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  • Strange thing!one of the most interesting and visually superb thriller/horror movie of the last decade is just edited on sale and not in the cinema!!. Infascelli (the director of the overrated "Almost blue",but nowadays one of the most skillful Italian directors besides Garrone and not so much others )spreads on the screen like a psycho painter a bunch of really morbid images ( a pretty good mix of psychedelic visions and video-clip style), shrieking about a descent into the madness… Everything in this movie (actresses,location,color, music and obviously…the water..) create a really sick thing!If you are not on diet, it's unmissable!
  • I've been grown up with movies like this!And it was a really happy "cinematographic" childhood! And I usually guess about a possible success of them abroad Italy.Anyway this one is a bit original in this genre,thanks to his horror elements in the plot (there aren't so much interesting horror parodies in the Italian cinema..maybe except the mythical Paolo Villaggio's "Fracchia contro Dracula").Another doubt..I guess if George A.Romero has ever seen this movie,in fact there are some citations from his great trilogy (trilogy the moment..eheheh!)about flesh eaters.No problem George,you don't miss nothing of unforgettable,but anyway it's worth a look,especially for Nadia Cassini's performance (mmmm..gnam!really eatable!)and the acting of Renzo Montagnani (one of the kings of trash,and an appreciated actor of theatre).After all a funny movie, recommendable…but for trash (and horror?) fans only.
  • I like this movie!okay, maybe because I have a white cat (nice like that, and why IMDb don't put "Romoletto" on the cast?),I have a similar job like the protagonist and the same mediterranean laziness!But this movie could be enjoyable for everybody, a good performance of Nino Manfredi (simply one of the best Italian actors of all the times) a successful mix of dream and reality with funny situations that could happen to everybody, and a problem that grip on me..."If you don't like a kind of job,change it!" like Mrs Jacopetti pretty's not so easy!Believe me! Anyway, if you think "work kills",watch it!
  • if you are a really horror fan,absolutely watch it!Right..the plot doesn't exsist, the characters are too briefly described, but very much parts of this movie are so good!!atmosphere,music and color!Now I know what some critics mean:"it's influenced by Argento's Suspiria and it gave the inspiration for Inferno".Where are you finished Norman J.Warren?Anyway,an interesting movie to re-discover among the dusty,naive,genuine and scary products of the 70's horror cinematography!
  • That's I call great movie!!Good acting (what you think about Christopher Walken?and Annabelle Sciorra?she looks like really stoned!);nice photography that reminds to crime and metropolitan noir of the 40's-50's.And I like very much the story, maybe(and I saw a lot of bloodsucker-movies!)the best way to speak again about vampire nowadays. But the most fascinating thing of this movie is that's not only a horror movie, but much more..a big pot of the pessimistic thoughts of the last two century mixed with the predestination to evil.Another gem by Ferrara and his writer Nicholas St.John. Masterpiece!