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Godzilla vs. Kong

The fight scenes were awesome, and if there were more of them, I'd rate it higher.

However, the movie drags on and on and on until we finally get to see the first moment where Kong and Godzilla yell at each other.

The movie was much more focused on Kong. Almost like it should have been another Kong movie with Godzilla being the guest star.

There were so many unnecessary characters in the story. Or actors/actresses who served no purpose.

The story was so poorly told narratively speaking. So many parts were awfully explained. Or they weren't even explained, we were just expected to go along with it. Like Kong being captured and in a a simulated cage. Some woman being called "Kong whisperer". The little girl. Why Alex Skarzgard was hated by Kong. Just so many unnecessary characters and parts in this movie.

The comedy was lame at best. Nearly cringey.

The dialogue was awful.

Miley brown was annoying and trying too hard. Served no purpose in the movie other than to have her in it. And what was the point of her dad even being in the movie?

In conclusion, without going on with a rant, the movie was subpar and only worth watching for the fight scenes. The rest of the movie doesn't matter. I tried to like it, but it wasn't very good.

Mortal Kombat

Had some good moments, but ultimately was bad.
Most of the 1 star reviews have it right. I gave it a little more because I enjoyed some of it.

The acting ruined it for me. Especially the actress, McNamee?, for Sonia Blyde. Bothers me more so that she thinks she's so awesome in real life too, as an actress. She was so awful in this, it ruined the movie for me. Every single scene she was in was awful. Find someone else to play her. There was nothing she did right. Awful dialogue, awful jokes, awful delivery, awful cinematography for fights, and awful story.

The lead actor for Cole wasn't very good either, as his delivery in dialogue was very apparent in regards to acting or reading from a script. Character was kind of lame too.

Why'd they race swap Mileena? She should have been Asian. Or at least an actress who knew how to fight. Mileena and Sonia's fight was so hard to watch. So stiff and slow. I can tell at least that Sonia's actress can fight a little, but Mileena'

Jax was cool, however, we hardly saw him and he should have lost his arms to Goro. Both characters were neglected and wasted. I thought Goro looked cool and was presented lame. Jax, in my opinion, was awesome and I liked the actor. But again, hardly there.

Guy with the hammer, I forgot his name, was just stupid.

Wasted Reptile. Completely.

Finale complaint is I wish they made SubZero and Scorpion cooler. Or at least we saw more of Scorpion. He was the reason I played Mortal Kombat way back when I was a kid.

I still feel, though, that a potential sequel could happen and it could learn from its mistakes. Here's hoping.

Odd Thomas

Very enjoyable movie. My soul was found from this.
This movie has some faults, but it's got good characters, good mystery, good comedy here and there, good moral message, good action, and for gods sake good emotion.

Potential spoiler below, depending on your perception.

Look, I'm giving this a 10/10 for the sole purpose that is got tears to trickles down my face. I don't cry. Ever. I'm not proud of it as it is healthy to cry. It's a release. I don't know how or why, but the ending totally obliterated that stone dam holding back the water in my eyes. I'm a 27 year old guy and haven't felt the level of sadness/heart break in probably 10 years. I'm sure you're rolling your eyes or saying "cringe" or think I'm being dramatic. Though, sincerely, this got me. So for the purpose of helping me feel human again, I got to give this a 10/10 and lock it away as my kryptonite. Only other movie/show that has done this to me was Fry's dog in Futurama back in highschool. Don't look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, this movie was such a breath of fresh air in movie making and helped me in my time of hardship and battle.

Also, RIP Anton Yelchin, you were taken away too soon. I hope you occasionally appear in this world to fight off evil spirits like your character in this movie.

The Little Things

Watch before you read my review
I understand the frustration of the ending. I was going to write off this movie as bad. Then I thought for a little bit.

