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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

A lot of Potential, Ultimately a Let Down!
The first Blair Witch was both a phenomenon commercially and creatively. Book of Shadows had the same potential, but was ultimately was let down by its high aspirations. The director could not decide if he wanted to make a straight documentary or a straight movie. In my eyes, the combination of the two cost this movie. The choppy editing had a huge factor in this as well. If only the first hour had been as carefully assembled as the last half hour, this would have been a true masterpiece. All in all this is not a super bad movie and is worth a viewing - just not multiple times. Bottom line: Good story, poor execution. My score: 4/10!


A Masterpiece!
What can I say about this daring adaptation of Bram Stoker's most famous novel. The story, the sets, the acting (sorry Keanu - I've got to leave you out), the suspense - man o man Francis Ford Coppola delivers a coup in this retelling. I have failed to mention the most masterful piece of this movie: Dracula himself. Gary Oldman is simply amazing as the undead Count. His mannerisms, charm and wits perfectly display the Count of my imagination. I cannot recommend this movie more highly - I saw it seven times in 1992 and multiple times on vhs and dvd. PS: For impeccable viewing get the Columbia Superbit DVD. My score: 10/10!

The Wolf Man

When I was a child many moons ago - I woke up in the middle of the night and before me on my little black and white tv was The Wolfman. This image still haunts me to this day. Sheer terror, sheer terror I say. It's amazing how scary anything can be to a seven year old. Nonetheless, this movie made a lasting impression and has since become one of my favorite classic monster films. While super corny and laughable at times this still a highly entertaining flick. If you can find an out of print dvd, buy it up and enjoy it one late night. My score: 9/10!


A Deep and Engrossing Comic Book Epic!
Sure many folks have problems with the cgi Hulk, but get over it. Even if the Hulk looked 99% real, he still would have not seemed real - because you know he's not real. Get my drift?

Hulk is one of more realistic comic book adaptations because of its emotion and taking time to develop the character(s). Ang Lee does a masterful job of executing a flawed and limited script with excellent direction of the two young stars. Bana and Connely give real depth to Banner and Betty - you really care what is going to happen to them, their relationship. But overall, this movie is about the relationship between parent and child. It delves deep into the interworkings of very complicated child/parent relationship. Even the Hulk touches his inner human (if you will) in a flashback of a repressed childhood memory. The movie has depth and heart. Ang Lee should be commended for not directing the typical comic book movie. Even if you don't want the emotional side, Hulk delivers in its final hour with a slam bang wrap up. My score: 8/10!

The Matrix

What is the Matrix? You know by now!
The Matrix changed cinema, plain and simple. Much like Star Wars did a generation before, the Matrix ushered in a new era of special f/x. The oft copied f/x continue to stun me to this day. Even low-budget horror flicks (eg: House of the Dead) rip off this masterpiece.

This movie has soul and most importantly imagination. Get sucked into the Matrix - you won't be disappointed! My score: 9/10!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

All I got was rocks!
Oh, I feel your pain Charlie Brown. No, not really - but I sure can tell you that this is one of the best children's specials (EVER)! Treat your kids to classic - it just doesn't get any better than this! 9/10!

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Hello Governor, It's a Bloody Good Time!
First off, I have never really been a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Actually, the only time I have been exposed to Holmes was on Star Trek the Next Generation's holodeck. Yeah, I know - I need to get out more often. I have never seen or read any adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles. So with that being said, this is truly a great film. Yes, I have read about the changes to the story and all that fluff, but the actors and director do a bloody good job. The story is compelling and intriguing all at the same time. The atmosphere and the mood are set appropriately dark and gloomy - which just adds the supernatural feel. Great TV film that may have been served better in a darkened theater. My score: 7/10!

Amityville II: The Possession

Slightly Better
Amityville 2 is slightly better that the original. I found this sequel/prequel a little more intense. It pretty much jumps right into the action and doesn't let up. B grade acting is worth a few laughs, but overall this isn't a bad movie. My score: 6/10!

