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Marco Polo

Good story and acted out with passion this movie has entertainment value worthy of a decent snack and a tasty drink to maximize the experience. Has binge temptation dynamics and each episode takes us for a nice ride into the world of history, the Mongols and of course Marco Polo who had the adventure of his life. My only criticism is the excessive explicit no holds barred sex scenes that leave nothing to the imagination and instead cover every natural or un-natural desire in regards to the subject. After a while, the sex scenes held little meaning and proved distracting at least to this viewer. Nothing a little fast-forwarding or patience couldn't handle LOL. Horses, costumes, weaponry, foods, tents, and kudos for the dialog which help capture the period of time. Writers of the series really cared and good story telling is the very heart of intimacy when shared in the entertainment fields. Try to do 1 or 2 episodes and chew the stories instead of swallowing them whole. Sip...don't gulp! BTW...some nice martial arts here. When it comes to one on one or small group encounters...martial artists were feared and revered. They just clean house! Enjoy....

Godzilla vs. Kong

Who rules? Well each animal in its habitat au natural rules by virtue of the survival of the fittest. Kong rose to taking over an entire island and ruled earning the name "KING" Kong in the process. Godzilla rules wherever he swims to or lands. These two territorial monsters have what it takes to rule, conquer and prevail. To say that one is mightier than the other is not a fair scenario. In this movie, we are treated to various combats and scenarios allowing us to admire both Kong and Godzilla respectfully. It gets interesting as we visit with unexplored worlds, new concepts and the movie ends with one knowing that those monsters that rule must continue to do so until they cannot. We also realize that these monsters have distinct enemies and enemies they encounter along the way. In monster verse, this movie is very real and we get invited into this world in awe thanks to nice scenes, lots of roaring and new territory to ponder. One thing that disturbs the fantasy and immersion aspect for the viewer is the use of the words 'oh my god", Jesus Christ and various mixes of it. Why is this intrusive? GOD is the ultimate super power and CREATOR and shouldn't be mentioned so freely in these movies because it destroys the illusion and takes away from the grandiose of being in and of this land of monsters and their adventures. I mean GOD literally rules...right? How about leaving GOD out of this and give us more to ponder, consider, wow and wonder which this movie touches upon. Wide open for sequels, ongoing stories and of course entertainment that invites snacks, tasty drinks and good distraction from our daily do this and that routines. If you love Kong and Godzilla, this is a must watch. Sadly however, it is not a must watch again unless what follows this refers back to certain scenes? I enjoyed popcorn, oyster crackers minor finger-nail activity all good. Enjoy my fellow monster lovers! He who roars the loudest rules.....LOL.

Escape from Pretoria

I like movies that pull you in and won't let go. It gets even better when you defy they can do it and when they do, they got you good! This is that movie. Add that it is a true story and we are introduced to the age old cliche "what one man can do, another can do" and it it is demonstrated aptly. There are some tense scenes and what causes it to make you squirm, clench teeth, bite nails or hold breath is because of the two mainstays found in good filmmaking and human nature. 1. The people in the story risked heavy to be able to attempt the escape. Failure would triple and cripple them adding more hell to a already hellish environment. 2. Here is where you ask yourself: what would you have done? This movie demonstrates both points quite well and makes you wonder would you or wouldn't you more than once. Good stories with on point directing do this and of course these actors gave you all their real sweat. Adding it all up, you got a nice, entertaining movie on your hands and one more thing too. Take a moment to give these boys who did this some respect. They earned it and a place in the history of men who have learned and lived the following; if one doesn't take a risk there would be no gain thus no growth. To live or exist? Now you choose this day your path, don't hesitate or look back and carpe diem!

The Mole People

What makes this movie outstanding is its premise which is set-up very nicely with an introduction and then furthered when the movie starts. The movie uses a sure fire, ages old tactic i.e. good storytelling and then adds Hollywood to it. It also reaches into mankind's history and even back into the days of Noah and the flood invoking deep thought, wonder and what ifs! It sort of reminded me at times of the the original movie Journey to the Center of the Earth with Atlantis the Lost Continent thrown in. What drives the movie is our own imaginations and then the plot, acting, directing etc. I believed the ending was ripe for a sequel and still do. In fact they should remake the entire storyline into a trilogy. Wake-up Hollywood and get to work instead of the garbage you pedal for a fast buck. Give us quality like Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, Original Star Wars and we in return will give you our money and buy the DVD's. Fail that and we will just enjoy good ole fashioned 1050's sci-fi which was truly groundbreaking and had a good run. Good snack movie, tasty drink and include a lazy day too. Enjoy John Agar and Huge Beaumont the actors who gave it all to convince us that Mole People exist and then some