Here's my theory: I believe Albert wasn't the killer. I know that's a common consensus. I don't think Deke or Jimmy was either. However, the confusion and frustration of not getting an answer from the film is actually the result expected. We, as an audience, are to feel just as lost and frustrated with the unknown and unresolved as Deke and Jimmy do. To feel just like how it is to be a obsessive Detective to the point where your perception has become so skewed from obsession, you're desperate for an answer. To the point where you break and it has consequences. Perhaps to show us how being a dedicated detective has its weight that finally breaks them down. Deke knows this finally, as Jimmy's situation wakes him up, however, he doesn't want Jimmy to become him. Thus buying the red clip to assure Jimmy that Albert was actually the killer, thus making him feel justified in killing him. While in reality, it wasn't Albert and it's another burden that Deke has to carry on with within his conscious.

All in all, I believe the movie is to show the best of the best get a breaking point at some point, not wanting to admit defeat or that they just aren't as good as they used to be. Because all the sacrifices they give to dedicate their time into finding the killer or victims, they want it to be time that was well spent instead of time wasted making their life miserable.

Wonder Woman 1984

Not good. I'm really disappointed.
I tried very hard to enjoy it. But it just wasn't good. You can tell there was minimal effort put into finishing this movie. It felt like their budget was severely limited. Almost as if you were to bring in your car to be fixed and they said they just used spare parts laying around the garage to get it done since they were out of everything.

The cliches, the acting, the CGI, the FX, the monologues, the plot, and the writing were just bottom of the barrel. Some of the one liners or jokes were brutally cringey. The animation to CGI was obnoxiously obvious. The acting was awful from a majority of the cast besides the main leads.

Spoiler below

The flying...oh my god the flying. Christopher Reed's Superman had more convincing flying FX. Gal obviously was laying down on a table of sorts with a fan in her face, wobbling around in a green screen surrounding. It was embarrassing.

Most of the FX were bad.

Don't even get me started on the cringe after the credits. Beyond bad acting and beyond being corny and cheesy. Mrs Carter deserved so much more than that dreadful display after credits.

Bottom line is this movie was very rushed. Writing went nowhere. Plot was bad. Acting wasn't good, except for the main four leads. They should have kept this movie in production and not have released it. It needed a lot more work. I rather would have waited longer than get this cornball of a movie. Doesn't even compare to the first movie. Guess that's what happens when everyone cries out for the movie to be released and it gets flung out to streaming. Sad.

RIP Wonder Woman, I don't know when we'll see you in another new movie now.

The Boys: What I Know
Episode 8, Season 2

Nothing makes sense in this finale. It's like they rushed it to a close.

All the build up and all plans that just were resolved and over with in minutes. It was like a more violent power rangers episode.

So Storm front can take laser beams from Homelander, but not his son. She can also take bullets without a dent to her body, but not a flimsy knife to the eye? And why wouldn't Butcher shoot her in the head instead of the back multiple times when she isn't facing him? She gets nearly obliterated, I mean all limbs cut perfect at the bends, her skin fried like Freddy Krueger, and barely alive, but Becca somehow is clean and has nothing but a cut perfectly placed at her jugular? How'd that happen? Laser vision would have cauterized or at least left a burn type injury. So stupid! Storm front has super strength, invulnerability, and powerful lightning, but can't kill Annie or fight everyone off? The inconsistencies break the logic of the reality of the show and remind me that it's just a bunch of actors. It seriously felt rushed. Like they just had to end it.

Very disappointed with this R rated power rangers final episode.

Captain Marvel

Long read, but the movie isn't as awful as perceived.

Was this an amazing movie? No. Was this an awful movie? No. Was it entertaining? Yes. Could it have been much better? Yes. Was it bad because of Brie? No. Was it more so "bad" writing? Yes.

