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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Yes, there ARE English subtitles on Prime
IMPORTANT before you begin the MovieFilm go to the subtitles and: 1) Turn on 2) switch to English

I realize this sounds obvious, but the default is OFF and the language of Kazakhstan (apparently). I wasted the first 20 minutes missing all the Textual humour because I couldn't understand either the dialogue or text. After a second attempt, I was able to switch the subtitles to English which make the MovieFilm Very Nice.

You really need English subtitles. Really. At first, I just thought the foreign subtitles were part of the joke. NOT!

Knock Knock

Sequel TB titled "who's there?"
The worst part of this movie is the beginning. The set-up scene (making him out as dad of the year) was very over the top and poorly acted. I almost gave up 6 min. into it, but knew (guessed) what was coming so powered through it.

The rest of the movie was okay. I'm sure Keanu Reeves was disappointed in the end result, but hey, you just don't know until the final product comes out.

I realize that the intent was to create a movie that both tantalized and "horrifying" at the same time but in the end it sort of just fell flat. I did like the final line of the movie however. Leave us hope that this family will overcome.

The only thing that would make this an overall worthwhile experience would be to have a sequel entitled "Who's There?" where he takes his revenge later in life in an intelligent and creative way. Call me Eli. I have some ideas (941) 227-3529. David

We Summon the Darkness

Summon the $$
Ok, I've figured it out. Online streaming services have created a market for this crap, and we keep watching it, and then complain about how bad it is. But let's face it. A group of youngsters can slap this garbage together in a week and edit it themselves. So why wouldn't they?

Suddenly everyone is a producer. You don't really need much to make it all happen. Facebook has ruined journalism and Netflix has destroyed the Horror genre. So don't ask why Johnny and Alexandra would stoop so low.

They do it for a payday, or as a favour, or a credit. They don't do it to create anything memorable or worthwhile. They do it because they can. There is a market for junk now, and we all enable it with our futile hope that there is something good out there. Something that someone truly cared about.

Don't blame them. Blame yourself.

We wanted more ... and less is what we got.

Teen Spirit

Great performances all around
I'm amazed I enjoyed this film so much. It just worked because of the great acting across the board.

If I walked away wondering if Elle Fanning really came from a polish background or wondering if she really sang for the role, that is a testament to the fine performances, direction, and writing.

I highly doubt I was the target market for this film, but it somehow really worked for me. Well done Elle Fanning and cast.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

The Truth Exists. But we only have perspective.
I am not a conservative. Nor am I a liberal. What I appreciate about this biographical look at Justice Thomas' life is that I finally get to hear his perspective. His story in his words. That was nice.

I'm not surprised to hear a lot of partisan approval of this portrayal. But that is not why I enjoyed watching this film. .

I remember watching the confirmation hearings live. I have subsequently heard a great deal about Anita Hill's perspective, but not Thomas' perspective. I now have a whole new appreciation for the man. Not because I agree with his politics, but because I at least have an appreciation of where he is coming from.

While it's sad that the court has become so polarized and partisan in recent years, I still have faith in this 3rd, and co-equal, branch of government.

I now understand how Justice Thomas can have such contempt for "liberals". I can also appreciate why liberals fear him. But until this biography appeared on PBS at 2 am, I didn't have the whole story.

From my perspective, the Thomas confirmation hearings were the pinnacle of partisan self righteousness. Hill exaggerating the impact Thomas' comments had on her life, and Thomas exaggerated the impact of her allegations. I would have respected Thomas more if he just said "Really, that's all you've got on me?" But he didn't. He played the political hand he was dealt because that is what was expected of him. Shame on both sides.

It's sad that the justices on the United States Supreme Court have degraded the stature of the court with celebrity personas, but it's not their fault. The public demands it after all. Everything good is eventually corrupted. Including me. Especially me.

The Truth exists. But we only have perspective.

Angel Has Fallen

Traumatized Baby
I enjoyed the show, as unbelievable as it was.

Some very enjoyable new elements not seen before, but one thing I didn't like was how they traumatized a little baby - either that or that 6 month old gave the most convincing performance of the whole cast. All kidding aside, not cool. Not cool at all to do that to a child.

