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Young, Stalked, and Pregnant

Not bad.
Young, Stalked, and Pregnant. Great Lifetime movie title. And a great line was when the bf said he "screwed things up". Taylor Blackwell is actually a good actress. Unlike most Lifetime movies, the star had two parents! How unusual! But major flaws are, as you watch the movie, what about the old man she robbed in the second scene? That's just old forgotten footage. Running over the dad with the SUV...come on! Was it made out of foam rubber? "We're going to Nevada and you're getting married". Nice line. Despite many stupid parts, it was overall an entertaining movie. Oddish ending, and looking at the timeline, that baby is quite mature for a three month old.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

The Carl Kolchak Silver Smelting Kit!
This is probably my favorite episode despite being corny. Since it first aired in 1974, we've joked about Kolchak melting silver into bullets. Although not really possible with his setup, it's still a lot of fun. There was also an all star supporting cast which made it fun too.

Killer Dream Home

Fun to watch, but not overly fun.
I'm glad all the women did not look alike and neither did the men. In many other movies, all the actors look alike, and that's very annoying. I have questions. How was this young couple able to buy such a nice house? Wouldn't a house this opulent have security cameras that would have captured the attack on the gardner, as well as some of the other shenanigans that went on? Is Morgan a bad actress or was it just bad directing? How come every time I get slammed in the head with a hammer, I don't get up? When you know there's a psycho out there, wouldn't you have already locked all the doors and not wait until she's there? Overall the movie was fair despite some stupid scenes and my complaints.

The Realtor

Overall not too bad.
This review has spoilers. Don't you love psycho surprises? The movie flowed along fairly well. And for once the leading man didn't irritate me. Neither did most of the other principals. The cinematography was well done. And the directing seemed descent too. Although I thought the parking garage scene was rather lame. A few miscellaneous things: The photo in the developer would not have spoiled that fast when the door opened. Especially when the basement was pretty dark to begin with. She's in jail. They act like she's in prison. There's a difference. Oh. She escaped? Oh wow! I found it amusing that the cops texts to his wife were just that. To "wife". Leaving his wife outside after the cop incident was stupid. Nice twist although predictable. The ending fight scene was mediocre at best. But the final scene with the handsome single man was stupid and unnecessary. It seemed like the movie had a certain time period to be produced, and time ran short, so the ending scenes were rushed. But despite all my critical complaints about Lifetime movies, they are entertaining and I watch them. Geez.

Designs for Revenge

Almost entertaining.
Secrets in the Basement. The movie started out ok. There was tension with the guy in basement right from the first minute. But then after the second minute it dragged on after that. I hope the actor who plays Christo (or Cristo, it's spelled both ways) uses some of his money for acting lessons. Maybe a normal wardrobe too. The entire scenario of falling into the pool was pointless. If you like the movie Gaslight, you won't like this. The drug he put in her water. Geez. I would have enjoyed it better if the secret passage was something like a hidden rotating or sliding panel instead of a mirrored door (with blue led lights.) As typical, getting hit in the head with a hammer on the first swing does nothing. Dumb movie that could have been better.

Psycho Yoga Instructor

Not too bad once it finally got started.
Very, very slow to get started. It took an hour to get anywhere. If you watch this movie, skip the first hour. To fill you in, in one minute, here's what you missed. A couple is having trouble adopting a baby. The man is a workaholic. The woman takes up yoga with a friendly yoga instructor. The husband and wife get suspicious of each other. Things get better and worse. Basically it went from 0 to 60 in 75 minutes. There was no gradual buildup to the psycho aspect. Of course it had a somewhat predictable ending. On the other hand there are always too many commercials. But I did like the Pepto Bismol commercial.

Counterfeiting in Suburbia

Bad but good actually.
Nice move for the fact that it had a different plot than the average Lifetime movie. And nice to see non-LA weather for a change. But the movie was loaded with plot holes and stupid things. It takes artists years to master intaglio. The girls did it instantly. Why was the art teacher such a stupid cocky jerk who happens to have a gratuitous money problem with the mafia? If he gets all this new printing equipment in the school, why didn't he just print the money himself? Why in the world did the flunky mechanic go to the currency exchange? Is he traveling abroad? (Her wig wasn't much of a disguise.) Why did it take so long for the feds to figure out the money laundering scheme? Why did the girl not fix the gash in her leg BEFORE dinner? Why is Ellen DeGeneres the cop? And again, he gets hit in the head with a 2x4 THREE times and nothing! He must be Yosemite Sam! She donates what is effectively stolen money! Don't the feds want that money back? Although the final scene with the little girl was quite humorous. All that said, it was still fun to watch. And as I've said elsewhere, it's best to watch this with someone else to make sarcastic remarks with.

The Killer in the Guest House

Entertaining but dumb
The movie was somewhat entertaining but too many dumb moves, especially toward the end. And speaking of the end, what a stupid ending!

Escaping Dad

Better Than Average Lifetime Movie
For one of the few times, I was not turned off by bad acting. They were all fine. The plot was ok but they really did not need a couple of gratuitous plot thickeners. Such as the cartel and boys insulin. Those were pointless plot parts. But that's minor, and rest was still good. I was particularly amused by what the boy unexpectedly said when the mother announced she had less than $300.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Still funny
Here it is decades later and it's still funny. It's even laugh out loud funny when you watch it alone!