Excellent survival flick complete with chills, food and shelter issues. Ever been stranded? Its all about you and what you do or don't do and this movie brings the point home. It shines in one of my favorite categories i.e. what would you do in this situation? The movies that compel this question are the most entertaining. We are not let down in this movie. You are faced also to call upon your own skills bank and explore what it can or cannot do and even beyond that! We take food, shelter, clothing and drink for granted but when one is cut-off from their comfort sources, you awaken to another perspective. In this movie this wake-up call can be fatal through no fault of your own. How? The circumstances may exceed your problem/solution opportunities leaving you to face reality consisting of shock followed by eventual and unavoidable death. That is what elite military personnel train for using all known and unknown scenarios to best prepare them for whatever takes place. However the ultimate test and the final say is up to your reality and situation. Astronauts train the same way. Special mention to Mads the actor as this guy never fails to bring optimum entertainment in everything he does. Kudos to him and his agent. Enjoy with a tasty snack, drink and some finger foods and have a blanket nearby for chills for this movie is as cold as they come....

Leave No Trace

Camping out while intriguing is not for everyone even though it appeals to everyone whether they admit it or not. You see it is deep within the DNA and when you camp you get in touch with it. The five senses come alive as intended. We are introduced to living outdoors and I must say that it has its pros & cons. Staying warm, dry and getting a steady meal is presented as well as recognizing what is and is not important on a day to day basis. Makes you wonder about these billionaires and how empty their lives are. Michael Jackson couldn't even enjoy his Neverland ranch nor could Elvis Presley his, Randolph Hurst, or untold many who owned not one but several pieces of land, homes, cars, clothes and all the rest but NO REST for them. This movie doesn't make this point but it stands out for consideration. Even supporting characters live in RV's, have camp-fires and good appetites for healthy or normal food (not 5 star dining). Life remains simple and less is more. Worthy to consider in this "rat race" world. The bond between Dad and Daughter is lovingly and purely explored and stands as presented. Of course one can argue that Nature is the star of the show with its weather cycles, fresh water, air and no stress quality just the cycle of life doing what it is instructed to do until otherwise. We are also introduced to what it is like to have to live with the thought of having survived combat and life or death dynamics. The trauma from living through a hellish dynamic while subjective is damaging to each one differently but damaging none the less. We all know war is not normal but necessary if man is to survive. Until we all agree to agree to NO violence, one must defend themselves against the unknown. Take note of the agency that tries to help the fallen, hurting or hopeless but see the futility of it if one does not accept or go along. Watch this film if for no other reason than to relax slow-down and literally smell the roses...then ponder

Bajo la piel de lobo

Real raw true to life living off the land and doing quite well too. The main character is a jack of all trades who is by nature a mountain man and does an excellent job of blending right into the surroundings and the flow of nature. For those of you who like to eat while watching, there are scenes of this guy chowing down with gusto several times. No wonder too. The guy works like a dog in the cold all day long and is lean, strong and resourceful expending energy making him have to replenish it often. Spare ribs, chunks of meat, fresh bread, milk and enjoy the wooden bowls and spoons. Notice how this guy likes to have a full mouth of food while eating. Small bite and chews don't cut-it! The choice to get a dog or a woman is presented and he gives good argument pro and con for both finally choosing. Enjoy the beautiful scenes of outdoors, hills, snow, rain and forest with natural springs that quench the thirst being pure filtered by the rocks resulting in the freshest, tastiest water. I asked myself if I could live this type of life and got this answer: I want to, I like it and in my younger years would have given it a go. Today, I got to watch this guy instead. There isn't much dialogue-speech but there is quite a lot going on by virtue of living life. There is a saying: Eat life or it eats you. The movie proves this point on a ten scale plus. The viewer has to add their take on what is going on, why, how and how the movie ends which is enjoyable. Make sure you have a blanket handy too because it gets mighty cold in those mountains at night!

