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OK but not great
I decided to do this review after reading the other reviews. I did not think this movie was as bad as others did. Yes the plot is a bit contrived, and the acting is not great. But I did think this was a watchable show. And in todays tech environment, the hacking sub plot is certainly possible. Not a great movie but I thought it was OK

Secret Weapons

Outstanding Movie
This was a surprise for me. I did not know what to expect from this movie and found it very good. Linda Hamilton is the star and she is very good playing a simple Russian Girl who is recruited to join a sex school so she can be used to compromise US men. There is a scene with her being forced to strip down to just her bra and panties and its intense. Also in the movie, but a smaller part but well done is a young Gena Davis. This was a highly enjoyable movie, strongly recommended.

Heart of Fear

OK but not great thriller
This move was direct to video. Some suspense but not enthralling, its a movie that might keep your attention and you might leave it without remembering it. Just a standard straight to video movie. No great acting, Annie Wood the lead female character does the best job. So I guess its kind of debatable if this movie will catch your fancy or not

The Magnificent Seven Ride!

better than a lot of people think
I read several poor reviews on this one, and I think the movie was well done. No, its not a masterpiece of writing but it is entertaining. I really liked the Stefanie Powers character, I think it was well played. Did not really like the Noah Forbes character, he was out of place in a Magnificent Seven movie. Overall this is an entertaining movie, much better than Guns of the Magnificent Seven, which I think is the worse of the sequels.

War and Remembrance

Outstanding Movie
This is probably the last of the great epic mini series, they just cant afford to make something this epic anymore. I loved this series better than its prequel The Winds of War, but both were great shows. This is basically the story of the Henry and Jastrow families and how they are affected by WWII. War and Remembrance starts off with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It goes through all the major events of both the War in Europe and the Pacific. Robert Mitchum plays Victor Henry, a naval officer who manages to get himself into major situations in both theaters of the war. Mitchum does a great job in this story. I think the star of this story is Victoria Tennant. She plays Pamela Tuksburry who is a romantic interest for Victor Henry, despite the fact he is married. Wont give away the story but suffice to say she does an outstanding job in both The Winds of War and War and Remembrance. Jane Seymour also does an outstanding job in War and Remembrance, she plays Natalie Henry, wife of Victor Henrys son Bryon who is a submariner. Natalie is trapped in Europe and she is Jewish, the niece of Aaron Jastrow a famous American Jewish Author. Natalie went to Europe to try to get Aaron out of Europe and ends up being trapped. If you have a chance to watch this series do, it is fantastic.

The Life of David Gale

A thinking persons Movie
Having read many of the reviews, I fail to understand how so many can view this as a bad movie. I thought this was a thought provoking movie and certainly a lot better than what a lot of people are saying about it. Outstanding performances by Kate Winlset and Kevin Spacey.

The story revolves around a Professor who is on death row for the rape and murder of a colleague. Kevin Spacey plays this role excellently. Kate Winslet is a reporter who is given the chance by Spacey to tell his story. I do not wish to spoil the ending for anyone who decides to watch this movie so suffice to say, to get this movie will need to watch it from the beginning and keep track of what is happening. Some things will happen early in the movie that don't seem to be important yet the end up being critical.


Outstanding Movie
What a great movie and an outstanding performance by Reese Witherspoon. Reese plays a young lady who's mother has died and she had went on a downward spiral of sex and drugs. She decides without any experience, to hike 1000 miles along the Pacific Coast Trail to as she says "get back to the daughter my mother raised." I guess if there is one thing about the movie that I did not like is all the flashbacks. I understand the need for them but for me there were just too many. With that exception, the rest of the movie is well done. We get to meet some interesting characters along the journey. I truly believe the Reese deserves an Oscar for this performance.


Good Movie
Interstellar is a good movie and a must see for Sci-Fi fans. Although others might disagree, I would call this a combo of 2001 and Gravity. The plot of the movie is that life on Earth is coming to an end from a global grain blight and another Dust Bowl. Unless a new place for the Human Race is found, Human life will not live on. A leading Scientist, Michael Cain, discovers a stable worm hole giving the possibility of a new beginning for the Human race - if a planet is found that can support Human life.

So a crew is assembled to go through the worm hole to try to find a new home for the Human race. The Crew is lead by Mathew McConaughy and Ann Hathaway. The team has to deal with leaving loved ones behind as they search for a new home. McConaughy gives a great performance and so does Hathaway, although I would have liked to have seen more of her in this movie.

