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Such a cheesy and fun film!
The songs are catchy as hell and so fun. The chemistry between the main characters is great! It's a fun story and it has heart to it as well.

Mommy Dead and Dearest

Such a heartbreaking story
Gypsy's story is so sad and it's so heartbreaking to see what happened to her. I feel for her so much. I understand why she did what she did. The documentary is really good in showing you her point of view and what she went through.


Really enjoyed this movie
Zachary Levi is great in this and the kid actors are great as well! It's such a fun ride and the chemistry between all of the actors is great too! I love the heart and emotion that the film has.

The Haunting of Hill House

One of the best shows on Netflix!
I give so much props to this show for being a scary show but have such a deeper meaning behind it. The writing is great, the acting is great and the chemistry between all of the actors feels so real and authentic. There are so many twists and turns and this show deserves all the praise it's getting. The actors actually care about what they're saying and doing. Such a great show especially for the Halloween season.

Love, Simon

such a great film.
There really needs to be more films about the LGBT community. This movie has such a good message and such a good heart! Simon is a likable character and he isn't a stereotypical gay character. His family is such a normal and accepting family and the scene with his mom when she tries to talk to him about his coming out is so heart warming and real. Such a great film. It is an important film for parents, families, and people who are afraid to come out to see. Christians should see this and hopefully it can change there minds about the LGBT community. Even straight people can see this and get something out of it.

Wonder Woman

She became my favorite superhero!
I freaking love this movie! I came into this movie with expecting a good time. I didn't come into this movie thinking that I would walk out and having Wonder Woman become my favorite superhero! She is so pure, kind, accepting, welcoming, intelligent, witty, and compassionate. She empowers everything good in the world and in people. I haven't seen the original Wonder Woman and I haven't read any of the comics with Wonder Woman but I saw this and I fell in love with Wonder Woman and she is so inspiring to woman everywhere.


Such a poweful story.
This is such an amazing and powerful story about love, compassion, and acceptance. Jacob Tremblay should've been nominated for an Oscar. He gets into his character so perfectly and he shows such heart and purity in his character. All of the actors and characters in this story mesh so well together and I just love this movie so much. It is a great movie for families and kids of all ages. I want to see this movie and it is a great movie especially for schools and for kids who are dealing with bullying. I love this movie so much and I believe other people will too.

The Wonderful World of Disney: Cinderella
Episode 7, Season 1

Such a great musical!
I freaking love this movie! It is my freaking childhood! I still remember and sing along to the songs and there so catchy and so good. The energy is amazing in this movie and its a fun film for the whole family. A great film to musical and theatre lovers.


A classic.
Such a classic Disney film. This movie has heart, warmth, and that Disney magic that Disney does so well in there movies. Cinderella is a movie where it shows that your life can change and that hope can happen in your life. Such a great message.


So, I recently started watching this and I got hooked.
This is such a fun and dramatic show. There is such great chemistry between all of the actors. There is also a surprising amount of maturity in the main cast. They have heart and compassion for one another. It became one of my favorite shows and I can't wait to see where all of the characters lives go in the show.

It Takes Two

My Childhood.
Such a fun film! I remember watching this film as a kid and I remember how fun and cute it was. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley and there is amazing chemistry between them and all of the adults in the film. This film is such a cute and cheesy film and I consider it a classic.

A Quiet Place

A fun time at the movies!
There are so many good things to say about this movie. I had goosebumps throughout the whole movie. John and Emily and the kids were so good in the movie and they had such heart and chemistry. The monster in this movie is terrifying as well. Such great suspense and emotion and it felt so real and authentic. I loved that we only saw this family's journey through this apocalyptic world. Normally, in movies like this you see other characters that don't matter. I love this movie and it is one of my favorite thrillers.

The Drop Box

such an inspiring documentary.
This documentary was so heartbreaking and inspiring. the work this man and his family does is so amazing. He is changing children's lives and I hope he inspires others to adopt children and help children. This is a must see documentary. Even for people who aren't Christian this is a great and inspiring documentary to watch.

I Can Only Imagine

A good Christian movie.
A lot of Christians movie are badly acted and cheesy and this isn't one of them. This movie was well acted, had heart and had emotion. I love MercyMe and the song I Can Only Imagine and it's so great to see the story behind the song. I could relate to what Bart went through with his dad and I think a lot of people can relate to that. This movie had a really good message and I believe even non Christians will like it.

Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall

Such a great documentary!
Todrick Hall is one of my favorite YouTubers so I had to see his documentary. It was so entertaining and fun and it showed all the challenge and struggles he faced trying to make his album and when he went on tour. He is such a hard worker and you see that in this documentary. He is so inspiring and he encourages so many people to be themselves and to never let bully's take you down. I love his Straight Outta Oz album and the video he made for it on YouTube. It's so creative and inspiring. I would definitely recommend watching this documentary if you're a fan of his.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

This is my favorite Marvel movie!
So, I watched the first one and thought it was good but than I saw this and I was blown away. The effects and the worlds and planets they have in this movie is amazing. I love the heart in this story and that's it's not a typical superhero movie. I love the chemistry between all of the actors and it is such a funny and fun movie. Baby Groot is so cute! This is such a feel good movie!


This is such a good movie!
So, I saw the original IT before I saw this and I thought that was good but when I saw this I thought this was way better than the original. The kid actors in this are so good and they are giving there all to this movie! The effects are so creepy and scary in the movie and this movie really makes your route for the underdog. Pennywise is amazing!! I hope they do great things in the sequel and I'm excited for IT chapter 2!

The Greatest Showman

An amazing musical!!!!!
So, when I first saw the trailers for this movie I didn't want to see it because it was about the start of the circus and I am completely against circuses with animals in them and I know the real PT Barnum was a bad guy but I decided to see it because I love musicals and Zac Efron and now I've already seen it twice!!! The music is so amazing in it and there is such energy and heart in this film! You could tell everyone who worked on it put a lot of work into it. This is one of my favorite musicals ever and I'm obsessed with the songs. This music makes you feel so good inside and it's so inspiring. It's a great film for families, for anyone really.

This Is Us

a sweet show
I love Mandy Moore and I was excited to see her in this show. At first, I thought this show was good and alright and I didn't see all the hype about it. But as episodes went on I saw the heart and compassion and energy and love that this show has. All the actors really give their all to their characters and all of the stories flow perfectly. I love this show and it I have teared up at this show and I rarely tear up at anything.

The Jungle Book

A classic!
the songs, the characters, the story. this movie has it all. there is such heart and love and adventure in this story and it has a great message about animals and humans and their relationship together. I will always love this movie and I will always love the kid in this movie and he is so smart, kind, funny, energetic, and adventurous. This movie is a Disney classic.

The Jungle Book

a great film
I loved the animated one and I knew that I would love the live action. The little boy is so great and he has such heart and energy and adventure in him. The chemistry between him and the other characters were so great as well. The CGI is so amazing and beautiful in this film and you feel like you are really in the jungle. I will always love this movie and it will be a classic in my heart.

Forrest Gump

a classic!
Tom hanks is so great in this film and he brings so much to his character. His chemistry with all of the other characters is great as well. It is so sad when his mom and bubba dies. You can see how torn up he is about it. You really go on the journey with him and you see all the experiences that he has. I will always love this movie and it will never get old to me.

Beauty and the Beast

A magical experience!
Just saw this and wow all I can say is wow! I know people have their views on these Disney live action films but people need to realize that Disney knows these films will never ever be like the animated versions. But, in my opinion I love this just as much as the animated version. There was such magic and wonder and adventure in this film!! Emma really shows so much heart and strength to this role and she really is Belle! All of the other characters are so great as well!! I got goosebumps to the core when I saw this and I wanna see it again! :) Emma gives so much to her role as Belle and she is so strong but can also have a quiet confidence to her. She is everything you love about Belle and more and I think her singing voice is so pretty and Dan Stevens voice as the beast is so great and his song evermore that he sings is so beautiful!

August Rush

such a sweet movie!
This movie has such heart and such soul and the characters are so great in this movie! Freddie Highmore is so great in this movie and he really gives his all to this role and he has such energy in his character. I love this film and the passion the movie has for music and talent and I love the chemistry between all of the characters and it is so organic and real.


great film!
Love this film! no it is not like the original but it is great in it's own way! The prince is more developed as a character, the step-mother is still great, and Cinderella is great too. I think this Cinderella is more quiet and with that a quiet beauty and strength comes through her and it really shines. I love this movie and I will always love to watch this one and the original one.

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