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People dont know how to read.
The alt-right people who roams this page this days are so full of themself and so blinded by his faith, that they thought that Watchmen comics are apollitical, or even conservative. Is a new breed of stupid. Great series so far even if is not as good or has not much to do with the original


Avengement by the book.
Throwback to 80's and 90's revenge films but with modern style of filming and action style. Interensting enough protagonist and a simple but effective plot. The so called "twists" are nothing out of this world but they work to move the plot forwards. Thin in character development asides the main guy, fairly weak villain. Good sound desings, bad score. Could use some mor grindhouse style gore. Overall recommended if you like simple but effective revenge movies with a dark ambience and well executed but not excesive action.

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