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Hillbilly Elegy

Its not a 10, ist an 8 but...
I cant help feeling I have to "balance" the bad reviews.

Im a Mexican, living aborad, top educated. However, my family started as poor as this and carries emotional wounds from my greatgrandparents on, we have had our own sharenof drama, but we live each ither and even my childhood was idillic going back to the countryside! So I couldnt help to relate and find the story touching and honest... not even counting in the the superb acting, great photograpy and the fantastic makeup!

Besides, Im really annoyed on how the critics are so politically obsessed they make this film about republicans vs democrats. Hello? Are we seeing the same movie? For me and many viewers, the movie its also about emotional inestability passed generation after generation, the hard path addictions lead not inly for the addict, shows the lack of oportunities people have when coming from a certian backgrounds and specially, how unfair the Amwrican system is. If I was an American, this movie would be for me the anti-republican statement and not the oposite.

Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon

Bad, hilarious, addictive.
Plane cheap special effects, terrible acting... definitely just for hardcore fans. If you are one (like me), you will love this!!!

The White Tiger

Uncomfortable truths and hurt feelings.
Thats why you will see reviews below 6.

The movie is actually very interesting and shows the dark side of human nature. It also depicts the reality of many regions in the world. Above it all, is a very well told story with no moral message and thats fine.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited
Episode 2, Season 4

No plot and cruel
What kind of plot is that? The 2 Sabrinas were not suposed to met ever. Sudenddly was not a problem. Plus, Was a cruel episode. They abused the abused abuser.

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Cute little movie for kids
Easy children's movie perfect for days around Halloween.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

It is as ridiculous as its name...
And epic and hilarius and fabulous too! Its a bit slow at some points, but all over gives you a very funny overview of what the Eurovision is for some. Just be aware, a couple of songs are masive earworms!

Los renglones torcidos de Dios

Bad, just sooooo bad.
When you manage to switch a pasable book to a very bad Telenovela.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season 3... or why some shows should stop when they still make sense.
I feel sorry for Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis. Season 3 is embarrasing. The plot got from fresh and fun in season 1 to completely senseles in Season 3... they even have musical numbers. I only give it 5 stars because I liked it at first.

The Witcher

Only for hardcore fans... and I wonder, why?
Im a quite big fan of the fantasy genere so I was excited when I found this. I must say that I didnt know about the books or videogames before and their huge fan base and that explains the 9+ stars rating... or not. The show is bad. Bad acting, bad scripts, bad effects, bad everything... and incredible boring. I gave it a 4 episodes try based on the rating of the show here... but I can't no more. Now I really want to read the books, to check if the story is good. Because if it is I cant understsnd the Fan hype on this bad show.

The King

Historically inaccurate but delightful entertainment.
I fell in love with this movie and would have rated it with 9 or even 10 stars...if I wasn't that caught in the plot and googled about the King and his victory. The story, just as mentioned in other reviews, is just loosely based in historical facts. There is lots and lots of fiction. But damn, the movie is catchy! My advice: Enjoy for what it really is, pure entertainment. For history lesson try wikipedia.

El Club

Bad from top to toe.
Bad, unintelligent and repetitive story. Bad, plain and boring acting. I dont understand why Netflix produced this show.

Queer Eye

Despite reality shows not being my cup of tea, I find this production great. I love the show and the Fab5 way of interacting among them and with others. All the cases are different and heart warming. And the best, you get a tip or two every show to improve your own lifestyle! And Antoni is the cutest. :)


Good and bad and damn... is there a second season?
It was a pretty good until it wasnt. But boy, I look forward the second season! Yes it is a bit slow, but the characters are quite likeable. It was a good mix of a horror/teen drama/thriller. The last 2 episodes were really bad, they made the plot really silly. But somehow cought me enough for me to wish for a second season.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Not a fan before...
The production and cast was amazing. You get really get to like (or dislike!!!) the Characters. And the use of the music is perfect. Was not a Queen fan before, but after this movie I'm loyal to the Queen!!!

Made in Mexico

It's so bad that it's hilarious!!!
As a mexican living abroad, I started watching this show out of curiosity ... it took me 2 episodes to realize that it was not a parody but actually a "reality show"!!! It is so bad, really so bad, that turns out to be fun. If you want to laugh, and make fun of how patetic mexican socialites are, plese go ahead.

The Greatest Showman

Bad movie with bad plot.
First time reviewing... had to do it as the movie was absolutely disapointing. Super weak plot and weak characters. Not even the choreos and music save it. :(

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