Overall this movie has great special effects, a decent story, good suspense, and is very enjoyable. The only downside of this movie is its too long. So this one is an enjoyable movie experience.


Outstanding Entertainment
I really loved this show. It has beautiful women, a good story, and good acting. By far the most breathtaking acting is from Tara Fitzgerald. She knocked this out of the park. Tara plays a somewhat reserved conservative wife of a religious husband. The church has sent the husband to review a very controversial painting that depicts a lot of nudity. The husband is supposed to review the painting and try to get the painter, expertly played by Sam Neil, to either tone down the painting or to simply withdraw it from the Museum exhibit. Both the husband but especially the wife are confronted by the painter, his wife and three beautiful models. The wife is soon put into a lot of compromising situations. Will she surrender her values? Will the husband be able to get the Painter to withdraw or change the painting? You will have a great time watching this show to find out.

American Virgin

Not worth your time
This is just plain a bad movie. I had hopes because of the list of stars including Robert Loggia, Sally Kellerman, Bob Hoskins and Menu Suveri but this movie never got off the ground. If this was supposed to be a slapstick comedy it missed its mark. If this was supposed to be funny, someone will have to tell me what was funny about it. The premise of the movie is that the daughter (Suvari) of a porn maker(Loggia) is going to lose her virginity live on the internet. To make it worse, the producer of this is Loggias main competitor and the ex husband of Loggia's current wife. I almost never put spoilers in my reviews but in this case I have to because I want people to know what to expect. If you expect to see Suvari nude having sex its not going to happen. She is seen in bed but nothing is shown. In fact, if you want to see her naked, there are other films out there for you to watch. Its a shame because if you wanted to make this a good movie you probably could have and used all the same actors. Just a huge waste of talent. Do yourself a favor, avoid this one at all costs.

End Game

Better than average thriller
I felt compelled to do this review after reading so many very negative reviews of this movie. This movie is certainly not a classic, but it is a decent thriller. Yes sometimes the story gets a bit predictable and could use some more suspense. The moves stars Angie Harmon and Cuba Gooding Jr and both are very good in this movie. Angie plays a reporter trying to investigate the Assassination of the President and Cuba Gooding Jr plays a Secret Service agent who is also trying to find out who killed the President. Anne Archer has a much to small role in this movie, she is a great actress and movie could have used her character having a larger role. James Woods and Burt Reynolds are also in the movie and do a decent job, which in the case of Burt Reynolds is surprising to me since I hardly ever like a movie he is in. I think for me what this movie was lacking was some romance. It could have been between Angie and Cuba, or even perhaps with Cuba having an affair with Anne Archer but something was needed to spice up this movie. Still this is a very watchable movie, sit back and enjoy it.


Not a great movie but decent effort
I first saw this movie under the name "straight heads" I think this movie was decent. Nice performance from Gillian Anderson not so much from the male lead Danny Dyer. I liked the story of a women and guy who gets attacked after attending a party and then they plot revenge against the gang that attacked them. I have seen some reviews complaining about how real some of the scenes were. However, I think they were necessary to the story. The movie was well written and I think good direction. Gillian Anderson does a very good job in this movie. She portrays the part of a mid aged women who is brutalized in an attack and they decides to extract revenge on them when she discovers were one of the gang lives. Dyer portrays Anderson's boyfriend who was also attacked and terrible disfigured. Good movie to rent but I would not buy it.

W.A.R.: Women Against Rape

A total waste of time
This movie is so bad it is almost beyond description. A story of Rape victims and revenge that is so hard to follow you are better off just watching the grass grow. Martin Landau, who plays a Judge in this movie, said that this movie was one of the most embarrassing movies in his film career. The action is non existent, the acting there is none, the story, is awful hard to follow. Do yourself a favor and if you see this movie anywhere, just close your eyes and forget it. This is not even worth a look for someone who is only interested in see naked women on screen. I can not think of a worse movie I have ever seen. Avoid this clunker at all costs.

Autostop rosso sangue

Road Rage or Acting Rage
Wow, this could have been a great movie. The story could be very compelling. A boozing husband and a sheepish wife go on a camping trip. They stop to pick up a hitchhiker and then the trouble starts. Turns out the hitchhiker has just stolen some money and also ditched his fellow criminals. Now he gains control of this couple and forces them to drive him to a safe location.

