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Premise also looks better on paper
No, it's not as bad as 6 stars, on premise. Butnwhat if the script had more of the business side of things instead of the ghost side?

But instead one can foresee the usual plot points.

That the scammer and the real ghost hunters works together complimentary to each other. And their fate and past are neatly tied together.

The intermittent cases all serves as plot point leading up to the final confrontation and reveal and resolve of their history. Nothing too exciting here.

To be fair, I really like the main lead actress here. Her air of melancholy, distain and almost direct sarcasm stands out for om the rest of the cast.


Brutal mafia comedy
A feel good mafia comedy is hard to come by. Let alone a Korean one.

To feel good the good guys had to win. All the time. But such is not the case here. There are lots of death here. Very calculated. And many fight scenes. Together with a fairly sizeable support cast. And most are really one dimensional. Only the 3-4 are somewhat fully fleshed out.

The evil ones are really evil. The slimy one stays slimy. The comedy sidekicks also. No one changed a bit except the female lead.

And there are loads of side stories. The underling brother, the treasure hunter, the hidden talents, the McGuvin , and even the pigeon gets to be hero for a day.

It's entertaining, but itbus just pass your time tv drama, at best.

The Ballot

Quirky .... cinematography and characters
I rarely watch romantic comedies but this is not all there is. It's also about politics and staying with your principles and who you are.

The romance is not prominent theme. The wide angle cinematography got me here. I'm a photographer so that keep it interesting. So is the comedy and local politics.

The main character's name in Korean sounds like Godzilla. And in the mind of the other politicians she is a monster. A relentless, justice seeking, civil servant. She is paired with a meticulous, dutiful and resourceful city clerk.

No they don't win every battle. But the process of each challenge was definitely fun. There are also good set design, supporting characters like the kid, , the girls parents, her 2 loyal friends, and the 3 triplets politicians.

But credit has to go to the main actress. She has a certain presence, charm, radiance and .....panache that fills the screen (and her role) with ease and natural zzeal and zest. And that smile and laughter is absolutely infectious.

Law School

Too many timeline flipping for me
Only was able to watch 3 episodes. And had to give up. Since I needed subtitles, the back and forth time lines(more than 2) is making me dizzy. This and the complexity of the law arguments that is needed to show off the students and their personalities, and the murky relationship setups.

Now my mind is almost out of it. Not to mentioned the school politics....

I don't doubt that this is a good series Better luck next time.


Pander to your sense of.... justice or revenge?
Ok, I'm on the episode where the taxi team is going after the evil twin brothers. And the prosecutor is finally understanding somethings are outside of the law. But is it revenge or moral values? Think the writer picked the former. Then this is a 6.5 and not a 7 rating.

The setup, as the audience, you can see it coming from how relentless the female prosecutor was introduced. Mixed in with all the different cases of miscarrage of justics it had to come to this : she wanted punish the bad guys since the law can't.

Probably it will end with the law taking down the evil empire of the female boss to balance both sides of the coin.

To be clear I cringe (and fast forwarded) through the reliving of the all the sad parts. And they are milking for your sympathy, really melodramatic stuff here. Because I want to see punishment or the good pleasing counter ending, but not helplessness (or suffering).

Don't we all? Cause it doesn't often happen in real life.


A writer and an actor's dream series
This is obvious, the series is made for actors from the writer. The whole series is set of twins. Every 2 episode is a set, and 1-8 is one bigger set, then 9-16 is the second large set. And everything is combined as a whole. And of course, the two main characters are kind of twins that slowly merge together. The city counsel woman and the developer is another set of twins? Any more?

In the 1st 8 episode, the ground works are lay down for the next 8 episode. And the characters are built up, ever so slowly. The pace is tactfully slow since the events and reveals are at a faster pace, a thriller's pace. It gives the audience time to think (or to participate) about what is REALLY going on here.

The 2 main actors are excellent, especially the manic veteran cop. I'm reading subtitles, so the 2nd half has a bit more complex plot wise but not over done IMHO. The twists if any are relative minor and believable, but impactful. Well written.

The young leuitenent's sacrifice is well telegraphed, along with his crushing realization that he long syspected. Loud as the express train on a rainy night. But the manic cop's revenge plan is a bit more problematic. Much too calculated. But he's a bit crazy so I give you that.

The entire supporting cast is also excellent. The blues music score is very fitting. The serial killer themed type of thriller is only scratching the surface of the plot. I'm seeing lot of this onion layering recently in plot reveals and it's a effective tool in hooking the audience in. Here the writer also uses a simile of a new cop going into a small town's precinct, just like us, the audience going into the plot half blind and has to get to know the culture of the plot.

Very well done.

P.s. I'm rewatching the series again on Netflix and is catching more of the great writing with English subtitles instead of Chinese. The dialogue is just full of irony. Often from either the manic veteran cop or more often from the pretty boy. And all characters in the show are mulit dimensional too. From the substation chief, to Park Jeung-ji, the meat shop owner, down to the tertiary characters. They get meaningful dialogue and closeups to express their feelings, predicament and personality. In subtle ways. And the small town mentality is so spot on.

