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Barot House

Good but could have better
Story and concept is fabulous. Screenplay is nicely maintained. I think story and screenplay have saved the accent of the movie. I found that the problem was with the direction as a whole. It's seem that without good direction even a talented actor like amit sedhai couldn't perform well. There well many simple mistakes which could have been easily solved to make the movie more effective and powerful. Still whole team work is nice. Expect to see more movies like this.

Pashupati Prasad

Highly commendable effort
Good direction. Good typical nepali story. Artist have done fair to their roles. More movies like this should be made.

Chhakka Panja 3

Worst movie
This is the type of movie that is not letting nepali movie industry to grow and puts good movies in a lime light. Bad direction. Highly commercial. Bad storyline.


Outstanding Effort
"Jhola" recites a promising story of a young wife, Kanchi married to an old ailing husband through the innocent eyes of their son. It's a story of a woman, representing an every women in our society, caged in a social ghetto. It is also a story of struggle of son and his mother to survive in this cruel society. It has shown the ritual called "Sati Pratha" which prevailed till late 1920s. In this ritual, when a husband dies then his wife should burn herself with the pyre of her death husband.

Movie has 2 plots. In the first plot, a stranger leaves his suspicious bag at Krishna Dharawasi's house, who is actual writer of the story in which writer finds a manuscript written by Ghansyam (Sujal Nepal), son of Kanchi (Garima Panta) and the ailing father (Deepak Chettri. Then Dharawasi starts to read the story from that manuscript and the second plot of the story starts.

The Second plot is of around 19th century. In the second plot there is Kanchi who is in her late 20s is married to a late 70s old ailing husband as a second wife after the death of first wife. In the story soon the husband dies and nightmare of Kanchi starts. Then story continues with the struggle of a helpless Kanchi and her son.

Effort of production team, on-screen and off-screen can be seen in the movie. Especially Cinematography is outstanding. Effort of Cinematographer Deepak Bajracharya is really appreciable. Director and creative director is successful in designing set so that viewers can Nepal of 90s. Director has shown effort in bringing the acting out of actors and non-actors in the movie. Among actors, Sajal Nepal, who played the role of a son can be appreciable despite of his age. We can probably see the best performance of actor Garima Panta. And also other veteran actors like Deshbhakta khanal, Deepak Chettri, has done fair to their role. In Overall, Movie is a masterpiece of Director Yadav Kumar Bhattarai flavoured with music by Jeson Kunwar. Movie successful to deliver message from the story written by Krishna Dharawasi.

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