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You Have To See This movie!
I've been waiting for this movie for over a year now, just the thought of a double feature directed by two of the greatest writers/directors alive today (lets try and forget Spy Kids) Then the cast was perfect everything was set in place for this movie to be a HUGE HIT. I wanted to go see this movie opening weekend, but due to my work schedule I had to wait until the following week. Come Monday I looked at the trades and Grindhouse only made 11 million! Now something must have been wrong, was the movie bad? No that couldn't have been, it has been getting rave reviews ever since it was shown to critics and people. So I had to go myself and I decided to bring my girlfriend who seems to get dragged to every movie I want to see. Some are good, some are pieces of crap *cough* Wild Hogs *cough* Well let me just say it now Grindhouse was the best movie I've seen this year, and I've seen quite a few including some really good ones Reign Over Me and The Lookout, but Grindhouse was the best one yet. You all should go see it and recommend it to friends it is unbelievable that it didn't make more money and a piece of crap movie *cough* Wild Hogs *cough* opens with over 40 million and is about to hit the 200 mark. Now I do not know if movie goers are getting dumber and settling for bad movies but that seems to be that case. I wonder why television is filled with dumb reality shows about a kid going out on a date with an older woman then having to choose which of their daughters he wants to date or celebrities dancing for loads of money. Then I realize that is what Americans want to see, more crap, at movies and on television. I am pleaded you people out their not only go see Grindhouse but do not go and pay for crap anymore, show the studios that you want good movies or else we are going to continue this journey of remakes and bad sequels (excluding spider-man) If the time of 3 hrs and 15 minutes scares you, don't worry it flys by. I am the guy you goes to see one movie and right after walks into another (yes without paying for the second) Why? Because I feel movie prices today are outrageous and you should get your money's worth when you go to the theater. With Grindhouse you will get your money's worth and walk out with a satisfied feeling, few movies provide you with these days. I know the trailers didn't give much away and maybe thats why you did not go and see the movies, but trust me they are both great flicks. I was hoping this movie would succeed in America and we would see the old double feature movies comeback to cinemas but it seems America cannot handle good movies combined into one ticket these days. Now the Weinstein's say that they are "incredibly disappointed" box office for Grindhouse that they are considering abandoning the double feature as a single feature concept and re-releasing the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez movie around the U.S. "in a couple of weeks" as two separate feature-length movies with additional footage put in.

Now I hope you read this go see the movies and recommend it to friends, there is still time go save it from being dumb downed for Americans to go and see it. Get out there and see "Grindhouse". Before you have to pay "twice" to see the same movie!

The Lookout

Finally a good movie WORTH paying for
When I first found out about this movie, the whole premise didn't really seem too great. An Athlete gets in an accident then decides to rob a bank. THAT IS NOT THE WHOLE STORY as a matter of fact that is nothing like the story. Here's a snip it A senior in high school who has everything going for him (star hockey player) gets in a life changing accident. He is now very dependent on others although he tries do do a lot of things for himself, including living with a blind roommate (who by the way is played by the amazing Jeff Daniels) Anyways he works at a bank as a Janitor and every night he goes to the town bar. One night he befriends a guy and meets a nice looking girl. As he gets more into the scene he realize that he is a pawn in their game to help them rob the bank. He is THE LOOKOUT. Well I don't want to give away much more but let me give you this advice. I was lucky enough to have this movie open in my city (which isn't very big) and When I looked at the box office numbers I was disappointed only 955 theaters and a total of 2.3 million? This movie deserves a lot more attention. We need to support actual GREAT films and show that movie goers want GREAT films not stupid comedies *cough* WILD HOGS *cough* Anyways go and pay to see this film right away you wont be disappointed 8/10

**While you go to see this film I HIGHLY recommend Reign Over Me it is a really good film

Snakes on a Plane

Fun not serious
I went to the Thursday night showing on this movie. I like the late night showings of films because everyone there seems to be into the movie more then people during the mid day showings. I went to this movie because I thought it was going to be a fun movie. I took my girlfriend along and all the way there she was complaining about how stupid "Snakes on a Plane" would be. When we walked out she said she had fun. And at the end of the day that is what this movie is all about, having fun. I've seen most of this summers blockbuster such as Superman, X-men, MI3, and Pirates but out of all the movies I've seen this summer I've had the most fun with this one. So for anyone who wants to see a movie this summer with laughs, some scary parts, and an original story give this film a try it is worth your money. 7/10

Big Fish

Easily One of the Best films ever!
I've been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer because it looked good, even though the trailers didn't give much detail about the movie, I still got this feeling that it was going to be good. Well, I was wrong this movie was GREAT! This movie contains everything you would want in a movie comedy, suspense, some spooky elements, and a surprise ending. It certainly is one hell of a film. I don't cry when I see money movies, the last movie I saw that made me cry was Pay It Forward. (hey come on the ending was a heart breaker) But this film just had little moments of sadness that made me shed a tear and a handful of happy moments that made me cry like a baby. I recommend this movie to everyone, I really don't see how anyone couldn't love this movie. 10/10 If I could give it more I would

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