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And I Thought M. Night Shyamalan Was Loosing His Touch.
When this film made it's first debut I was hesitant on seeing it because I thought M. Night Shyamalan had lost his touch a bit but right when I thought everything was over for M. Night being one of my favorite directors/producers I just up and decided to give him one more chance with "Split" and I'm so glad I did. This was classic M. Night all the way from the twists and the unpredictable story-line to the scares and the edge of your seat thrills. This is just a great horror/thriller played out as a far fetched psychological thriller. It's well written and the plot is laid out perfectly to the end and If you like older M. Night films you will definitely enjoy this one.

The Girl with All the Gifts

It's Different.
Since I'm a fan of good zombie films I was a little excited about seeing this one, although the infected in this film weren't really zombies. The apocalyptic feel that was delivered in this film was average but the story as a whole put a different twist to the zombie genre and that's one thing I really liked about this film but like most zombie films, this film did have some predictable parts in it like you pretty much knew who was going to die and who was going to be spared because of a connection between characters. Although this film is categorized as a horror it's not scary and it doesn't have to be and I don't think that's what the writers and the director of this film was trying to do. It shoes the compassion and soft side of a little girl and what kind of agenda could be inside of her at the same time. If you like zombie films I recommend this one.

Collateral Beauty

I'm Glad I didn't Listen To The Negative Reviews Too.
"Collateral Beauty" was really a great film. One that I'm glad I didn't listen to some of the bad reviews of. This film was written perfectly with enough drama and some romance even an action film fan would enjoy. As always, Will Smith was excellent in this film. Because of the phenomenal talent he has he plays these kinds of dramatic rolls perfectly. As I mentioned before, this film was written perfectly. The drama, the romance, and a plot twist, all which is done skillfully without going over the top. It will take you on a journey about life and what all can come with it and what you can learn through experiences in it, rather they are good or bad. See if for yourself.


Simple But It Could Have Been Way More Effective.
Although not bad, this film didn't reach my expectations like I thought it would. This film could have had so much more going for it. I love Indie films and I don't know if this film is considered an Indie but if it is it would have made a great one if more depth was put into it, if I'm saying that right. The fact that this film takes place in the hood, where homosexuality is very taboo, a great story was developed for this it. A young boy growing up in the hood into a teenager then a young man fights to hide his homosexuality from everyone and coupled with the struggles of living in a rough neighborhood causes turmoil in his already troubled life. With a story like that this film could have been simple and very effective but in my opinion it wasn't too effective but I don't want to stop anyone from seeing this film. Judge it for yourself.

The Magnificent Seven

It Wasn't That Bad.
I'm not a huge fan of Westerns but I've seen some great ones in the past like "Open Range" and "3:10 To Yuma". "The Magnificent Seven" wasn't really up to the standard of these but it wasn't that bad. Since I'm really not a big fan of Westerns or the fact that I have never seen the original "The Magnificent Seven" to compare this one to, that probably wouldn't make me a great candidate to rate this film. I'm just going off of the acting and the action that was portrayed in this film. After "Training Day" Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke came together again to put their talents on display for this film. Denzel Washington did a "magnificent" job, as usual, in playing the part of Chisolm. This film did pack enough action to make it a decent Western, at least in my view but like I said, it's not up to the standards of some other Westerns I've seen but it's not that bad.


The Acting Alone Is What Made This Film What It Is.
I would give this film a good 7.5 out of 10 stars. I read some mixed reviews about this film and I'm on the side that says it's good, a bit long for what it was trying to deliver, but good. This film didn't need all of the thrills or heavy duty suspense to stay afloat. With brilliant and top notch actors like Denzel Washington and Viola Davis playing the leads their performances alone will make this film something worth seeing. Being that this film is from a stage play it's almost as if this were just a stage play done on a movie set, that's probably why it had so many bad reviews but I think the director (Denzel Washington) wanted it that way. This is purely a drama film delivered well by some of the most brilliant acting I have ever seen. I must admit, it does take a little while for the story to get good but it's well worth the wait. If you're into drama filled experiences with lots of symbolism and good acting I highly recommend this film.

