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Law & Order: Criminal Intent: In the Dark
Episode 6, Season 4

ccthemovieman-1 was a little confused in their review.

A homeless man went missing and in the search for him, the detectives discovered that another homeless man had been discovering the dead bodies (he didn't cause their deaths) and sold the bodies to research facilities.

Searching more into it, the detectives met Rose Cahill. An older lady that made sandwiches for the homeless people. She had been telling her husband that her daughter (his stepdaughter) was sick. The man had never met the daughter, but believed that she needed financial help. So he began recruiting homeless men to help in his auto mechanic shop. He'd get them credit cards and they would then get cars which the guy would strip for parts and sell for money to help with medical bills for his step daughter. Then he would kill the homeless men and dump them (hence the guy at the beginning finding the bodies).

As it turns out... Rose never gave birth to her child. The detectives talked to people that knew her 30 years ago and one said that she thought Rose had miscarried or had an abortion because she never carried to term. When confronted with this, it is discovered that Roses baby died in utero and instead of expelling the dead fetus, it calcified and turned into a "stone baby" (a real thing) and was still in Roses womb to this day. She had been talking about her daughter as though she were alive and well because she'd had series of mini-strokes that scrambled her memory.

All in all, it was a sad situation, but it made for a good episode!

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