Sulla mia pelle

There are movies that come along that just take your gut and twist & turn it like you would wringing-out soaked laundry of water. This be one of those movies. Have been in the courts for years and have done jail counseling and I must say that the indifference, callous and cold-hearted people are made in this environment both for the inside, outside people and passing through people. Inmates go cold to numb on the various pains and fears and from a lack of hope while the people who work in the system go cold to offset the obvious suffering and degradation of their fellow man not to mention the compulsion to judge and condemn. Denial for all involved is not uncommon. I have seen hard judges and prosecutors go about handling a mans life like it was garbage but they themselves suffer from making that choice. In prison or jail, survival is literal and no one can count on anything until it manifests itself. Where or when who knows? Of course people who break the law, commit crimes and harm others must be detained and held accountable but the whole process remains unpleasant but necessary. What a mess. Here we see the police in another culture work their ways which are brutal and one-sided and they do have the gold and rule with it. Not uncommon to see this in many cultures and all facets of police work where there is a lack of passion or understanding. Mind you, if police or people in the system let their guards down, they will be preyed upon, manipulated and harmed thus a high state of mistrust runs rampant throughout criminal justice systems, prisons, jails and other related systems. the movie hits hard using anguish and add to that parents and siblings suffer along too. The systems we are faced with that one must navigate through remain complex and out of reach yet easy and doable making one crazy-mad and this movie delivers that example. On a positive note, this is where God does some of his best work. Those that are called to this do well and much good. Those that want the money remain alone. The ending? Let me just say its raw real....

Gunned Down

This is what we love i.e. heist movies with elite teams, lots of money and the old favorite lead-up with "will they get away with it? How much did they get? Shoot-outs? Ammo? Getaway cars? Police pursuit, betrayal and finally how does it end? We are talking about money to last a good life time too. Smooth action delivered by the lead actor with good supporting cast makes this a nice, tense, well-spent use of your time. Now to reality. A crooks life is phony from start to finish and in between. Why? They try to live like normal people with their ill-gotten gains but that is impossible to do? Why? They triggered the Universal law of "you reap what you sow" which is non-negotiable. Another violation of the Universal law is is "whatever you get into gets into you" thus making us responsible for our actions earning our judgment. The end result is a conscience that is never at rest, appetites that cannot be quenched and one huge never-ending unrest. The only remedy is repentance which means "change" in the Greek. Even so, it is a misspent life. We all want the money but another Universal law kicks in i.e. "it is not what you have but how you have come to have it" catches up with you. Temptation says to go for it! I say pass on it and have peace. Enjoy this with a sandwich and snack and of course a tasty drink.

Brooklyn's Finest

Only the people from Brooklyn, who use the police stations, schools, freeways and streets can tell the real story. Even Hollywood has to tread lightly and hit these streets to bring in a realistic movie. Respect is given here. Upping the value in this movie is the star power plus Fuqua who is quickly making his mark as a prime director of movies. Gritty, fast-paced and multi-dimensional, this movie can take you on a tour of the underworld without the viewer doubting what they see but instead becoming immersed. Please enjoy some sunflower seeds or snack to keep the tension under control and fingers away from mouths. Add a tasty drink...enjoy

Desperate Hours

This is an interesting film and why it didn't hit the heights is worth exploring. It had all the right stars and supporting cast, a good director and most of all a story that was already done in the form of a successful movie back in the 50's so what could go wrong? Everything and shame on those responsible probably the producers or someone with power but no common sense. Start this movie anywhere and the story presented assaults against the common sense. How do you know? Well, you ask yourself the famous question: What would you have done in that scenario the actors were portraying and there you have it. So sad because the only way this would fail is deliberately and it did. Want to know more? See the original which is worth to even own for ones movie library and be entertained for a pleasant evening plus watch it again sometime down the line. When people in any business do things just for the return on investment it becomes riskier while those that put heart and love of what they are doing in the project have a chance to join the greats in their contribution. We have seen less efforts with the new Star Wars and remakes like Papillion and the Magnificent Seven. Include Rambo's last movie too. So sad. You reach the point where you have clout, money connections and put out less than stellar work? Says a lot about you doesn't it? Watch this to visit with the star actors, eat a sandwich, snack and have a tasty drink and that's it! Don't worry, you wont be back and the people who did this version movie don't want you back either...