The problem in this movie is the acting. There is not one decent performance in the whole cast. Corine Cery as the wife is the best, and I have seen her in other movies and she is much better. Same with Franco Nero, a very good actor but he seems to have been asleep or something during this movie because his acting is horrible. The worse acting job is Devid Hess as the hitchhiker. We should feel either extreme hate or at least get some kind of feeling from this guy and we get nothing. He did not scare me, I felt nothing about him. From what I gather from others he is supposed to have played a lot of this kind of character. I guess he is supposed to be some kind of psychopath, but it just did not ring true to me. In a movie like this with this story, I should feel some sympathy for the wife and I don't. The only thing this movie has going for it is plenty of Corine Cery naked. Thats the only reason this gets 4 stars and thats a push.


Not as bad as some others have said
I have read the other reviews and I just did not think this movie was as bad as many of the others are saying. No this is not a great cinematic success and yes a lot of this has been seen before. However, for this type of movie it was at least as good as many other B movies made during that same time. I do not understand how one reviewer can say that Elizabeth Kaitan in not good looking.

The story is basically about a women who gets raped at night in a collage classroom by guys she knows from school. The next day she confides what happened to a friend and instead of going to the police, they see this ad and go to this woman who turns out to be a demon. I actually think this would have been a better movie if they eliminated the demon part and just had the victim seek revenge, but then this would really be another "I spit on your grave"

Not a great movie but I think it is certainly worth a look.


A Must have for Renee Rea Fans
This movie is a must for Renee Rea fans. It is by far her best film. This is a B movies with lots of sex but it actually has a very good story behind it. The story starts with a man at his bachelor party, lots of strippers and drinking going on except for the guest of honor who appears to be bored with the party. So he decides to go outside and meets this incredibly hot looking girl, Nikki (Rea). Now in most movies of this type, the two would immediately hop in bed but they don't, they go to the roof top and drink and talk some and then he walks her back to her room, and eventually the two have hot and steamy sex. Flash forward to 3 years later, the bachelor is now married and his best friend invites him and his wife to stay the weekend with him and his new fiancée. As you might expect the fiancée is Nikki although she is now going by the name of Monique. Now those of you who are use to this type of movie might think you can guess the plot from here and parts are predictable but other parts are not and the ending blew my mind - I never expected it. This movie is an outstanding Renee Rea movie, Tracy Ryan is also very good in the movie. The only negative about this movie is the acting or lack there of, by the two male stars. It was not good at all. You should feel some kind of emotion for the guy conflicted between his wife and the girl he constantly fantasizes about, but you don't. Despite that, Renee Rea is worth seeing in this movie. If you are a Tracy Ryan fan, you will also not be disappointed.

Survive the Night

Very good movie
This is a good chase movie with very good acting from Stephanie Powers. Three ladies run out of gas at night in the Bronx. While looking for some gas, the antagonize a local gang and the chase is on. I found the story easy to follow, some twists, good acting all around but especially from Powers. Are these 3 Women going to be able to Survive the Night? You will have a good time finding out. Helen Shaver also plays her part well as one of the Women. I also liked how this film showed the gang members going into a frenzy to try to find the Girls. This movie is well worth your time if you happen to have a chance to see it, you wont be disappointed.

Taking Back My Life: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story

Exceptional Movie a must see
WOW, what an exceptional movie this is. True story about a rape victim and the aftermath and how she becomes a strong advocate for rape victims. I have read the book (which is very good) and the movie follows the book fairly well. We understand that Nancy has her flaws, she had an affair before the rape but Nancy with her flaws is a strong woman in the end. The acting is great especially Patricia Wettig, by far her best performance. Great storytelling, great supporting actors, the movie moves a a good pace. My only disparaging thought about this movies was that it was a made for TV movie. Not enough people see this type of movie and its a story that needs to get out. If you get a chance to see this movie or read the book by all means do so.


Poor ending to a movie
For the first half of this movie, the plot is great and I was really enjoying the film. Then half way through the film it does a 180 turn and becomes a very bad film Its almost as if half way through the movie they decided to change the entire plot. The acting was not bad but this plot twist was bad. Not going to give out any spoilers but other reviews have so you can read what they say about the twist. I think most reviews agree about the plot twist being strange. Another thing I found disturbing about this movie was that a lot of the movie, at least in the version I saw, was in french with subtitles but part of the movie was in English. I don't understand the reason for that. Just a very difficult movie to follow and understand what they wanted you to get out of it. This could be much better done exploring the seedy side of Corporate Raiders, and Industrial spying. I really cannot recommend this movie.