There's been a lot said about this movie and a lot of misinformation/insinuation on it being bad because of Brie, politics, man hate, white bashing, and inaccurate display from source material. I'll start by saying this, I consider myself more libertarian who leans towards conservative. I know this shouldn't matter for an opinion to have any value, but we all know it does. Anyway, I strongly dislike movies, especially comic book movies, where politics rule the narrative, men are seen as evil and stupid, white people are all evil, victimizing people, and making women only good by making men bad. All that and more is what I was expecting from this film. While there is a smidge of it within the movie, it wasn't enough to make me irritated. In fact, I hardly noticed it once I didn't force myself to see everything as a political statement. I actually like Brie. I don't think she was anywhere near the problem of the movie being less than good. She's fine. However, there lies the problem. If politics and Brie weren't the issue, what was? The writing was. Respect to characters and comic accuracy wasn't there. Everything felt rushed and hurried to get a 2hr movie out there. I didn't feel invested into the story or the character. Everyone, every actress and actor, felt cheesy and corny. They didn't show off their known talent. It felt like a B movie rather than a marvel movie. Every character felt dumbed down for humor's sake. It was a disservice to the actors and story. Jude Law, Brie Larson, Samuel Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, and Djimon Hounsou, to name a few, were wasted talent in my opinion. Nick Fury's character was a disgrace as he should have been a very lethal and skilled agent, a badass, if you will. The way he lost his eye was the biggest insult to his character. Mar-Vel is a male and should have received more screen time and story. In my opinion, Jude Law should have been him instead. This is the second marvel movie were Djimon was absolutely wasted. I dreamed, as a kid, for him to be Black Panther, such a spot on pick he would have been. Next, the Skrulls...they were wasted concepts in this movie...they are a powerful villain in the marvel universe.

I think with better writing, a better director, and more budget, the movie could have been amazing. I, nonetheless, enjoyed it a little bit and I actually like Brie. But, like every other actor/tress involved, she didn't have much to work with. So in conclusion, I'd say watch the movie with an open mind first before you condemn it as a politically liberal disaster. It's entertaining and fun. Definitely not great and definitely corny, but something to watch. It isn't the worst marvel movie in my opinion, which is, for me, Spider-Man far from home.

I hope Brie gets another shot at Captain Marvel and this time, have it more in-depth and more serious...peppered with humor, not saturated with corny one liners.

Constantine: City of Demons

Good comic book movie and good example what's been missing.
This is a great movie for people who grew up loving superheroes/comic book characters and learned a lot about life from them. Where the story was about about defeating an evil, learning that the strongest of us can overcome the dark, and gives an important moral message of how far love and friendship in life can go. Shows the burden of the hero and the sacrifices they make in order to make the world a better place, even if it means it won't be for them.

I may be too sentimental or dramatic, but it's been a long time since a comicbook movie made me feel good and the message received at the end of it, was a reminder of why I fell in love with comics and their characters in the first place. No political message. No hidden agenda being masked behind loved characters. Just a movie about John Constantine and how he makes the world safer without wanting recognition for it. A good man at heart and one who battles more of his own demons, than the true ones he sends to hell.

It's got the action, the mystery, the humor, the drama, and positive message missing from so many movies today. Hopefully for more movies like this in the future.

The Umbrella Academy

Season 1 was fun. Season 2 is too forceful on politics
Season 2 is a full on political message. You got a gay agenda/story arch now how misunderstood they are, you have all the women powerful and intelligent by making the men dumb and evil, you got how poorly treated black people were by evil white men, how oppressive men are to women, how bad America is, and police brutality and so on. It's like the show had to hit a quota.

I get it, it's in the 60's and these things were very true, but you don't need to force it so strongly in a show about a misunderstood family with powers/abilities trying to stop the end of world. I honesty love the characters, but they have way more potential then being so defined by their gender, race, and sexuality. We already know how terrible humans were treated in the 60's, don't scold us about it now like it's a needed message for change in modern times. I just want a good story without bashing white people and men. Just make characters and the story interesting. It's a superhero genre, have the message be more about unity for all and coming together to treat everyone with respect. I want my superhero entertainment to be something to take me out of the real world and be able to come back into it with a more positive ideology.

And for god's sake, get a better budget for convincing wigs, CGI, and fight scenes.