Excellent journey into another time and place and all the intrigue that goes with it. A story within a story is presented with a subplot and it slowly goes from a touch to a grasp and then you are pulled into the plot. By now, you have chosen a side but which one? The emotions are fed and I found it fascinating that the movie unfolds in the rain making one wonder about this. If I get wet, it is a negative as being soaked slows me down, promotes the chills, makes for friction and actually works against me over time. Here, it has the opposite effect. THINK: Navy Seal! The premise is logical. If you can operate and maneuver in the rain and even navigate through it and then rise above it then you essentially have mastered turning lemons into lemonade. Fighting was believable, direction clear and don't be fooled by a slow start. Very rewarding when it shifts into second and then zooms the rest of the way. Nice to see movie craft done by other cultures other than Hollywood. The ending is one of my favorites types too. It allows you to choose or speculate what happens making it the viewers choice. Viewers...choose your weapons and sides....


It delivers the intensity one wants when tuning into an assassin picture especially when the killer is motivated to kill until they are satisfied. Whether that satisfaction takes place will be up to the viewer. Definitely worth a watch, a snack and a tasty drink or you will bite your nails guaranteed. It is well known that whatever trauma takes place in our childhoods if not resolved will visit with us time and gain until it is righted and put to rest. This movie makes that point. Fight scenes keep it real too. By that I mean that one punch doesn't do it and real people fight back of which the movie makes the point. Also, there is no substitute for training and experience in any field of endeavor and as in 007 movies the more you stay alive the more you learn as you live life on the edge. The main actor gives us her monies worth and supporting cast does their thing. This can stand a sequel too. I was watching ANNA where another "chick" has a go at being a pro-killer and it was not believable but this movie made sure it was possible. As with Jason Bourne flicks, Hitman and others, pros always have a plan B and C. This lady is a pro and enjoy her while she works it....

Aoki Ôkami: chi hate umi tsukiru made

Its an epic well told story of a time and a place that in general we know what happened but in the details we lack. That is why it is allowed to take liberties with the in-betweens and if well done the end result is we were entertained which is the primary result. The movie captures the tough times, never ending war, cold, defeats and conquests of the people who lived on these harsh plains and survived. There is temptation to criticize but don't give in to it instead, get yourself a snack, a tasty drink or even a sandwich and relax for this long movie. Interesting to note the horses which are bred for this part of the world as is the animals and of course the clothing along with what must have been a rough life. However those tents seem to keep it all outside and help those that lived back then get their rest to begin anew. Simple life with pleasures. Enjoy

Démanty noci

Often you find gems in the foreign film world that start just like this one so I am all in when I come across these types of films. In addition, Jewish persecution during the Hitler days, their camps and stories are endless, heartbreaking and make one pause and take note to put it mildly. Now to the film. It starts out well enough but mature and seasoned viewers notice that it dwells too long on scenes including well after the point made. That tells me they don't have a story. We remind ourselves that it is a movie made by another culture so we give the benefit of the doubt and watch on. It wanted to pay-off but never made the connection. Perhaps this viewer expected a more conventional story along the theme lines? One can relate to starvation, despair, injustice and so on but this movie cut a new path for its viewers but left me behind. When I watch a movie, I want to be led, directed, even drawn-in and a good script-story plus director can carry this off. I found myself having to do more work and less viewing to make sense of the story portrayed. The main actors never looked into those hand-held cameras which is quite a feat considering they were all over the place. There was a compelling part involving some old men existing rather than living making the point that poets ask us to consider. Is it worth a watch? Yes because it may be your cup of tea presented in such a way that it invokes deep thought, questions or sympathies. Not for me but thank you


