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White Lines

I really liked it because it wasn't your ordinary mafia murder mystery movie. Boxer and Marcus' character were the best. Develop the characters more, perhaps a show that leads up to the beginning of this one. There were bits and pieces of the story that did seem unfinished and could have gone deeper. Overall I wanted to see more and pretty much could binge watch the show in one day. Please bring back season 2. With Boxer in it of course. I want to see more shows like this.


I love this show
I come from a divorced family, went through a divorce and have an extended family. This show touches on very different subjects that most people don't want to talk about and it's funny!! You think that it is a serious show and most people are saying 'depressing' but you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just as in life. I didn't watch any of Sex in the City so I have nothing to compare it to with SJP, but from what I'm seeing is she is a terrific actress and get's down to real life situations. You have to follow the show and see the humorous character her husband (ex-husband) plays.. I really hope that they have another season of this show. Maybe it is an adult show and you have to have an understanding of certain subject areas in life but yea, give the show a chance, it really is a fun show.

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