The Mind, Explained: Anxiety
Episode 3, Season 1

Anxiety is not a mental illness
Anxiety, on its own, is NOT a disorder. I lost respect for the information being presented to me when they stated "anxiety is mental illness". That is so ignorant and stupid. You cannot be diagnosed with anxiety. Everyone has it. It's called an "anxiety DISORDER". Anxiety is only a problem when it activates abnormally or inappropriately in life. It is then considered a disorder. Anxiety cannot be treated or cured, we all have it unless you have the mental health similar to a psychopath (social deviance personality).

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Was this a joke?
This isn't the Spider-man I know and love. This is little pip squeak iron man and his politically correct friends and classmates. Everyone knows who Spider-man is and his secret is hardly an important thing. Dear lord the blatant horrible acting and cringey dialogue...all that was missing was a laugh track. I've seen better Power Ranger episodes when I was a kid. This is clearly a Disney creation, they might as well have made it animated by Pixar.

-No respect to Spider-Man and his fan base -Everyone in this movie is too painfully ignorant, oblivious, and stupid (comically and cartoonishly) to know what's going on. -Every character is miscast and nothing like they are suppose to be. Pick your own example..."MJ", Aunt May, Flash, and so on... -The dialogue and conversations are so cringe inducing that you might develop a migraine. -The acting. I don't know a word fit enough to describe it. It's obvious it's acting. And it's a race to say the next one liner. -This movie was purely made to make action figures and get more money in the pockets of Marvel and Disney. There's been better spider man cartoons. -Disrespect to the villain Mysterio.

And for God's sake, SPIDER-MAN ISNT IRON MAN OR NEEDS TO BE IRON MAN! Spider-Man never needed or should need to be under Iron man's shadow. So disgusting how they treat Spider-Man. He used to be top dog within the world of Marvel comicbook characters. He's a genius and doesn't need anyone's help, not Tony not happy not super smart edgy "MJ" not Ned not anyone. He can make his own costume and his own webbing. Spider-Man/Peter's only figure he wants to be like is his uncle Ben. If you want a better Spider-Man, go watch the old school animated series. Go as far as to watch the one about Mysterio, it's Oscar worthy compared to this Disney imposter Spider-Man movie.

Please scrap this whole Spider-boy...I mean, Iron boy, oops, I mean Spider-Man and wait for a company, director, and writer who actually love Spider-Man to make the next generation of Spider-Man movies.

Prodigal Son

This is a blatant rip off of Hannibal. Poor man's Will Graham with poor attempt at humor for a twist. Weak dollar store version of Hannibal Lecter. Cringe worthy attempt at being "intelligent" or "deep/edgy".

Dear lord the acting. It's awful. It sounds like a cold read or rehearsal constantly.

I don't know if it's because I watched Dexter and Hannibal, along with the Hannibal Lecter movie series, and now I'm spoiled with actual good psychological shows...or this show is just awful.

I couldn't make it through the first episode as it made me physically wince at the blatant gross attempt to mimic Hannibal. Like, was someone so upset that Hannibal got canceled that they attempted to make a fanfic version of it since they could get the rights to Hannibal Lecter characters? I got to about 21min and groaned at the dramatic music they through in it. Turned it off as it seems like they are purposely making it obvious it was a take on Hannibal, just for laughs.

Doom Patrol

Pretty good except the costumes
The show is entertaining and at times funny. You can't take it too seriously, as it doesn't want to be taken incredibly serious. It's suppose to be unorthodox and bizarre. It's entertainment with great acting and strange twists to keep you watching.

With all that said, the worst part of this is the costumes. Especially Cyborg's. It's so awful. It's nearly a mental exercise to pretend it's a convincing costume. It takes you out of the show and reminds you that you are, in fact, watching a show. I have seen better cosplays. The robotic part of his head looks like a dollar store piece of plastic suctioned to his head, the eye don't even line up properly to his real eye. Don't even get me started on his rubber like body costume that doesn't even try to look real. The metal isn't even convincing as metal looking. The actor is great, but he doesn't fit as Cyborg. They needed a tall muscular man as Victor Stone. Cyborg is big and tall. Unfortunately this actor is way too short to be convincing.