The world of a hitman or in this case a hit lady consists of one thing i.e. to kill or be killed. We all know it is a matter of time before someone "retires" you but until then they do the retiring. Funny too because all killers do it for money? How much is enough in this high stakes game? Welcome to AVA who worked her way up into professional murder but I have to say for sheer facts she had too much help from Hollywood a bit. Even in the James Bond early movies, he gets caught and in later Bonds, he almost gets killed but you have to do it plausibly or you cheese it up and it becomes corny too. Here we have a sampling of pushing the limit on this genre. Look, hand to hand combat requires strength, agility and working out constantly or you lose the edge. Think: Navy Seals. They don't do what they do part time but all the time. When they do it, its deadly. Ava means well but her moves are too choregraphed for my tastes. C'mon, fighting 10 guys and winning? Training is one thing and luck another but when you longshot odds and become a type of terminator that cannot be stopped well the viewer starts rooting for the bad guys. This picture comes across as fast money to be made and in return the viewer gets some decent fight scenes and some tension however the viewer is asked to suspend belief too many times. I like Jessica Chastain, Colin and the action but keep it real if you want to keep me interested. You would think that star actors that have connections, experience, money and power would deliver Grade A product. For example, Sly Stallone's last Rambo product was a sell-out and one would wonder why? Maybe they all make these type of un-belief stretch movies for tax write-offs? Favors to friends? Something to do? Worth a watch but don't high-hope it. Just enjoy it for snack, drink and distraction. You'll do fine

The Color of Money

A good movie-making team formed here to bring us quality entertainment, acted out very well accompanied by excellent directing and story telling. We have to first thank the movie "The Hustler" staring Newman and Gleason plus others for setting this movie up way back when even though neither are dependent on each other but sure make a couple of sweet "must have" book-ends. Pool is an interesting game as anyone can knock balls around with a stick. Where it gets dicey is where the balls refuse to cooperate making the player the one that makes the difference. In this movie, we visit with people who have the skill-set to play pool and for big money too. I have played and lost as well as played and won but that all credit goes to luck in my case noting that the skill eludes me. This movie makes the point that even the best "shooters" miss but somehow they seem to learn from the loss while other players do the best they can. The movie also introduces us to another way to play the game as well. Tom Cruise is perfect for his role as is Paul Newman. Great snack and tasty drink movie so get them ready. Cruise does a baby ruth bar at some point. Join him


Most excellent portrayal of the film noir genre with Edmond Obrien leading the way. Noir mirrors real life but with a twist, drama and punch in the gut or heart depending on the subject matter and theme of the movie. Its about as close to home one can get to real life or what we think is real. Good story that has a ho-hum start similar to casting a fishing line into the water until you get a bite. Then, the action and point takes off and this movie walks us through all that setting the hook quite well. Nice love interest with the young lady saying just about every relevant word and conveying all the emotion one has when they love another making the viewer (if a man) say this ain't so bad or can it get better than this? Nicely done the way in ups the stakes in the flow of the flick. Another greatness is the live shots of the streets, stores, cars and backgrounds for that time and place. I always find them interesting and valuable as we get a glimpse of what "real" life was like for those in the picture back then. The plot is one of the best I have seen too. The story remains unique and sort of a puzzle making you join the main character with interest as he tracks down his much-needed answers in the limited time he has. Some bad guys along with some dubious players and bad actors and we have some nice movie viewing. This movie was remade but look no further for maximum enjoyment but to the original. Have snack ready or some scenes will have your fingers making their way toward your mouth for nail-biting. Popcorn will solve that along with some candy and decent drink. D.O.A. or dead on arrival is the name of the movie but for you J.G.S. or just getting started is more appropriate. Enjoy fans!

All That Money Can Buy

The movie is a ten in presentation and serving also as a lesson in life for mankind. It correctly depicts the highs and lows of life's journey and then demonstrates a short-cut solution around the natural flow of remedy namely to call on dark forces. Today, that can consist of: lying, cheating, stealing, manipulation and acts of aggression. Called temptation in the earthly realms, it remains most effective in bringing mankind that is made in the image of GOD to their knees and even lower. We also get the lesson here on how to not summon evil and how good can triumph over evil even if you succumb which we all do and have done. Having a savior or redeemer of and for your soul is no myth but a necessary if one is to have abundant life and not just exist here and in the times to come. Also acted extremely well in this movie is the process of repentance which means to change in the Greek and how effective it is in resolving any mess one can get into allowing them to get-out and start afresh. Acting is top notch, scenes are effective and music is haunting no pun intended. Most eloquent life and death speech given at a crucial time with the stakes being the souls of men thus driving home the point of the movies core. This is a must see, must-own for the collector and passes the true test of a great movie to wit: You want to watch it over and over because it has memorable scenes. posting title is driven home in a very compelling way in the end scenes but it is present all through-out the movie too. May it be done to you as you believe and may your beliefs hold. Make good use of your time here....

