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Stargate SG-1

It just keeps going
Perhaps to the chagrin of some but the joy of others Stargate refuses to die, with yet another season being signed on for.

What was once signed on for as a four year deal Stargate Sg-1 has went from strength to strength. With memorable episodes sometimes poignant and heart rending like season ones 'Singularity' and season six's 'Meridian' and the hail to the real heroes of the military 'Heroes parts 1 & 2',to the hilarious laugh your ass off episodes like @urgo' and the classic and fans favourite groundhog day episode 'Window of opportunity'. Special fx and great stunt work provide some great action episodes like 'Full Circle', 'Heroes 1&2' and 'The Lost City' Stargate keeps producing. There are numerous fans of every genre it represents whether it be the science, the characters, the adventure, the romance or lack between every type esquire relationship, shippers can imagine.

Stargate SG-1 also has one of the biggest fanfiction bases, with quality writing of every genre produced by numerous writers willing to write about their favourite show and put it out there on the net for people to see.

And now with a widening franchise, from books about the shows best scripts to extended universe and SG Atlantis, it shows it has the staying power that another popular Sci-fi series once did, Star Trek.

If you've never seen it, give it a try, either from the first season or the current eight. Stargate has something which appeals to everyone, whether it be humour, action, or the fact that the characters are so likable and more so drop dead drooling gorgeous. And if that doesn't impress you, take a look at the great amount of stars wanting to be on the show, it's an impressive list.

Stargate: Atlantis

A great start for a continuation of the franchise
Atlantis had a great kick off, especially being introduced to us with some crossover of the Stargate Sg-1 crew comprising of the two original Stargate characters O'Neill and Jackson.

With exceptional fx, some great makeup on the bad guys and what is forming to be a good team on the front line Atlantis is making a good impression and after winding down it's premiere season, its actors have already signed up for a five year deal proving it's popularity. Bringing in some oft he best audiences for a premiere sci-fi show it has potential to be worthy to carry on the Stargate franchise.

The characters are likable, if we get to know them a little better. I feared a few may be culled in order for it to continue but it hasn't happened yet. Sarcastic spars can be a little too much but it's the kind of humour I'm drawn to so I shouldn't complain too much.

it will be nice to get to know the characters better and if five years has been called for it gives us plenty of time. I do wonder about the bad guys, unlike Stargate SG-1's Gould, who we also got to know and had some sort of personality to them, it seems all the Wraith are around for is to suck out lifeforces before going back to sleep. For me they provide a convincing scare fest of 'Wouldnt want to meet one down a dark ally' but as to their staying power I'm not convinced, if they sleep every one hundred and fifty years, and yes we accidentally woke them up, wouldn't they go back to sleep after a while, are they now destined to stay awake forever in pursuit of Earth which they conveniently found out in the first episode.

I'm still impressed y them, the look, the threat, but compared to the Gould and other bad guys of SG-1 like the replicators I do hope other enemies come into play lest they become too boring by the end of the second season.

All in all,Atlantis has potential, and is worthy to carry on the franchise as the first spin off, ( i hope for a few) as long as the characters stay likable, the bad guys stay believable and the plots don't lose themselves in SG-1esque outlines.

The Goonies

To whom it may concern
From the start of the opening credits of Ma and her two sons fleeing through Astoria at high speeds whilst introducing us to a small band of kids who we lovingly came to know as the Goonies, to a pirate ship sailing into the distance which puts POTC to shame with it's authentic grace 'The Goonies' is one of those movies which aimed to please and did so much more.

It's the grand adventure which every child young and old wishes they could have lived and nigh on twenty years later still impresses. The eighties produced some memorable movies in it's decade and 'The Goonies' along with others stands the test of time. With the small band of heroes Mikey, Mouth, Chunk and Data with the addition of some older but non the wiser teenagers of Brand, Andi and Steph we are taken on the grandest adventure with the simplest of terms. A treasure hunt. Every trick in the book is thrown in, A car chase, a treasure map with cryptic clues, dubloons, pirates, underground caves, dead guys, bad guys, pirate ships and skeletons. And of course Sloth.

It's the stuff fairy tales couldn't get enough of and yet it was so real you almost wished yourself to Astoria to live the grand adventure itself. You can't help but laugh at each small intricate detail to the sarcasm of Mouth and how to 'pack the drugs' to poor Chunk relaying his life story to save his poor fingers from the blender. Throw in Mikey to touch the soft spot in your heart and raise a tear, and Data who has a gadget to get you out of every situation. Andi and Brand provide the romance, although in saying Mikey gets a look in too and Steph tries and fails to provide the adult expertise before reverting to perfect sarcasm battles with Mouth. And all this whilst being chased by the Fratelli's.

All in all, praise upon praise cannot say how good 'The Goonies' is, I was five when it was released, and it's been a favourite from then, although I do remember being scared of Sloth at the time. I killed off the version I watched and re-watched and re-watched recorded onto video from all those years ago, bought it on VHS and killed that version too, Thankfully DVD's are that little bit more hard wearing. I hope to be watching it in another twenty years time and still loving it.

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