Cliff's costume is cool but still doesn't convince me that it's his body, but instead, a man in a clunky costume. I can see the actor under the costume's neck/Adams apple moving parts of the neck costume...even though the actor's voice isn't the one used...I'd assume it's the stand in saying the lines for the other fellow actors.

The show, otherwise, is fun and one you definitely won't find another like it. Hopefully it gets more traction and thus more money to spend on costumes/CGI

Stake Land

It isn't very good, bluntly put.
The acting, it's so cringey and like they are trying so hard to be dark/edgy. It just doesn't work and constantly took me out of the movie. The boys narration just made me wince because it was so forced and unconvincing.

It felt very amateur. The color of the film and the placement of music. The flow of story and transitions. Everything just happens and you're expected to just go with it.

If you want a movie with story and characters you feel for, skip this. If you want good vampires, skip this. Good action or good mythology behind it, skip this. However, if you want a poor take on Walking Dead with the zombies given fangs and werewolf sounding noises...this is the movie for you. They even have a Maggie replica in this.

Watch this movie if it's free for you and you need some noise in the background.


Almost Brilliant until 3rd season and if you watched/read books/movies
Mads is magnificent as Hannibal and Hugh Dancy is awesome as Will Graham. Laurence Fishborne is always great and does his Jack Crawford spectacularly.

All that said, it breaks my souls to know the books and movies are very well respected in this series. I understand there were many freedoms within the series from the source material, but none that are justified in my opinion.

I don't understand the tokenization of Dr Alan Bloom made into a female. Then making her a romantic option to a tokenization gay character who becomes in charge and powerful. Takes over for Dr Chilten as head doctor. Silly. Then, with her lover Margo, take out the bad man Mason by drowning/feeding him to the eel together. Should have been fed to the pigs by Hannibal. One reason I disliked season 3.

Then making Freddie a female. Why. Just why? Not only a woman, but a seductive, intelligent, and manipulative pretty woman. Freddy should be scummy and gross looking. Someone we hate and are disgusted by. Also, allowing the female Freddie to live and changing the wheelchair death to a stunt for a trick, then further replacing Freddie's death with the series' favorite punching bag, Dr Chiltin? Why. Can't get rid of a prominent and powerful woman?

I don't understand the reason Abigail exists in the show. However, I don't mind her addition to the story.

The last thing is I hate how the show is forcing a near homoerotic relationship between Hannibal and Will. It's so forced and cringey. The relationship between the two should be nothing other than curiosity and dominance. Hannibal's character shouldn't need to explore love or need to explore a gay romance. It's not what Hannibal is about. Hannibal is not a love story and anyone who disagrees is obviously not a true fan of the character or the books/movies. For this reason, I do not want a 4th season.

The 3rd season felt so rushed and no passion was seen. Just a bunch of ridiculous dialogue that is incredibly unnatural to make viewers think they are smart for liking it. Most of the story and characters are disrespected from the actual story line, Red Dragon. The annoying theme of love and romance kills the original Hannibal vibe. And the fact Mad's Hannibal never becomes a full physical force of fear like Hopkins Icon take, broke my heart. I was waiting for Mads' Hannibal, now no longer needing to hide who he is, to become more sinister and scary like Hopkins. Never happened.

It's a good show until the third season. It becomes harder to like if you're a fan of Hannibal Lecter and the movies/books with the political stances taken within the series. The changes to characters bring you out of the world/fantasy because they are a reminder that this isn't an original Hannibal.

I'm conclusion, this more of a fan fiction brought to life on the screen. Borderline homoerotic fanfic that wasn't justified enough to give it a 4th season. Enjoy the 1st and 2nd seasons, then take a deep breath to witness ridiculous mediocrity.

