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  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, I have seen the 2007 Halloween, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect. In the 2007 movie, I thought the first 30 to 40 minutes of it, was good. The second half, just didn't make the cut.

    So I went to this sequel with very low expectations, and I am thankful for that. Had I gone to see this movie with high hopes, I would have been disappointed.

    The trailers try to build you up for this movie. I even tried to clear my head and push all the bad feelings I have, and tried to look at this as I do Halloween III, season off the witch. A different movie! It still didn't work because it just has too many plot holes. The violence, in my opinion makes it less scary. It does have some moments that make you jump.

    If you have seen all the trailers, you pretty much have the movie figured out, and the ending will not come as that much of a shock too you.

    Michael is violent, but just not that scary! Loomis shows no signs of any redeeming qualities, though he does have all the best lines. If played by anyone else, the part would not have been as intense.

    I wasn't expecting much from this movie, so I was not disappointed. It was about a 'good' as I expected.

    I give this movie a 2 out of 10, and that is being generous.

    There you go, I seen it....and I didn't like it that much!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    May contain slight spoilers...

    Not getting into a debate over aliens vs. religion. That is really not my main reason for not liking this movie. Everyone has their own opinion on that subject, and I have an open that isn't the problem.

    The problem is, this movie starts out strong. It pulls you in, and you are set up for a movie that will just leave you breathless.

    By the middle of the movie, you are shaking your head, wishing the movie would start to get to some point.

    By the end, you are ready to get up and walk out. Near the very end, you start to think 'Who really cares how this movie ends'.

    It just drags on and on. Another reason is, there are way too many plot holes, and unanswered questions.

    This movie reads more like a dream, turned into a nightmare that doesn't make any sense. Sadly, the only nightmare is you had to pay to watch this movie. You can't get that money back, nor can you get the time you lost back.

    I give this a 1 out of a possible 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think my Summary pretty much sums it up but I feel I should go into detail as to why.

    I went to this move, willing to give it a chance. I liked house of 1000 corpses, and the Devil's Rejects. They were great in their own right.

    First off, the original Halloween is an immortal classic. It was a movie that was top quality, and has made millions of dollars in sales on merchandise related to the film.

    Secondly, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. The original Halloween didn't need be remade, but if one felt it need some 'modernizing'....then stick to the original concept. Don't go around showing me about how poor young Mikey had a drunk for a father, a slut for a sister and stripper for a mother. I could also give a care that he was picked on by a bunch of bullies at school.

    The original Halloween made it clear. One day Mikey snapped, killed his sister and never spoke again. This whole business in the new movie of him killing one of the bullies who picked on him, his father and his slut sister, was just a big waste of film. Then after he commits these terrible crimes, we are expected to see him as a 'normal' child again, until he never speaks again? Give me a break. Rob Zombie, your 'unique' vision falls short of even impressing anyone. The only redeeming quality that this movie has, is that they do have some parts that hold true to the original. They also throw in some of the original music and songs. Well thank you for at least making an effort to impress.

    Rob, stick to what you do best. Leave the remakes with someone with better talent.

    I give this move a 3 out of 10. It would make a good rental, but as recreating a legend, or unleashing a new this I laugh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is fairly good but is a little slow going at times. It starts out with a businessman having an argument with some stranger in a pickup. As the movie progresses, we find out the main character has decided to help embezzle some money. He backs out at the last minute and has a fight with his partner in crime, who leaves him in the parking garage, trapped with the maniac of that big pick up truck he had the argument with earlier.

    One of the key most important parts of the movie that is often missed is, near the early going of the movie...the main character is passed by an older style car. The car is uncannily similar to the car from the movie...THE DUEL (1971), as is the driver of that car. Foreshadowing?? The fact is also missed that the main characters name is TOM WEAVER...could this perhaps be a nod to Dennis Weaver??

    I recommend this movie...but only if you know that you shouldn't be expecting it to be as good as movie with similar themes. Have fun with it, because it is fairly good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you do not know this movie is based on a true story. It's not surprising either, because You put greed, mental illness and a ton of money together and It has all the makings of a Hollywood movie. It's a horror story, complete with love hate, greed and murder.