And the quiet meat shop gathering is very cozy... comes with a slogan too "Got money? No! Got good health? No !..."


The early Minority Report cross with Seven
Episode 1-7 I'm only 7 episode in and the pace just doesn't let up. It's a gruesome police thriller with a serial murder aspect. Basically it goes back to the very initialisation of the concept presented in the film Minority Report. What if you could predict a crime? But it is at the early stage, science predicts it, but what next? The cops are still catching up. And the show investigates the emotions involved.

But it's far from a TV series. The pace is frantic, it lingers a little bit on the emotional scenes. And IMHO, skipping over some key thrilling scenes. For example, in the TV show revealing why the culprit commits the crime, a few scenes seems to be missing. The whole thing is shot like a movies, unlike few other recent Korean thrillers that are also excellent in their own right. Nobody knows, Beyond Evil, and The Good Detective.

The only thing that didn't fit for me is the PD female lead. Why she is the evil doctor's significant other. And the writer are not touching her history much, probably that's the clincher.

I hope the second half is just as good, plus it needs an ending.

Episode 8-14 From the beginning of this set you get where the writers are going. Mind games!!!! Also the show is starting to reference Silence of the Lamb. Then it's onto twist after twist. Say, it's not a tornado movie!!! The piece of the son, then the farther, then the son twist is a bit of a time waster.

The mind game aspect is not new, and they are adding the release of the perp to the younger female lead. But that takes a back seat. More memory surfaces with the girl that stepped on the mouse. Wonder if that is PD?

Now towards 15 and the mega twist comes out. Memento anyone? The pace still sizzles but slows a bit for this stretch. As no more killing just more reflection. The guy in hospital, his pal wakes up. Daniel the scientist admit he was wrong ( so 1% of goodness was there). That's a stretch. Still a good watchable show.

Episode 15-19 This is a bit over the top for me. So these episodes are to explain everything and dwell into a 'proper ending. So who are the OZ guys? Government I suspect. A lot of flash backs and names being throw around. It's not a good sign. The plot should let the audience to figure things out. Not with detail explanation handholding. All the thrills are gone. Let's see what the last episode will bring.

Oh yeah, maybe I missed something but all of a sudden there's a baby. (I do remember some scene when she felt like vomiting) And PD's identity is revealed. The older detective's daughter, the small girl who helped the evil Dr. To lure some of his victums. But who's the girl that stepped on the mouse?

And will the main protagonist die because of the transplant limitations? Or killed by either the detective (revenge for his brother) or young female lead(revenge for her granny) first? So many questions for the last episode.

Episode 20 Downgrade again. 7, not and 8. This entire episode is to tie in loose ends with flashbacks. At 1hr39min only 30min or so are new footage of redeeming acts. What a disappointed ending. Everyone either got arrested or have a sudden conscience. Sigh.

La-i-peu on Ma-seu

More than ordinary
This is a splendid drama. Strong story, tight execution, subtle acting and chemistry. Yes there's kind of virtual time travel, but the not so clear explanation (but the hint is very strong as to what's going on) is actually well done. Some may not like that though. The final message for sure takes center stage here instead of the plot.

The captain and the female officer gave fantastic performances. The cases are interesting and essential to the main character finding his past and formulating his thoughts and choices for the future. And the cliffhanger really shines he main character fights to make sure the tough choice actually makes sense.

The chemistry between the 2 male lead is good. The comedy aspect is not overdone. The strange gathering place where they drink and talk gives a weird vibe.

My only gripe is the constant same camera trick of pulling zoom whenever the main character have a headache. That's just too distracting.

Supposedly taken from the UK tv show, but this show carries it's own weight and transplant itself with old time radio Kpop, karaoke, chicken dinners, and male chauvinistic attitudes. Bravo


What hasn't been Said ?
Season 1 is slower, Billy Bob's character Malvo is a bit too much for me. And the Biblical parallel story in the middle seems more of a filler to me. Martin Freeman's character arc is compelling, although repugnant. I can see great care in the first episode, in that to it very much resembles the movie. That's a setup. Setup for the payoff to the violence at the end of episode one. Or maybe even a setup for season 1 for Allison Tolman's character to arrive at the possible parallel (or some reference) to that of Francis Mcdermottt's character in the original movie.

Season 2 moves at a breakneck pace when compared to the first , but there maybe one of two plot holes near the end. And I thought the execution by the forest is in some way similar to that in the Cohen's movie Miller's Crossing. At least I thought of it right away. Not as elaborate but reminiscent of. And for me, certain character motivation is not as clear or probable. Like the native Indian's mindset near the end, which needed a voiced over - a sign of lack of clarity.

Very enjoyable overall because the story is solid, focused and meticulous. And acting is first rate.

Blade Runner 2049

Subtleties of Emotions
There is a scene near the end, when K goes on his way after being informed that he is not who he think he is, to find Dekkard again. He stops in the middle and a gigantic hologram of Joi seemingly talking to him. He paused for a moment then went on his way. In that brief pause, to me, was a brief expression of realisation and sadness. The realisation is that he was living a dream. Not a lie. But a dream that the world sold to him. But I am not sure I have that fully correct.

