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  • Well what can I say! I was late to the party with this final instalment on the Avengers franchise. Over the years I've look forward like a school kid waiting for the next film to come out,bland waiting to see what happens next. This didn't disappoint. I'm sure if and when I watch this film again I will see glimpses into other characters and films I haven't thought about it didn't realise as that seems to be the norm now. As ever a cheeky cameo from the creator to add a bit of humour to a sometimes very dark and serious film. Although that's the Avengers all wrapped up I feel there will be something else to takes it's place just around the corner.
  • The concept of this drama is brilliant. A bit different from the usual police drama or rom Com type drivel. My only issue and I will hold off a little until I have watched more is that it's just too slow and the characters are frustrating especially Sheridan Smith! Hopefully the coming episodes will be much better.
  • This is one of those films that you watch on a Sunday afternoon whilst letting your dinner go down! It felt a bit wasted on the big screen with some very pointless characters! I also thought at a few points I was watching Goosebumps. I do like Jack Black but he only has one level of acting and that's always cranked right up! I sometimes wonder if Eli Roth should stay as an actor and leave the directing to the big boys and girls!
  • I tried to avoid the negative press about this film and went to see it today. Great cast just a really poorly written and directed film. I felt it tried to hard to be a cult film but failed miserably. This should have been an ITV movie!