    I can't believe how far people will go for money. I can't believe how far people will go when it comes to 100 million dollars. Hey it's only money.

    I found this movie to be very appealing. It has a cast of outstanding actors and actresses. It keeps you interested until the very end. It is even more thrilling if you do not know the facts of the actual case.

    I highly recommend this one. Pop up the popcorn and turn it on….
  • I must say, I grew up watching the Herbie movies. Starting with the Love bug. I remember crying when Herbie was going to jump off the bridge in the middle of the first movie.

    This movie brings back that feeling. It combines old school...with new school. It brought that little kid in me back out...the little kid who believed that good always wins out over evil. That little same little kid who believed animals talked...and Santa Claus...was well...Santa Claus...

    It was outstanding to see Herbie and Nascar come together. Yes it is a little far fetched....but remember...the thought of car with a real "personality"....isn't that far fetched....

    I have to say this movie rates up their with one of my favorites....and I say it is a MUST SEE!!!
  • This was a very emotional reunion. It featured stars from the show discussing the shows history. It showed footage, that had never been seen by the general public.

    It was really great to see Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and gang all dressed up in their Dallas gear. They showed Southfork as it is today. They also brought several fans together for a "Oil Barrons Ball", where they answered some of the fan's questions.

    I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see Victoria Principal join the cast for this reunion. It made it all the more special. It gave the show a very special edge.

    It has always been my hope that they would make another Dallas movie. From the way the emotions ran high at this reunion, I would not say it is out of the question, but from a reality stand point...I am not sure it is really in the cards. We may have to settle for this reunion as the last time we see the gang together like this.

    Unfortunately the apple cart was turned over, when news previews released the fact that Howard Keel (Clayton Farlow) passed away from colon cancer. He was a great actor, singer, and much more. He will truly missed. It was very sad that on the very day Dallas was honored, one of the greats from the show passed on.

    In closing, I have to tip my 10 gallon hat at cast and crew of Dallas. All I can say is..."It felt great to be back on Southfork again!!"
  • I remember the big ordeal over this. The trailer bragged about how England's pride and joy was in the hands of America. Let's just say we dropped the ball. Then to make matters worse shot ourselves in the foot.

    Though actor who portrayed the Doctor never got a fair shake, because he fit the Doctor role perfectly. This is a great example of why somethings are best left on a shoe string budget. I being an American, know that America decided to add all kinds of unnecessary special effects, and modern it up. The Tardis was all wrong, The eye of Harmony what in the world.........I could go on and on.

    Lets just end this where I started. I am thankful this is back in the hands of the English, for the return of Doctor Who (2005). Right where it belongs.

    This movie is worth a peek but those of us who have followed Dr. Who through regeneration after regeneration, were very disappointed.
  • ***Spoilers contained within****

    I have read some comments hear about how this show has no reality to it because it could never happen, cops would never do such a thing and so forth.

    Unfortunately this show is based loosely on the real life "Rampart Scandal".

    Many of the shows plots came straight out of the headlines from that case. Missing cocaine, officers killed in cold blood, Money theft, Evidence stealing, Beating of suspects, framing of suspects, and more. YES, it really happened.

    The thing is, this show gets you to think. I know Vic Mackey is a bad seed, yet I have to cheer for him because he does have a heart.

    A lot of folks were unable to look past the fact that he shot a fellow officer in the first episode. A deed which was meant to shock the audience and show that VIC MACKEY was one tough apple.

    Again, this is based loosely on the actual real life "Rampart Scandal". One officer shot another in cold blood.

    If you look at the show for what it is designed for, ENTERTAINMENT. You will realize it is something designed to bring the inner demons inside of us out. It makes us question "HOW FAR IS TOO FAR??".

    I highly suggest this show. AWESOME!!!

  • This one pales in comparison to the original Charlie Brown Christmas. This movie is lacking a lot. In fact it is lacking all the the originals have in them, MEANING.