Broken Lance

They will explain what the title means in the movie so look forward to that. Furthermore, enjoy Spencer Tracey and a decent power-cast that ends up bringing us a slice of the old West raw and exciting with challenges until there were none. We also get to see East-thinking vs West thinking plus some courtroom drama that is not only real but exists to this day. This plot is similar to the the movie House of Strangers the only difference being this is out west while the other is city focused plus Edward G Robinson at his best with a good supporting cast as well. This is a classic and doesn't leave out the Indians, Cattle, Water rights or sibling rivalry and horses, whiskey and a girl or two. You also get a glimpse of a water truck that keeps the dust down which means the city is growing in the right direction. This was living life at its best for its simplicity and meaning. Also note that rarely do you see anyone over-wieght in Westerns because horse-back riding works out the whole body to the point that you are not only slim and muscular but have a decent appetite too. Saddle and ride toward this flick. Highly recommend snack and tasty drink

Triple Frontier

Who doesn't like caper movies, trained killer NAVY SEALS, drug dealer shoot-outs, daring escapes and lots and lots of money if you can keep it? This is that film. Good acting, directing and story plot and do not be in a hurry to judge this movie in the first few minutes of which it took for it to establish itself and set up the next two hours and all the characters that follow. Just relax and it will begin. It is fun to watch highly trained, excellent conditioned military types do their thing providing it is done with class. This movie has that. Interesting locations and of course the age old lesson to be learned about ill-gotten gains is nicely presented. Millions of dollars acts on you as would tens of millions but when hundreds of millions kick in, it starts to become like a drug that seduces you and holds onto you tightly. It did that do the guy they steal it from too and do not think you are an exception either. There is a Universal law that states: whatever you get into, gets into you and that is non-negotiable. As you gain so does the dark forces as well each one taking a turn for the risk. Humans just don't handle greed too well. It can be a life and death game. Another premise which is the ability to have all you want is another non-negotiable law too. Overcoming considerations and never leaving the "land of plenty" puts one in a sedative state of mind making them dull and out of balance with their rightful portion. What then? Well if you have to lie, cheat, steal or kill to gain then it is not for you. Seek the balance and life makes sense. Yet man will continue to argue this point unsuccessfully I might add. Enjoy Ben Affleck who fills the screen with meaning with a devoted supporting cast of pros. Entertainment at its finest oh and one more thing. Have a decent snack or two ready with a tasty drink so you don't nail bite for some scenes and of course for movie enjoyment too. This is sequel food here. Lets see what happens during these trying times


We have seen so many movies of warfare that are historical, entertaining and made-up for our amusement or purposes. War does bring out all the emotions using thirst, hunger, fear, sleeplessness, courage, stench, horror, visuals and ear-busting sounds to make the point war is hell. This movie takes us there quite well. Objectively speaking, when you are out in the middle of nothing and you meet the enemy out there too, it dawns on everyone how senseless this all is yet they will try to kill each other. In this movie, we have bodies on both sides out in the middle of nowhere and we don't know who killed who, how and when only that they are now dead! I enjoyed visiting the era of 1917 and found the dress, weapons, and countryside well done in portraying that time. The movie leans on dialogue which if you let it captures you into the moment the actors are in. We often think being silent when in enemy territory is the way to go and it is most of the times but these buys were out in tin-buck-tu thus we are invited in on their talking points. Steady action, some tenseness, moving scenes and an array of thoughts of feelings will have you feeling like you just fought a war or it fought you. During our World War 2 efforts, many signed up for duty after Pearl Harbor wanting payback. Easier said than done. It is interesting to note that the Japanese were better trained as were the Germans and it was our Leadership that was on a learning curve using green recruits on foreign soil to figure things out at the cost of millions of lives. We won but at what cost? Hopefully we learn the right lessons. By that I mean now we employ cruise missiles, technology and massive machinery to deliver the blow. Anew more modern way to win a war? Snack up for this movie as you will want to put-off nail-biting. Add a tasty drink too. Kudos to all involved on this movie