The Girl on the Train

This Is A Great Who Done It.
I read some bad reviews about this film. I don't see what could be so bad about it. It wasn't as thrilling and suspenseful as "Gone Girl" but it worked. I'm quite sure the book is better but I really enjoyed this film. For those who didn't read the book, this is the type of film that has to be payed close attention too and where you can't miss anything, the type of films I like. To me it's a great who done it kind of film that will have the viewer thinking and wondering. Emily Blunt plays Rachel, a divorced woman who some how gets involved in a missing persons case. It sounds simple but it gets way deeper than that. Emily Blunt is perfect in this role. Her performance alone makes this film worth the watch. I recommend it.

The Departed

Another Great One From Martin Scorsese.
This is an all around great film. It has the perfect cast, the perfect plot, the right amount of twists and action and it's perfectly written. An under cover cop and a mole in the police department working for the Irish Mob ends up searching for one another in this craftily written film. This film was directed by none other than Martin Scorsese, who brought us great films like "Goodfellas", "Casino", "The Wolf of Wall Street", and "Shutter Island". As I said before, this film has a great cast with Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Anderson, and Martin Sheen, but to me the star of this film is obviously Jack Nicholson. He brought his characteristic touch to this film which made it even more better. You can't go wrong with this one.

Hacksaw Ridge

A Rated R Movie That's Very Inspirational.
"Hacksaw Ridge" is a very inspirational and gripping war film directed by Mel Gibson. It shows what strong faith and staying true to what you believe can do. Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) is is a WWII Army Medic who serves in the Battle of Okinawa but refuses to carry a weapon because of his faith. He faces many challenges because of his faith even before he hits the battlefield. This makes for very interesting story. Along with a great story-line, this film is filled with action, drama, and a great cast. With Vince Vaughn playing the role of Sgt. Howell, Hugo Weaving playing the part of Tom Doss, and Andrew Garfield playing the part of Desmond Doss, the cast was just about perfect. In the end, this film is very inspirational and I encourage anyone to see it but if you like good war films, especially historical ones, I highly recommend this one.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

I Wish It Could Go Back To The Original.
I'm going to keep this simple and plain, "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" was not as good as the first "Jack Reacher". It wasn't too too bad, it just wasn't up to par with the first "Jack Reacher". The first "Jack Reacher" was way more complex and way more suspenseful than this sequel. "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" really didn't even have the same feel as the original. Watching this film I could tell that the same director and writers from the first "Jack Reacher" film had nothing to do with this sequel. It was almost a totally different film, except for the fact that Tom Cruise starred in it. As far as the action, that was really the only good thing about this film. It just needed a better written script to make it complete. I think it could have been better.

Blair Witch

Leave Well Enough Alone!
This installment of "The Blair Witch Project" franchise is actually kind of a let down. All it really did was rip off from the original. To me, when the original "Blair Witch Project" film came out, it was kind of ground breaking and new because it set the stage for films of its kind. The original "Blair Witch Project" was absolutely scary. I couldn't even look at a forest, let alone take a walk in one without thinking about "The Blair Witch Project". Even one of my friends said that he had to sleep with the lights on after watching "The Blair Witch Project". This film, on the other hand, is nothing like that. I mean it wasn't scary at all and the parts that were meant to make the viewer jump or scream didn't. "The Blair Witch Project" is like "Paranormal Activity", leave well enough alone. The original doesn't need sequels, unless the directors and writers know what they are doing. With that being said, there was one good little twist in the beginning and end of this film when James (James Allen McCune) was watching the found footage from his sister, other than that this film is a let down. If you're expecting it to be like the original don't hold your breath.

The Accountant

Ben Affleck Stars In Some Pretty Good Films!
Ben Affleck stars in some pretty good films and "The Accountant" was no exception. "The "Accountant" was actually everything I expected it to be and with the little plot twist, a little more. This film was brilliantly written which gave it a great story-line and plot that easily kept the viewer interested without going over board with everything. The acting in this film was great. With Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, and Anna Kendrick making up some of the cast of this film, it called for some pretty good acting. In a film like this one action, along with a good story-line, is pretty much what drives the film and "The Accountant" had a decent amount of it, not as much as I hoped it would have but just enough to make me happy. If you're into crime dramas I would definitely recommend this one.