Ghost Ship

Dear lord is the acting bad
The acting is so bad. Just sounds like a cold read of the script. No emotion. Sounds very unnatural, especially in conversations. It really took me out of the film with the atrocious presentation of dialogue. This felt like no actor/actress really cared for their role. I'm sure they look back at this film and cringe.

The flow of the story subpar and along with plot.

Cool visuals at times.

This is House on Haunted Hill (1999) made on a ship instead. If you could handle that movie (it had better acting), then maybe you'll like this.

The thing that really threw me off was Desmond Harrington, his acting was awful! Nothing like some of his other movies. Especially with his character on Dexter. This must have been one of this first attempts at acting or something. His acting in this is slightly worse or equal to Julianna Margulies acting.

I Origins

Just Beautiful
This movie is a work of art. Purely beautiful. This is coming from a 27 year old guy who just can't cry to movies. The only other movie that got me was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Both gave me a tear. Not a tear of sadness, but one from a feeling I can't quite explain. I'm not intelligent enough to find the perfect word. It made me feel good in a time where I was losing faith in beautiful things. Depression is a dark cloud that blocks the mind's eye. This movie gave me a sense of clearing clouds. Please just give it a watch. All the way through.


Was this made in less than a week?
The flow of the movie, like how the movie transitions from scene to scene and then the story flow are all awful. Felt like a long trailer for a movie or a student film uploaded to YouTube using iMovie. Another example of how it felt was like the "previously on..." for a show and they show you scenes from past episodes, that kind of story flow made into a movie.

The acting is so bad it physically hurt to watch. Nothing was believable to the point of it feeling like a comedy.

It gets 2 stars for the directors giving it a good scary and eery atmosphere that makes you feel the sense something is spooky is about to happen. Then the acting shines and takes you completely out of it. The second star is earned from the creature. It was disturbing. The movement and all. Too bad it was created and used in this dumpster of a movie.

The Order

This is the best comedy I've seen
You ever watch one of those "cringe" complications on YouTube? This could fill those up, scene after scene.

The acting in first you're insulted at the thought of something thinking audience will actually believe it. Then you just start laughing at how incredibly bad it is and how dialogue is given/flows. Every Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm street movie has better acting and dialogue. War of the Worlds from the 50's has better acting.

It has a healthy dose of politics right away. Whether you agree with them or not, they are presented awfully. Like they are going out of their way to make sure to include them in a scene.

The fact that Netflix gave the go ahead for a second season is absolutely mind blowing to me. I just can't rationally find a reason someone of genuine sanity would take this show seriously. Those "Scary Movie" parodies making fun of all the scary movies at its time were award winning movies compared to this.

Last Moment of Clarity

You aren't rewarded for watching this
The ending is awful. Just pitiful. Completely a slap in the face in the end. Nothing good came from this movie. The revenge was awful, as in, it was all rushed. No emotion at the end. No action. There is no satisfaction in this movie. A high schooler could have made this a better movie.

The movie had potential and momentum, but it never reached a climax. Everyone suddenly just changed at the last second. A man spent years planning and searching for revenge and his girlfriend. Bumps into an old high school classmate. Then falls for her in a span of 2 days and chooses her over his once thought to be dead girlfriend. I feel insulted for trying to feel something for the characters. The way the story flowed and lead up to the end was just insulting. I think it boils down to poor story telling and writing. I enjoy Samara a lot, but she was the only thing good about this movie.

If you want a satisfying revenge and love story, you will be left with blue balls. Skip it.

Fantasy Island

Terrible waste of a movie idea
I honestly don't know how to describe this mess of a movie. It felt so rushed and poorly put together. I'm sorry, but this movie is awful.

The acting, my god, it was either atrocious or it had no heart to it. Some of the actors there were so off their game. Like they were held at gun point to play a role in it. Others, well, they just are bad actors or this was a film made purely for the sake of bringing in income for a quick buck.

It felt like a movie made to make fun of horror. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, was scary or believable. Nothing was interesting and nothing felt genuine. I honestly felt embarrassed for the cast the whole time. This felt like a film made for TV on Adult Swim or something. I swear the actors were blackmailed into this movie. You could just feel the lack of interest or passion in them.