That stupidity aside, Nxxxxx Xxxe provided a great unexpected appearance (I don't want to give his name away if you are like me and didn't look at the cast). I really enjoyed his character and performance. I'm sure he probably objected at how they treated that little girl too. Okay enough about the traumatized child.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed was the technology the villains employed in the assassination of the President. Sure it may not have been totally believable, but it was new, cool, and interesting. Few extra points for creativity.

I don't like Gerard Butler. The guy is way too full of himself and throws phones at people in real life. Jerk. You really are a sellout.


Strong solid story
I remember watching this movie TV when I was a teen in Edmonton. Even at that time I remember thinking "wow this guy can really act" and I wasn't referring to Don Johnson.

Burton Cummings stand out performance really makes this film. He came off incredibly natural, sincere and very funny at times. As great of a musician his is he leaves us all wondering if he could also have had an acting career.

Not sure if his character had some cathartic meaning for him or not. His performance still sticks with me 36 years later.

Strongest closing song of any film till this day.

The whole cast was great.


"I'm a Savior"
Acting okay. Wish I could say the same about the writing. I tuned into the premiere because the promotional ads were so bad that I had to see it just how bad it would be. It didn't disappoint. It was very very bad.

This is what you get when you have uninformed writers who want to imagine plot lines that include every conceivable politically correct inclusive theme that a high school drama dept. could come up with. The problem is that doesn't have a shread of authenticity or anything new to add to the hospital drama genre.

Marc Lepine, sexual assault/harassment foreshadowing, mass casualties from an incel terrorists, cultural sensitivity x10 and you have the first plot of this very very bad show.

It's an insult to viewers and nurses alike. Doctors will have a good chuckle during the first 5 minutes.

Half Light

Demi Moore was great, but...
I liked the movie because I was in a very forgiving mood.

Demi Moore's performance was great, but I couldn't help but wonder if she called Bruce Willis after reading the script to say "I see dead people too".

The problems I have with the story is that it's one part murder mystery, two parts Harlequin Romance, and a little Ghost (yes, with Patrick Swazey). But, hey I rolled with it because I don't have anything against those genres.

What I did mind was all the things left unexplained. What was the foreign language everyone chattered in all about? Was that suppose to be some ancient Gaelic language they all turned to when they wanted to talk behind someone's back?

Why would the authorities be so quick not to suspect Rachel, the only living survivor who was just acting all crazy?

Why was the fake stabbing of her best friend even necessary?

Are we to assume the drowning of her son was no accident? Wouldn't that have gotten in the way of the inheritance?

Regardless, if you just roll with it, and like Demi Moore then you'll have a good time.

The Model

Dangerous depth. Really
I really loved this film.

That's quite an accomplishment for a story that is dark, and characters who are unsympathetic. But it raises important issues that need to be examined and discussed.

Very well acted, well directed, written and edited.

I can understand why some people might not like a film that poses controversial questions, and fearlessly goes where most dare not tread. But I appreciated that it dared to go to those places.

It's a great film to discuss if you have open minded, intelligent friends who appreciate that victimization isn't always as clear cut as we would like it to be.

Or, you may just end up losing friends afterwards. #NOTaMEtooStory


Watch All
Chernobyl is the most important and consequential film I've ever seen.

Regardless of any theatrical liberties taken; Regardless what your politics are; Regardless of what you think of Nuclear Energy; This film is ultimately a story about the importance of pursuing the Truth.

The Russian people are portrayed as immensely heroic, and also as bumbling fools. Why is that so hard to accept? Don't all societies have both?

The "elites" (scientists) are portrayed positively, but at times are put in their place by the common - truly heroic - man (coal miners).

The politicians are portrayed as practical idealists, and at times ignorant, selfish corrupt bureaucrats. Sounds about right to me.

The thing I love the most about this film was the balance that was so artfully weaved.

It's far from a political propaganda piece. In fact, it's just the opposite. It points out how we are all looking for a simple hero and villain tale when in fact the truth is often more complicated than we would like it to be.

A tasteful artistic story of one of the most tragic man-made disasters. Should be required content for all students. Globally.

Eye on Juliet

Very well acted and directed
I must admit that I'm extremely surprised this film was ever made. If someone pitched the idea to me I doubt I would have went for it.