Suicide Squad

I Was In A Viola Davis Mood.
Yes, this film was over hyped and blown up to be something it wasn't. DC could have done a way better job with this film. I hope this isn't a sign of some sort of how DC is going to compete with Marvel because if it is Marvel is already victorious. I'm not a comic book fan but I'm fond of some of the films that are made from them. So far "Suicide Squad" is the third installment of the DC Extended Universe and so far I'm not really impressed or at least impressed as I was with some of the Marvel films when they came out. The one thing that really made me go out and see this film was Viola Davis' performance. I knew no matter how awful this film might be Viola Davis would stand out. As usual her performance was phenomenal! She's really the only reason I decided to see this film. Actually, this film was comprised of a great cast. Along with Viola Davis there was Jared Leto (The Joker), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) and Will Smith (Deadshot). Other than that this film is the wrong direction for DC.

Deepwater Horizon

I Never Worked On An Oil Rig But I Know How It Feels...
I never worked on an oil rig but I know how it feels to have the upper management trying to tell you how to do your job when you're doing it every day and you know what's best. In a nut shell, I think this is what this film is about. This is an intense film that allows you to know and feel what went on during this catastrophic event. The action and the drama that's conveyed in this film is gripping and Kurt Russell and John Malkovich definitely brought the drama. This situation was an ecological disaster and in one part of the film where and oil drenched pelican crash lands on the disabled rig illustrates the capacity of how terrible this whole thing was. This film definitely brings this true story to life.


Another One For Tom Hanks!
Tom Hanks is great in this biopic of Chesley Sullenberger, the hero pilot who landed his jet in the Hudson River after it was damaged, saving the lives of every passenger and crew aboard. This is a great piece of work directed by Clint Eastwood illustrating that the one doing the actual job sometimes knows what's best. This is probably one of the best films of the year with a screen play that is magnificent and the cast couldn't have been better. I knew this was going to be a good film before going into it because of the talent of Tom Hanks and I knew this film was going to be kept simple without any extra irrelevant Hollywood fillers added to it. "Sully" is definitely worth the watch.

The Purge: Election Year

It's Just A Movie, Folks.
I've read some of the reviews of this film on this site and others and I have to tell you, I have never seen an action film become such a political debate with so much whining! It seems like all I read was Hillary Clinton this and Hillary Clinton that and that this film is liberal propaganda and that white conservatives are the enemy while minorities or "brown people", as one reviewer put it, are the heroes, I mean all the whining got so annoying! I mean it's not that serious, it's just a freaking movie, but if they want to get into some political discussion on it, O.K. Since the beginning of cinema Blacks, Native Americans and other groups have been made the enemy or negatively type-cast or stereotyped in films but when some of these reviewers think that the white man is being portrayed as the enemy they want to whine and complain about it. All I can tell them is welcome to the club, now they know how it feels but like I said before, it's just a freaking movie, then on top of that, the heroes of this film were men, women, white, black, and Hispanic all working together, not to mention some of the bad guys in this film were black females! Again, it's just a freaking movie! I can see if this same formula was constantly being put out in films all of the time and then something is said about it but it's not put out like that all of the time. I mean, can't we all just get along and enjoy an action film?

Anyway, "The Purge: Election Year" is an O.K. action film. It's not as good as the original but about as good as the second installment. The first Purge film was a great idea that had a pretty good story-line and plot but by the time "The Purge: Anarchy" and "The Purge: Election Year" came around the idea became a bit redundant. What I did like about this film is the fact that characters from the first two installments of the franchise appeared in this film. For being so far-fetched, that gave this film some sense of stability and reality. If you really enjoyed the first Purge this one, like the second, might let you down just a little but it's nothing you'll regret after seeing it.

Jason Bourne

Not As Good As The Others But It Worked.
I loved the "Bourne Identity", "The Bourne Supremacy", and "The Bourne Ultimatum", I even liked the side story, "The Bourne Legacy", with Jeremy Renner. This Bourne film worked but it wasn't as good as the others. The story-line and plot was good but I think this film should have had more action scenes and more intense chase scenes to compliment the story-line and plot. There was a little too much camera shaking and zooming in and out in the few action scenes this film had to make the action look more intense than what it really was. What really kept this film afloat was the character of Jason Bourne. As usual he could not be contained and he out smarted anyone who tried to take him in, rather they looked like a friend or not.