WHATS YOUR FLAVOR don't mess with me I can do that too
I heard the hoopla and decided to see for myself. The premise: I am coming to get you drives this movie and it is not a new concept. How they pull it off is what we all come to see. From Godzilla to Tarzan, Rambo to the Terminator, Cujo to killer Aliens anyone can star in a movie like this. So who gets a turn? A scorned woman and who better than to own those feelings? Do not try to make sense of someone who wakes up one day, trains in the use of hand to hand and weapons warfare and decides to get even of over a tragedy or injustice and excels in it? In real life, the killer gets killed or captured but in the movies the box office calls the shots (pun). I always wondered what it would be like to go into a gang held territory and open up with sophisticated guns and such and end all crime. My next thought sobered me up i.e. the same people you want to "smoke" smoke pretty well themselves and this movie doesn't give them justice but instead assigns them a clown role. In real life and in certain neighborhoods, you don't get a second chance but oh well this is a movie after all. Look for your inner "getting even" genes to be well fed and corruption turned on its head. Rude customer service, kept waiting on purpose, treated like a second class citizen?.... well you don't have to put up with it any longer is the fantasy: while we all suffer indignities none of us go "off" so this movie will do it for you. Look, I get it. Every once in a while we need a good shoot em up to let ourselves get it out already and then we go back to our rat races to run a good productive race until its time to dump again. This movie serves that purpose. BTW...firing a gun is a frightening experience even for trained combat people (cops too) and who also suffer from being on the edge constantly not to get shot themselves. It makes you wreck. In this movie, it makes you a star with a sequel. Its a chick flick don't mess with me I can do that too movie for girls. Being bad is not a means to an end but an end to be mean....Are you mean? If so, grab some popcorn & watch

Welad el-Amm

Action movie with intrigue and guaranteed to trigger all the emotions so it earns a 10 for entertainment. Lets all agree on this. For its facts or realism, it leaned toward Hollywood and fiction to portray the story but again, its a movie. The part I have trouble with is with how they portray how easy it is to come and go in Israel and to take on its defense systems as depicted. Without giving anything away, how would you like it where someone enters our country and defeats the FBI, the DOJ and the CIA in an organized way. Is it possible? Sure but it stretches the imagination so far it becomes razor thin. Other movies use this plot to give us an adrenaline rush, a high and escape for our two hour tune-in. Israel is the wrong state to demonstrate this in. It is by its core a military establishment by virtue of the fact that it is surrounded by enemies and must maintain successfully a strong defense or perish. This movie entered into this realm too casually for my tastes. Same thing with infiltrating Russia, China, North Korea or Hitler's Germany for that matter. However to see it done just makes the price of admission pay-off nicely whoever does this and some do it better than others. Remember the Hunt For Red October? We capture the largest soviet sub ever made and get to keep it? How about the Guns of Navarone? No Way Out with Kevin Costner? Hollywood has been doing this for years. For the Jews and the Arabs who watch this, it can only further animosity similar to what democrats and republicans do in America i.e. tit for tat with no end game. This tires one out eventually but in the interim causes so much collateral damage. Acting is good. Background scenes delightful and espionage goes on. BTW... when you have a love interest, family, children, friends and patriotism all mixed together it just cant fail as an action movie.

Balle perdue

French films have a way of imitating Hollywood sometimes for the good and some not so good. What they do well is take a good theme and put a French/European culture slant to it making it a custom movie while Hollywood rubber-stamps at times. This is that case. It has what I like which are cop movies with bad guys, dirty cops, drugs, money schemes and what everyone will do to keep the game going which often turns into a game of life or death. This movie depicts this well. The fellow called Lino pulls off some pretty impressive fight scenes . What I would like to point out so that you enjoy them more is that anyone who works with their hands will develop arm, hand and body strength as part of their daily work. Plumbers and mechanics have this as their default. In the movie Hard Times with Charles Bronson playing an older street fighter that packs a wallop, his background was changing truck tires which gave him natural one-two bye-bye power hitting. Sports people same thing. This guy takes on ten cops who fight back and it is all done believable. Also, keep in mind that law-breakers have an edge as they do not want to get caught and will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure of this while those chasing them just want to go home safely. The bad guys summon these powers but some employ them better than others. Adrenaline is also a wild card and can favor whoever at the time. The plot makes sense, the car chases have class and the ending satisfies with a "I told you so "theme to those that just wouldn't consider it until they have proof. What also comes through is a sense of honor between people that either you have this or you don't. Police know the fine line not to cross and if crossed, that other side owns you. Fighting for what's right will never go out of style. However, it may involve risk and chance. Enjoy this nail-biter at times and have a decent snack and a tasty drink standing by too

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