    This has its cute moments, and some humor in it. It just isn't the same though. Charles Shultz you are missed!!!

    I do not recommend this one
  • I first saw this movie when I was a little tyke. I recently picked a copy of it up on DVD, off of eBay. It seems it is getting very hard to find these days.

    I highly suggest this one. It is a good scare, with James Brolin putting on an exceptional show trying to stop the car from the fiery depths of hell.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Contains SPOILERS*** **Spoiler alert**

    Tori Spelling (as Carol Cartman) at her best, playing the worst sort of person. An evil talk show host who thinks only of her self, and the almighty $$$. She treats her employees, friends and family like dirt. She will stop at nothing to be in the spot light. That is until she is visited by three ghosts. I thought the first ghost was a stroke of genius. It was great to see GARY COLEMAN as the Ghost of Christmas Past. It was really nice to see him in a movie again. He takes Carol (Tori) on a tour of her Christmas days of past. Then the Ghost of Christmas present shows up, who just happened to be the awesome WILLIAM SHATNER. Wow was that a wild idea. Anyway, he takes her on a tour of the Christmas present. By this time see has begun to see the error of her ways, Only to be show her possible future. In the end, she does see her errors, and corrects them. Turning her life around, and giving all who watch an overwhelming CHRISTMAS feeling. I give this movie a must see!!!

    The only thing I regret is this is a made for TV movie on the HALLMARK channel, and sadly they blitz you with tons of commercials!!! If you can get past those commercials, you got it made. This movie is awesome!!
  • This movie has an awesome plot, and a very important message behind it. The problem is, due to the most annoying and bad acting I have seen recently, this movie bombs.

    Even Morgan Freeman can not save this one. He is seen for maybe a total of ten minutes during the entire film. His role is to say the least, meaningless.

    The thing is, if you can suffer through the bad acting and the slow pace that this movie goes at. It does have an important message about what gangs, drugs, and violence lead to.

    I do not recommend this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Poor movie. Bad acting. The makers of this movie put the actor who played "Chubby" from the TEEN WOLF movies as John Wayne Gacy Jr. Give me a break.

    This movie is suppose to be based on actual events but they neglect to come close to that of the real character of Gacy. I did a report on him in college. He was nothing like the low life they made him out to be. The chilling fact is, to all his friends and neighbors he appeared 'Normal'. That is why no one knew how sinister he was. That is until it was too late.

    The fact that Gacy played a clown was mentioned often, but made to appear meaningless. This is one of the most important key factors that shows Gacy's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex. He at one time could be playing in what appeared to be innocently with children, yet later in that evening he was horribly murdering someone. They are so weak on this fact, it is hard to see what a sinister person he truly was.

    They also neglect to mention key facts, such as Gacy was linked, but never was proved to have killed numerous of other victims. Nor did they go into great detail of the troubles he had as a child.

    This movie is a shame. They had a chance to show what may have been behind the chilling, cold blooded killer Gacy was. They drop the ball before the kick off.

    I do not suggest this movie. Poor acting, and too fictional story for it to be 'claimed' to be based on Gacy's horror killing spree.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ###spoiler warning. Do not read if you haven't seen###

    One of the worst movies I ever seen. Problem is I was unable to turn it off until it was over. I wanted to see what was going to happen to each of the characters.

    It has some of the worst acting I have ever seen. The drug use, shop lifting and house robbing were a big joke. I mean right. They could steal that many CD's from the same place without getting caught. Give me a break. I know this is somewhat based on a true story, but the over do it.

    Many of the actors need to go back to school and practice drama. I just had to laugh at the fact no one really seemed concerned as there friends were dying. The crying segments looked more like these kids lost their bikes then a friend.

    Poor, no quality or value what so ever. Does not send a message worth hearing about. I do not suggest.
  • Samuel L. Jackson is in awesome form as usual. Non stop action, with amazing chase, and fighting segments. If you see any movie this summer. See this one!! Great script. Great acting by all involved.

    Houston there is no problem with this movie!! SEE this one.

    JUST excellent. Enough said.