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The Christmas Secret

The Truth About Why Saint Nicholas Gives Gifts
I was thoroughly enjoying "The Christmas Secret" until the explanation came up as to why Santa Clause distributed gifts. The story became so erroneous as to be offensive to me. Saint Nicholas was no legend, he was a real Bishop named Nicholas Klaas who was born of wealthy Christian parents in 270 A.D. in Turkey. His parents died in an epidemic while he was still a youth, he gave his life to Jesus and used his entire inheritance to care for children, the sick and the suffering as long as he lived. He wore the red robe of a holy Bishop and a black belt to keep it closed. He became known throughout Europe for his love, concern and generosity towards children and young adults. He also became the patron saint of sailors and voyagers. There is wonderful moral material that Bishop Klaas stands for. He performed many, many acts in secret, expecting nothing in return. Here in America, we call him Santa Clause which is our version of the Dutch Sinterklaas. He was single all his life and folklore has been added by every country. There is a real moral point to gift giving, by his example of giving to people in need, especially children and young adults, not to those already wealthy and greatly possessed. Saint Nicholas continues to be a model of compassion, love and concern as modeled by his teacher. He died on December 6, 343 A.D.

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