Sinful Intrigue

Not a great movie
OK, we all know when you get a movie like this that the plot is not going to be great. This movie does not disappoint in that matter, the plot is very weak. And the acting, well let just say its on a par with the plot. Beautiful Women, Yes this movie had some gorgeous women in it. My biggest disappointment in the movie is the sex. In a movie like this the sex needs to be great to make it enjoyable. The biggest downfall in this movie are the scenes with Betty Mullen in them. Except for one scene with the guy she has an affair with, the other scenes with her in it are just boring. Its funny because I have seen her in other movies and she was good. In this movie she seems bored, which might be the idea, but you have to spice this up with something from her and they do with the guy she has an affair with, but only in one scene and that scene was not enough. Not really worth watching as far as I am concerned and certainly not something you should pay to watch.


Very Good Thriller
I enjoyed this move a lot. I found the story line very good and well acted especially by Joanna Kerns. The story is not your typical family captured movie, but instead it seeks to develop more understanding of the characters, especially the family. The story follows a young family who are taken captive by two criminals, played by John Stamos and Chad lowe. Only downfall I thought was the acting of Stamos, who does not play the bad guy very well - at least in this movie. On the other hand, I was very impressed with Chad Lowe in this movie. He nicely plays the roll of the second criminal, who is very much under the control of the Stamos character. A very good movie, I highly recommend it.


A Great Movie
This movie has some of the most stunning cinematography you will see in a movie. Some great acting by Emily Mortimer and Ben Kingsley also highlight this movie. The only downfall is that the plot is hard to follow and its the kind of movie that you have to watch all the way to the end. Also this movie seems to me to be just too long. Some of the scenes with Harrelson and Mortimer after he rejoins her on the train could have been shortened. I sometimes wonder if the filmmakers were trying to make a film about a troubled Marriage, the Transiberian Railroad, or Russian Drug traffickers. Still this is a very good movie with some great acting except for Woody Harrelson, who I thought was totally miscast in this role. This would have been a great Tom Hanks role or perhaps Richard Dryfess.

Behind Your Eyes

Don't waist your time on this
Almost nothing redeeming in this movie. The female lead and the kidnapper are good enough actors but the rest of the cast was horrible. If you are looking for a scary thriller, this is not the movie to go see. This is a story you have seen many times and done much better. A girl and her boyfriend go on a weekend trip to meet his parents. The couple is kidnapped and terrorized by the kidnapper. Needless to say the move degenerates from here and really gets very boring and uninteresting. You really end up not feeling anything for any of the characters. Don't wast your time on this one, its not worth watching at all.

Prince of Darkness

Enjoyable Horror Flick
I really enjoyed this John Carpenter film. A story about a mysterious cylinder that has been guarded by the church for centuries. A Priest and a Physics Professor and some of his students try to figure out the mystery of this cylinder. The movie moves at a decent pace and has the obligatory horror scenes and a little bit of Nudity. Jamison Parker of Simon and Simon fame and Donald Plesence (doesn't he star is just about all horror films) are the lead actors but for me, the best acting is done by Lisa Blont and Susan Blanchard as a couple of the Physics students. If you are a John Carpenter fan you will like this movie and if you like horror films that at least have a semblance of a plot, this movie is for you.

The Burning Plain

Satisfying but not spectacular film
This is a strange movie. If your a fan of the Babel or other work by Guillermo Arriaga, then you will be satisfied with this movie. If your a fan of Charlise Theron then you be satisfied with this movie. If your looking for a gripping drama about how a tragedy affects the lives of different people you will be satisfied. However, if you looking for a good intense drama, this movie will leave you unsatisfied unless you can get over the very disjointed beginning and follow the movie to the end.

I think you have to be familiar with Arriaga's films to really like this movie. He weaves stories together without any thought of a time line and it can make a movie seem very strange. However, if you will follow this movie to the end, it is a good movie. The Acting especially by Theron is outstanding. Give this movie a chance and its enjoyable. Not a masterpiece, but enjoyable.

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