Star Trek Beyond

I Liked It.
I'm not a Trekkie or a Trekker, which ever one is the correct term, so my review of this film might not be something for a true "Star Trek" fan to go off of, but I do like these latest installments of these "Star Trek" films. This film was action packed and it had me interested the entire time I was watching it. Of course all of the actors in this film did a wonderful job playing their parts, now I do have to admit, this film wasn't written as good as the two before it and all though I'm not a Trekkie or a Trekker I do know "Star Trek" is more than just a bunch of action scenes and explosions. That's probably why I saw so many bad reviews about this film but I still liked it. If you're a real "Star Trek" fan I can't tell if you would enjoy this film or not, all I can tell you is that I liked it.

No Escape

It Was O.K. I'm Not Complaining.
"No Escape" wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be but I did enjoy it a little. It was kind of suspenseful and a little action packed. Owen Wilson did put on an excellent performance and the acting from the rest of the cast was convincing. Pierce Brosnan playing the part of Hammond was great too. I think his character gave this film the extra little push it needed. My wife and I found ourselves yelling at the screen a few times because of Sterling Jerins' character Lucy Dwyer, the oldest daughter of Owen Wilson's character. Her hard headedness did put a little more suspense in this film too. If you want something to sit back and just watch, this will do just fine.


I Love A Nice Pair Of Js But Damn!
I do love a nice pair of Jordan basketball shoes but it's not that serious! After all they're just sneakers. As a kid growing up in the late 80s and 90s I remember hearing stories of people getting jacked or killed for a pair of nice basketball shoes. I was surprised to hear recently that this type of stuff still goes on today. That's basically what this film is about. A 15 year old named Brandon would give anything to get his hands on a brand new pair of retro Air Jordan 1s and when he finally gets a pair they are stolen by a hardened thug in his hood and he goes on a ghetto adventure with two of his friends to try and get the shoes back, a nice little story with some nice little twists and turns. This film isn't the best indie film out there but it is a nice one just to kick back and enjoy. I did like the acting coming from Kofi Siriboe, who played Flaco and Mahershala Ali from "The Hunger Games". I think these two gave the film what it needed to give it that extra boost into making it a decent film because these two are some talented actors. With that being said, I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good indie film now and then.


I Know What I Just Saw But What Did I Just See?
There's nothing like a good scientific film that requires a lot of thinking and a lot of basic scientific knowledge. That was a couple of the good things about this film. Another good thing about this film was the acting. Other than that I thought this film was just… there. I mean it wasn't good or bad. It was just there. Like I said, what was required to understand this film and the acting was all I was able to enjoy about it. I thought this film was going to have the action and suspense of "Contact", which was actually good, but it didn't. The story is actually a good one because it wasn't your average extraterrestrial or alien film. As far as the acting goes you couldn't have asked for a better cast to do the job. Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams were exceptional! I just wish there talents could have been displayed in a better film. Other than that there's nothing I really can say about this film. To me it wasn't bad or good. If you're a language teacher or teach translation you might get a kick out of this film.

Rogue One

Met My Expectations And More!
Again, I'm not showing favoritism because I'm a huge "Star Wars" fan. This is my honest and unbiased review and feelings of this side story of the "Star Wars" franchise. This film was awesome! It starts off a couple of weeks before Episode IV and leads up to the opening scene of it. It's so perfect and the ending of this film had chills going through my body! Along with Episode III, this prequel more than made up for my dissatisfaction of Episode l and Episode ll. Even if you're not really a "Star Wars" fan you will enjoy this film. My father-in-law knows nothing about "Star Wars" and he saw it and he even enjoyed it. He was all in to this film. Gareth Edwards did a magnificent job in keeping this film close to the original trilogy and bringing that feeling of the original "Star Wars" trilogy back to the big screen.

