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Too Young to Die?

Moving performance by Juliette Lewis
When I first saw this film in 1990, I as deeply disturbed but also incredibly impressed by the convincingly believable and powerful portrayal of Amanda Sue Bradley by Juliette Lewis. She was virtually unknown at the time, and I was impressed; I remember noting her name in the credits and expecting her to become a celebrity based solely on the talent she conveyed in that role. I recently saw this film again (2005), and I was even more impressed by her ability to tap into the mentality of the character and portray such desperation.

Other than her performance, the movie is nothing to rave about; in fact, I'd call it cheesy, and I would expect better of Brad Pitt. If you are a Juliette Lewis fan, however, it is a MUST SEE! Your respect for her will only grow greater. She is the only thing making the film memorable.

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