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  • This movie has fast become my all time favourite. If you're anything like me and still love the magic of fairy tales, you'll enjoy this one with its modern day twist. Yes it has its cheesy moments but these days, what romantic comedy doesn't? Chad Michael Murray is absolutely gorgeous and every bit deserves his princess. Hillary Duff is so beautiful, its every bit as good as the bedtime story book. Cinderellas best friend plays the part fantastically. He adds the humour and the style to the movie. Its good to know that movies can still be made true to the original story, even though its been adapted. I haven't enjoyed a movie like this is a long time. If you want plenty of laughs with a proper fairy tale ending, this is your movie.
  • although the music behind the story gave it an annoying feel the moral of the story was put across really well and it kept me entertained! the directing was nicely done and the story well written for on screen. credits to Dom and Sean for putting together such a great little piece!