The Amityville Horror

Scary as Hell...when I was a kid!
It's is amazing what 23 years will do to a classic horror flick. When I was a kid, all I could could see was those glowing red eyes. They haunted me day and night. I swore I would never watch this flick again. Well I did, and well it was just downright boring. A few inspired moments (including the glowing red eyes) save this flick from a super low grade. Don't get me wrong, if you haven't seen it - give it shot. My grade: 5/10!

House of Wax

Good Old Fashioned Fun
When I was a youngster, I remember one late night viewing of this masterpiece - that had me gripping the edge of the bed with all of my might. Now that this fine flick has finally arrived on dvd, I get to enjoy it over and over as Vincent Price gives an outstanding performance in one the 1950's best horror movies. You can read the plot in other reviews, all I have to say is see now! My score: 8/10!

The Blair Witch Project

Less is More.
I can describe this movie in two phrases: inspired creepiness and less is more.

This movie is truly original in its presentation and direction. The mock documentary style adds the realism that is needed to scare. Wacky camera movements and first person shooting also give you the "I'm in feeling."

Possible SPOILER: Less is more - the fact that you never see what is out there is truly the most scary part of the movie. I guarantee your imagination can cook up something scarier than Hollywood.

This is a true Midnite Movie Classic! 7/10!

The Matrix Reloaded

More eye candy!
Four years ago, the first Matrix raised the bar for special f/x (even beat out Star Wars for the Oscar). Since then we have seen countless imitators both good and bad. With that being said, The Matrix Reloaded f/x engineers has once again done a fantastic job at creating the virtual world of the matrix. From the big brawl to the hyper intensive car chase, the f/x crew is sure to be nominated once again.

Now on to the bad. The story is mind numbing! The conversation with architect (of the matrix) is one that would require multiple viewings just to comprehend.

Overall, this is a good movie, but not as good as the original. Here's hoping for the Revolution!

Bottom Line: 7/10!

Memorial Valley Massacre

Pure Camp!
You've heard the phrase "it's so bad it's good". Well it sorta applies to this amusing, yet un-scary horror flick. The acting is atrocious and the script is even worse. However, I couldn't hit the stop button to save my life. Un-intentionally funny! I say it's worth one late night viewing, but that is it. Bottom Line: 4/10! Pure Scholck!!

Night Train to Terror

Didn't expect much from this flick and I didn't receive much. The first two stories of this trilogy (in a movie) were interesting and held my attention well. The final story was a total snoozer and that why this flick gets 3/10!. Nothing scary in this! From what I have read, the three mini-stories are actually cut down from full length movies, you may be better off watching that!

No profanar el sueño de los muertos

Total Enjoyment!
I love zombie movies. I really love zombie movies from the 1960's to the late 1980's. I know, it sounds like I'm a little biased. I am, but truly Let Sleeping Corpse's Lie is one of the best living dead movies I have ever seen. If it hadn't been for the slow start it would have been on par with Night of the Living Dead. Good solid direction and a pretty solid story bind this unknown tale of the dead. Beware of the Manchester Morgue and give this movie a late night Halloween viewing. Good stuff! Bottom Line: 8/10!


Solid, but doesn't live up to its potential!
Overall, this was a fairly solid flick. For a horror flick, the production values were high. Acting, cinematography and f/x were great - while the movie itself may have been better served with about 20 minutes cut from it.

My grade: 6/10.

House of the Dead

First House of 1000 Corpses and now this! Ugh!
Note to Hollywood: Do not put this in the title HOUSE OF, because we all know that it is gonna stink. First, Rob Zombies atrocious House of 1000 Corpses and now this. Uwe Boll shows (minimal)potential in the directors chair until the bad acting and over the top matrix rip off effects take over. Note to Hollywood Part 2: Stop using the bullet time effects, it was good the first 200 times we saw it. I can only hope that the Dawn of the Dead remake stays away from cgi and any type of bullet time effects and makes a make up/prop inspired zombie flick.

I thought it was impossible to make a bad zombie flick and I was wrong. HoD had potential but the director and actors give up on this doomed venture before it started.

My grade: 4/10! A few decent scenes saved this one from 1/10!

Note to Hollywood Part 3: Some studio spent $12 million on this, shame on you. You should have financed Romero's 4th Dead flick.