Family Pictures

Not good, but not bad.
Good potential plot, poor script. Although there were some good dialogue moments here and there. There was some nice cinematography too. But too many stupid parts. I don't know what movie the other reviewers saw who gave it a 10, but I must have missed that one.

Murder at the Mansion

Could have been better.
This review contains spoilers: The plot didn't bother me too much. Because when you expect the worst, anything is better. Most of the actors were fine. But a few Particularly the mother and her daughter Ruby. There were lots of stupid little things, too many to mention. Some goofs: during the fire, she couldn't escape out the window? Why were the names that were carved in the wooden post, as good as new 10 years later after the fire? They needed to use two cameras to film the scene on the boat. One cutaway was sunny, the other view cloudy. Again and again. The Mississippi River is muddy, brown, and murky. But in the underwater scenes it was clear. To top it off, the movie had a really lousy dramatic final scene. The title is wrong too. It wasn't the "psycho" that the blonde was engaged to. On the plus side, it was nice to see a different setting. The mansion in Louisville was a very pleasant change.

Quantum Leap: The Leap Home: Part 2 (Vietnam) - April 7, 1970
Episode 2, Season 3

Great ending
Good episode with a great ending. No spoiler here but gee whiz!!!

Deadly Mile High Club

An exceptionally stupid movie.
Movies are better when they use actors. And writers too. The mother in law was amusing and the plot wasn't that bad. But the execution was lousy. The scenes leading up to and including the plane crash were horrible. i do better green screen on my iPhone. At the end, he's flying a jet, listen the propeller sound It makes. Just like in the movie Airplane. There were many more dumb and stupid things, but I'll let you the viewer enjoy seeing those. But despite everything, it was fun to watch, like a plane crash.

Singin' in the Rain

Great movie
Great movie, great songs, great plot. Everything was great although I could do without the "modern number" and the Cyd Charisse scene. Way too long and pointless. Otherwise perfect.


So stupid but made me laugh
As expected for an Eddie Murphy movie, it was so stupid but it made me laugh. It was packed with lots and lots of tiny silly jokes and things. Great make up as usual.

Car 54, Where Are You?

Very Under Rated Show
A perfect cast on show that was far too short lived. Each character had their own memorable quirks and personalities. Some of the plots were extremely well thought out, complex, and well paced. Although there were some other episodes were less than stellar. They did not shy away from the varied ethnicities depicted by the local folk either.

A Daughter's Plan To Kill

Not a bad beginning, but plenty of stupid parts to come.
It began slightly slow but picked up, although not for the better. Most of the stupid parts were near the end. I agree with the other reviewer, the dunce dad mumbles. Does he have lockjaw? He singlehandedly makes this lousy movie hard to watch. The scene where the brother gets injured is ridiculousLy sophomoric. And what's with the news woman? Was this the high school channel? The stupid mother absolutely asked for what happened to her at the end. One good thing, the locations and sets were nice.

My Nightmare Landlord

Slow, endlessly slow.
Slow. The first half of the movie seemed to take two hours. The second half was longer. Zzzzzz. A gradual build up is fine, but not when drags on at a sloth's pace. Typical obsessive stalker type stuff. The script should have been rewritten several more times. And a stooooopid lackluster ending. What was the point of the original boyfriend? And by the way, what's with her friend's hairdo? Holy Mackerel!

The FBI Story

Not enough FBI in the FBI Story.
A very good movie but in my opinion, it could have been a lot better if they left out the home life story. Nothing against Vera Miles, but all the scenes with Jimmys home life made the movie much too long. Stick to the title, the FBI Story. And another thing. Too many presumably outdoor scenes were clearly filmed on a set. The lighting in those situations is visually distracting. Mervyn LeRoy made it work in the Wizard of Oz, but not here. Ok, despite my complaints it's still a good movie. But because it's so long, try to watch it on DVD or TCM, or else you'll suffer through an additional hour and half of commercials.

Most Likely to Murder

Surprisingly good
I was quite surprised that this was actually a fairly good movie. A plot that was quite rare among lifetime movies. Particularly when the protagonist was also the antagonist. The plot kept moving along with no real breaks of boredom. There were typical flaws and the movie kind of fell down a little near the end, but it was tolerable.

The Twisted Nanny

Must be a different movie
I don't know what movie these other reviewers watched but it wasn't this one. Yes, Tara did a descent job of acting. But the plot and everything else about this was so bad! I'm being generous with my rating of 3. The boss is a complete moron. For a lifetime movie, it does what they all do, it was entertaining in the same way of watching a car wreck.

Hello Neighbor

I'm impressed!
I'm not impressed with the lousy movie, but I'm impressed with all the other user reviews. I agree with all of you. I never read such a better batch of honest reviews. Yes, we can all agree the acting is as good as mud, and the 6 year old teenager issue. On the other hand, in a sadistic way, this gives an extra dimension in which you can feel free to criticize and ridicule this lousy movie, especially in the presence of loved ones.

The Disaster Artist

Really Something
This would be a good movie all by itself, but the fact that it's based on this other movie, The Room, adds so much more depth. Until you see the ending credits, or The Room, you cannot imagine how bad/good it is. Excellent acting as far as imitating the terrible acting.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom

Should have been better
I'd write a review but I don't want anyone to know I watched it. If I did write one though, I'd say it was an interesting plot but was hampered by the slow pace. It went nowhere. The results were stagnant despite the seemingly "happy" yet pointless ending. The overall takeaway was get involved with the dom/sub thing, sleep around a lot, and you'll be a better person.

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