Felicity Jones, playing the part of Jyn Erso, and Forest Whitaker, playing the part of Saw Gerrera, brought a wonderful addition to the "Star Wars" franchise. As a fan of his work I just wish I could have seen more of Forest Whitaker in this film. It would have been nice if he had a larger role. "Rogue One" was action packed and it had enough drama to balance it all out and the special effects were breath taking. Of course the story-line and plot were simple and direct but hugely effective because it simply had to sum up the beginning of Episode IV. At first I didn't know how the idea of having a side "Star Wars" story being plugged into the main story- line would be but the way George Lucas and Gareth Edwards laid it out, it was pure genius! I even had to give applause at the end of this film.

I knew this film was going to be something great even before I pre bought my ticket. I didn't even have to look on this website to see what kind of ratings it got and I didn't even want to. I bought my ticket early on a Friday for a Tuesday the 27th night showing not knowing the fate of Carrie Fisher, low and behold she died the day I was set to see "Rogue One" so when I saw the end of the last scene of this film chills ran through my body. "Rogue One" is a definite must see and this film isn't over hyped, it's as good as everyone says it is. I highly recommend seeing this film rather you're a fan or not.

Mechanic: Resurrection

The Mechanic Should Never Have Been Resurrected!
I don't know what to say about Jason Stathom. He's still one of my favorite actors but some of the films he's been playing in really weren't my type of hype, this one especially. This sequel to the original film "Mechanic", which was actually pretty good, shouldn't have ever been a resurrection. Where should I start?! The story- line was too simple, the plot was too weak and there should have been more riveting action scenes to keep the viewer interested. If this film was written and directed by someone else with action movie expertise this probably would have been a more decent film. The acting alone was O.K. Like I said previously, Jason Stathom is one of my favorite actors but he could have done better than this and I'm surprised that Tommy Lee Jones would have even looked at this script! The type of actor Tommy Lee Jones is I wouldn't have imagined in a million years that he would star in something like this and as for Jessica Alba, I do enjoy seeing her in films but when the film is only worth watching just because Jessica Alba is in it I wouldn't recommend it except for that reason. If you're a Jason Stathom fan this particular Jason Stathom film will probably let you down like it did me.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

These Characters Are Troubled!
"Diary of a Teenage Girl" is a disturbing story of a 15 year old girl who starts an affair with her mother's boyfriend. From reading another review I learned that this film is from a book by the author Phoebe Gloeckner. I don't think I'm going to read the book anytime soon but from how this film is I can tell that it must be a very good book. This film has a great story-line and in it are some disturbed characters. Minnie, played by Bel Powel, is the teenage girl who loses her virginity to her mother's boyfriend. From this event she mistakenly thinks she's grown and that starts a pattern of destructive events in her life. Monroe, who is played by Alexander Stargard, is the sicko who takes advantage of Minnie (Bel Powel). He continues the sick affair behind his girlfriend's back (Charlotte), who is played by Kristen Wiig, who has her own problems she's dealing with. One thing I didn't like about this film was the animated sequences that were incorporated into the film. I think it could have done without that but I guess it was good to display the main characters thoughts in that way. Over all, it's a nice film and I would recommend it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This Wasn't Bad But It Really Could Have Been Better.
It seems as if DC's "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" was just quickly thrown together to try and catch up with Marvel comics and its "Avengers" franchise, in my opinion. Although it seems as if it were quickly thrown together it wasn't too sloppy. It was done just good enough to get the ball rolling for DC to start their franchise but when you're dealing with "Iron Man 1", "Iron Man 2", and "Captain America: Civil War" being just good enough isn't good enough. There were a few good action scenes but most of this film seemed like a lot of dialog. I expected to see tons of action and suspense in the film. Maybe that's how the writers planned it to set the viewers up for what's to come. I don't know. One thing that puzzled me about this film was Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg). I though Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg) would be older than what his character portrayed in this film. I'm used to seeing the more mature "gentleman", which Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey played so well! I'm not complaining about the performance of Jesse Eisenberg, I think he did a good job it's just that I expected someone older and more sinister. I'm not a fan of comic books but I do enjoy some of the films made from them so I probably won't be the best judge of this film but compared to other films I've seen that were made from comic books, this one isn't the best. It really could have been better.

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