Cabin Fever

Slick, Low Budget Fun Ride
Eli Roth delivers a fine flick that will make every horror fan ask for more. Loaded with everything that makes a great horror flick: gore, blood, nudity, violence, humor, rednecks and few jumps. What is not to love. Definitely a choice midnite movie. My grade: 7/10.

Wrong Turn

Inbred Hillbillies, they don't get out much!
Hollywood keeps pumping out these teen horror bloodfests, like McDonalds does Happy Meals. They are all pretty much the same, as all the teens get picked off one by one until the hero and/or heroine is remain to concoct one final attempt to knock off the evildoers...until....insert cliched ending here.

You have probably seen it before, but I will recommend a rental for this flick. The heart does pound a few times.

Bottom Line: 5/10!

Race with the Devil

Dis-Jointed, but Effective!
Low Budget, effective thriller! Warren Oates and Peter Fonda give solid performances as their characters and wives are being chased by satan worshipers.

Overall a satisfying flicks that has alot of filler. The ninety minute run time could have been nearly cut in half and the same result achieved.

Bottom Line: 5/10, Good Rental for a Late Night!

Fletch Lives

Flesh Eating Termites Rule... EEEEEEEE!
Chevy Chase a master comedian. Er, well maybe not. But Fletch Lives has endeared itself too me because of its wild antics and crazy scenarios.

While not as good as the original, you still wouldn't want to miss this for: (POSSIBLE Spoilers): Flesh eating termite scene, the uproarious scum, scum, scum go back to where your from scene, and so much more. R. Lee Ermey steals every scene he is in as Rev. Farnsworth, oh be healed. And never forget Randall "Tex" Cobb as a well just watch it.

Big Fun, 7/10!

Real Men

John Ritter Salute - Underrated Classic
Today we lost one of Hollywood's true comedic talents in John Ritter. I write this review today in salute to him after his untimely passing.

Too me Real Men is one the best worst movies ever made. I have seen it multiple times and wish it would hit dvd asap. Ritter and Belushi hit the mark in this comedy team up. While many dislike like the movie because of its whacked out plot and choppy editing, this is what endears the movie to me. The plot is so far fetched and crazy you think that Ritter's character is just being set up for something else. Is he or isn't he, as with the crazy scenarios in the film: the clown fight, the cup of water trade, the spy lunch break, the PEN, the nail gun and so much more make this a total hoot. This a true example of John Ritter at his best.

Don't miss it.

Bottom Line: 7/10! RIP John Ritter


Can I borrow your towel, I just ran into a WATER Buffalo!
One of the many classic lines in this (yes) plot driven mystery/comedy. Chevy Chase is at his best as the title character Irwin M. (Fletch) Fletcher. Dirty cops, drugs and a mysterious man who wants someone to kill him. That pretty much sums up the plot. The journey through this plot is often sidesplitting. Just ask Mr. Underhill!

Bottom Line: 8/10!

Jeepers Creepers

One of the MOST effective first 45 minutes ever, but....
....the remaining minutes of this flick devolves into the standard teen horror flick.


Can you imagine driving down a rural highway, you look out to your left and you see someone dumping what seems to be a body into a drainage pipe. Hell, all I got to say is that I would be outta there. Anyways, with this the start of Jeepers Creepers and the forthcoming road rage from the Creeper creates a taut suspense. Unfortunately, the rest of this flick is garbage (as with the horrible ending).

Good start saves this movie from a 2/10, so the BOTTOM LINE is 4/10!

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

A Shout Out to WETA!!! Truly Awesome!
First off, The Two Towers is an amazing achievement. As with the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers is one of the best films ever. However, the only problem I find with this film is that it is too short. Yea, you heard me right! The new characters needed to be fleshed out a little more. The Fellowship of the Ring IMO is superior because of the interaction between the core players. We were there when they made their journey, we were not hopping back and forth between their individual adventures. Yes I know that is the way the book is written, but I just prefer the Fellowship's more intimate look at the characters. This withstanding the Two Towers is an amazing achievement. WETA Digital truly deserves all of the kudos that have been bestowed upon them. They have supplanted Industrial Light and Magic as the preeminent digital effects company.

Bottom Line:


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