry as the main "hero". The other characters that are introduced as a lesser known group are developed very well and show a great contribution to the overall story. So right away the action doesn't hold back and it continues to showcase what a Predator movie/franchise can be.

The secondary plot with a child however is where the story gets bogged down with an almost unnecessary need to emphasis the directors poor choices. That is where the movie gets terrible for the quarter of the movie plot to be centralized once again around a child actor that can not act and has zero likeability to care why he is in the overall story. A troph that director Shane Black seems to use a lot in his recent movies. Hollywood needs to be more aware of when children are needing to showcased enough in movies. This is not the movie for that.

Walk in to expect an epic amount of predator killing action... bogged down by a zero likeable child that is annoying to the "T". Otherwise it delivers to be one of the better out of the series. Even with the amount of advertising that gave away the main centralized plot of super predators! Maybe Hollywood will take pride in knowing that their projects will get enough of an audience outcome to withhold major details from the trailers. Overall a decent movie with just enough great action scenes to want more!!!!

The Equalizer 2

A lot of Action, with a story to nowhere
Walking into the movie with a mindset of "Did I like the first movie enough to actually care to watch a sequel? Yes." With that mindset alone, mixed with the high expectations that it's a Denzel movie, the movie had my interest from the start. However, that feel short real quick. Not only was the story all over the place, the acting was amateur. Many of the scenes with Denzel and "X" actor sharing dialogue were cut straight from a Wednesday night acting class at the YMCA. To think that this being Denzel's first sequel ever he would have read and contributed to a tighter script. To see two veterans like Denzel and Bill Pullman share one of the most cringe worthy scenes was something I never hoped to buy a ticket for. The side character and exposition of Ashton Sanders, same thing. Dated and dry, too amateur. The (what felt like 30 minute) paint scene and awkward apartment scene seemed to not help any part of back story or overall contribution to the main story other than to have extra dialogue. Not only did it change "Mr. Mcall's" demenour it changed the "regular guy during the day, vigilante at night" story the first movie developed so well in the first. Overall, the movie is more of a reprising of Denzel's "Man on Fire" role, rather than a continuation of "The Equilizer". This movie very much had a cash grab feel to it with the story being too inconsistent, the manerisms stiff, the dialogue amateur, the action seems to be the only positive coming out of "Equilizer 2". If there is a third in the making I only hope the writers build a better character arch and bring better actors to the script that can demand a space along side a veteran like Denzel Washington. Also make his job something more believable rather than an obscure lyft driver. Something more meat than potato.

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