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  • Ok, imagine this, your 12 years old in your local movie rental store. You're of course looking for horror movies, you want to see blood, and some t&a. So as we're cruising the section, we pickup April Fools Day (great 80's horror) and we want to get one more. We're scanning the box covers when I run into Satans Touch. The box looked promising, a hot looking woman, with huge exposed, well you know ^ ^ and a pentagram etched in blood on her hand.

    We're thinking "hell yeah" so we check out the story on the back of the case. It says its about someone who makes a deal with the devil for all the good things in life. We're thinking, here comes the blood and nudity. We get home, and we pop it into the vcr and wait. What the hell, it's a movie about gambling. This is one of the few movies I will give a rating of 1. If you see this on a shelf, run, fast.
  • This was one of those "there's nothing good at the video store" movies. We rented this on a whim, and oh boy we're we amazed. I wouldn't call this the worse movie ever. Take into account the budget (which couldn't have been a great amount) They did well with what they had to work with. Is it Spaceballs, no, triple no. Will it make you giggle like an 8 year old after eating a box of pixi-stix, yes.

    At least check it out, that way you can tell amaze people with the level of patience you have.