Perhaps that's why I was so impressed. If I had to narrow down all the things I loved about this story, I would have to start with the exceptional acting. This easily could have flopped with any other cast. Even though I didn't recognize a single actor from previous roles they all came off as seasoned pros. Perhaps that is due to exceptional directing, writing and editing. I can't say. All I can say is that I was unexpectedly drawn into this story and the very convincing characters.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission Implausible - Cashout
Don't watch it in 3D. In fact, don't watch it at all.

I couldn't believe the low quality grainy 3D cinematography. Did Tom Cruise get a deal on some Chinese 3D cameras. I saw it in a VIP theatre and it looked like this thing was shot on a consumer 3D handycam.

The storyline was predictable and overly simplistic. I don't demand a lot from an action movie, but Michelle Monaghan's reintroduction was confusing, unnecessary and appeared to be written in as an afterthought.

And all this talk about them doing their own stunts for added authenticity. Well, I for one would like them to go back to using professional stunt persons. This whole do your own stunts thing came off an an ego driven attempt to impress other cast members, that fell flat. Very flat.

Finally, the writing was absolutely terrible. I couldn't help but wonder through the entire predictable movie if Tom Cruise also wrote and directed this himself. It was that bad.

When I see the ridiculously high ratings on IMDB it makes me think that writing fake positive reviews is now just part of the industry.

I really enjoyed the first few films in the MI franchise, but now it's just the same old rehashed storyline. I really wanted to like it. But instead I now feel obligated to expose this cash grab for what it really is.

I'm confident that the truth will slowly come out and today's 8.5 rating on IMDB will eventually drop down to a 4.5 - which is still much higher than it deserves.

No spoilers on the plot here. Just imagine a bunch of overpaid aged friends getting together to travel around the world to show off their fitness level. Even Baldwin dropped a few pounds.

Come on guys. Speak up next time you see such a weak script. I'm sure some of you still have standards.


Dear Nicolas Cage...
Why? I understand this desire to do low budget independent films with the hope that perhaps, just perhaps, it will be the next pulp fiction - not that this low level script would lead anyone to that conclusion. Yet, there you are, accepting that horrible make-up and rediculous costume. And you didn't walk off the set. You took the inept direction of Steven C. Miller, and just went along with it. Why? Why would a talented actor agree to participate in such nonsense. The other actors all had reasonable characters, with ressonsble accents, and then there was you, Nicolas cage with a rubber nose, waning accent, rediculous wardrobe and hair.

I'm sorry, it just begs the question, Why? Did Bernie Madoff take all of your money? Are you now addicted to drugs? Is it just plain greed? I need to understand why. How did they convince you to stay once you witnessed the truth?

Please help us all understand.

Drinking Buddies

Great film to reflect upon
I didn't want to see Drinking Buddies - but I'm glad I did. It's now on NetFlix.

I had no idea what to expect going into this movie. I probably wouldn't have given it a second look if Olivia Wilde wasn't in it. Not because she is beautiful (which she is) but because I think she is a very intelligent, talented actor.

I wasn't disappointed.

The film was slow to draw me in. But it did. By the end, some interesting questions were raised about relationships, fidelity, friendships, and marriage. Some of these questions aren't immediately apparent, and may even take a day or two to mull them over. But they - along with some great performances - definitely made Drinking Buddies a film worth watching. It's the kind of movie that you'll find yourself reflecting upon days later.

If you are an intelligent person who likes to sit around with friends discussing the film you just watched, then Drinking Buddies is the film for you. I highly recommend it.

Donovan's Echo

A retired nuclear physicist involved in the Manhattan project searches for meaning surrounding a personal tragedy that altered the direction of his life.
Outstanding performances by Danny Glover and Bruce Greenwood ground this interesting introspective investigation into déjà vu., time, and personal loss.

Well directed by Jim Cliffe, we see Glover's character Donovan slowly emerge from the fog of alcoholism, fighting to solve a mystery surrounding haunting déjà vu experiences. The viewer is drawn through this well constructed story at a very comfortable pace, with a sprinkle of humour that makes this drama extremely entertaining.

Donovan's Echo is multi-layered yet suitable for family viewing. It is bound to stimulate some interesting discussion afterwards.

Special mention must also be made of the very strong performance by Natasha Calis who plays Maggie.

With elements of an art-house film, Donovan's Echo will be remembered as THE sleeper indie success of 2011.

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