I've heard nothing but bad things about this movie. Reviews from websites to YouTube. I just wanted to try it for myself because maybe I could squeeze some enjoyment out of it. No. I was so wrong. You can get the same feeling out of this film if you go watch a cringe compilation on YouTube.

All in all, I feel most of the cast want to brush this under the rug like it never happened. The story, the acting, the writing, and the directing were all just so embarrassingly bad or stale. They must have thought the audience would be slow because most of the movie is characters explaining everything to make sure you, as the audience, understands. No confidence in believing we can figure it out or understand it ourselves.

Just avoid this movie. You'll feel so unsatisfied for it. It ends cheesy and cliche. Almost laughable. Like it's a comedy.


This was hard to watch
It's almost insulting how stupid they made the characters. Never have I seen characters written to be so absent minded and at a total loss of common sense. If this is how you have to make characters in order for a story to be "scary" or make it last longer, I rather not watch them anymore.

It's really unfortunate too, it has good suspense, acting, and camera work. All that is tarnished by how completely stupid the group of friends are. I mean a total absence of spatial and situational awareness. It completely took me out of the film and made me not feel bad about the characters at all. Truly makes you think about natural selection at its finest.

Everything in the last say, 15-20min of the film completely ruin the rest of the movie. So stupid and cringey. It's all thrown in your face instantly and goes quick without explaining. Just happens and credits.

If you can get past the insult to your intelligence of seeing these as believable characters, all the typical final girl cliches, and'll enjoy the film. It actually is a decent horror movie for what it's worth. I suggest watching it with someone for general discussion and laughs.

3/10 for good acting, camera work, effects, and make up at least.

The OA

Interesting Story but with a bad character
The main actress, OA, I'm sorry, but she is awful. She should have just kept to being one of the creators of the show, not act in it. She takes me out of the show with her dramatic cliches and Hallmark phrases delivered so badly. Hard to maintain focus or get sucked into the story with her constantly irritating and frustrating me out of the trance. I can't get over how bad of an actress she is or how bad she sticks out amongst the rest of the cast.

The story is very interesting, but it's kind of presented very slow and all over the place. Takes a minute for you to understand what exactly you're watching. I don't mean it I'm a good mysterious way, but in a way that's messy and doesn't flow. You're just expected to go with it until you get it.

I give it a 6 because it's interesting, but the main character and the way the story is told brings my score down. There are some absurd scenes that border ridiculous and stupid, to comedic and embarrassing. Good show to just have on and watch if bored.

Devil in the Dark

Amateur Movie
This movie drags and drags. Nothing is presented to feel for these characters.

Also, it's comedic how they show hunting. I don't think anyone in this film's cast and crew knew what hunting was. For example, who the hell hunts in a bright red coat and a bright plaid blue plaid shirt? While walking around like they are soldiers preparing for an attack. I completely lost it at about 40min in, when they showed the brother load the gun, there wasn't even a bullet in the chamber. How could they let that slip by in post production, embarrassing.

I'd skip this movie if you're looking for a horror movie with tension and at least some intellect in it. You deserve a medal if you make it even to 40min in without falling asleep. This movie makes The Ritual movie look like a Oscar winning film. No hate on that movie, I liked it.

I quit at around 50min in. After he "fell" of the side and screamed. I couldn't take the embarrassing acting of the whole scene.

If you're a hunter or outdoorsmen, do not watch this movie. I promise it'll upset you. It's not worth annoyance. I'm not even a hunter or outdoorsmen and it annoyed me.

I gave it a 2 because the scenery was pretty and I got some laughs out of the stupidness

100 Humans

This is one of the most cringey and poor attempt at science and humor I have ever seen thus far in my life. I couldn't take it serious to even learn something. Between the blunt propaganda, the comedy from the's painful to watch. Embarrassing to watch. This needs to be forgotten about immediately.

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