This is a very thoughtful movie. It showed us what emotions everyone of us takes for granted, but ironically, place it onto the of makeup of a replicant. Dread, fear, loath, hope, anger, melancholy, grief, lost, happiness, frustration, confusion, elation, betrayal, loneliness ... you name it it's mostly there. Or at least the situation encountered presented these possible emotions. But how K is capable (or tried to) process these and express these is another question. More, what's more important , K the replicant is able to display that he is able to think on his own terms, make his own decisions, and ultimately find his own way. Which is more than I can say for some of us.

And then, at the end, K makes a sacrifice - giving up the present for the future. The future of others. And this is significant - a magnanimous gesture to a degree. - and with his own existence no less.

What a great movie.

Bimilui Soop

The Key of Success
I am still 1/2 an episode away from the ending of the show, yet I'm lamenting, savouring the demise of this very, very good show.

No, the show is not perfect, but darn close. Here, I will neither lead off nor delve into what I see are the minor short comings but instead try to elaborate on the secret of this show's success.

The story revolves around how a prosecutor unearths the details and convoluted dealings that is behind an initial murder of a shady character.

One of the key element of the story is that this prosecutor has a unique physical (and thus related emotional) flaw. This flaw allows him to be almost devoid of emotions, but brilliant (almost to a fault) at deductive reasoning, theories correlation, and stone-cold, unrelenting, unapologetic, and unflinching resolve. This character flaw also provide the storyline with one of the most explosive yet unusual, non- action based climax (1 of 2 near the ending). For this, the audience is the scapegoat in soaking up all the tension in between. This character trait, I believe is absolutely necessary, to serve both the seriousness of the subject matter, and the 'burden' of the plot.

This leads to another great component of the show and that is the overall tone. The constant pressure, mystery, event after event (constructed in great detail) that unfolds seemingly backs the 'good' guys into a tight corner. All this done in a serious, nonchalant, no extra fat, point to point, manner. While there is only just a small, right amount,of understated comic relief. This goes against most other formulaic Korean detective show of over the top funny characters.

A third key of success is the balance of characters. The balance of the female lead oppose to the male lead. Officer Han is just as tough, physically and mentally, has a sense of justice that pairs along with a sense of doubt. This does not mean she is weaker in any sense, but instead more human. A fine touch is how she likes to sketch and scribbles with a pencil. Also must be noted is subtle variation of characters in both the prosecution and police staff. The writing provides its characters with varying level of moral, ethical, and conscientious standards. Some people change, some don't.

Other elements that are not so common in K dramas. No clearly stated development of romantic relationships for the main leads. No prolong, repetition of pop-song heavy based, unnecessary flashbacks. No over sentimental gratuitous tug of the heart strings. No over stylized cinematography. No must see next episode ending to every episode. And there is no over the top, fantastic human feats, or earth shattering twist of the plot.

Lastly, but to a lesser extend is the reduced dependence on dialogue. But instead through use the camera angles and movement, specific thoughts and facial expressions of the characters to move the storyline along. This is especially so in the first few episodes. That means some information are not from given through the exchange of dialogue, not a directly feeding of the plot line to the viewer, but instead implied or visually taken care of.

And as the mystery slowly reveal itself, the audience is not taken for a ride but instead is going along for the ride, side by side with the task force. What a pleasure for us the audience to have this quality writing and what eyes for director and producer to trust the strength of this writing, too.

Nazo no tenkôsei

teenage sci fi that is the opposite teenage mutant ninja turtle
TV Tokyo is coming out with some great stuff. They are often shot differently, has good music score and source from some good materials.

And this is no exception, it has well explained science background (true of not), mix that with some serious teenage angst and you have a winning plot.

It all has to do with this old man next door.. who has memory issues (possible Alhzheimer's). The dad is a sci-fi writer, the son is one of the main characters along with his girl he likes at school. And as the title suggests, there's a transfer student.

It has sci-fi moments but that is not the point here. The point is about trust, kindness and consideration to others, especially strangers.

Each episode is only 25 min or so with very little repetition and that's the right length given the rather slow approach. Thumbs up nevertheless.

Chen fun du miao

Overdue review
Yes, the format copies from 24, the plot is like Infernal Affair - and it's convoluted. But the detail of the plot is their own. And for the times, the execution is very before it's time , especially in HK, and ESPECIALLY from TVB !!! There are tons of outdoor scenes, tones of night shots, foreign locations. Everyone is cool looking, tough talking, has a hidden agenda.

There are no quick edits to make it 'seems' the action is happening. But it relies more on the slower 'pace' to create, builds up and elongate the tension. This can even create a distraction of how some part of the story will turn - even though if you think about it, the story does travels on a logical path.

And even one of the 'seemingly' major character dies not 1/3 way through.

I'm keeping my DVD copy and rewatching this one but is it too much to ask to release it in hi-def ? (joke)

Ji zhan

mature rocky meets million dollar baby
More solid than I first thought, but also more sentimental than needed be. But the execution saves it all.

This is a story where 3 sets of lives comes together in Macau: a ex-champ boxer, an aimless young man, and a down and out mother-daughter.

So it goes through the 3 acts: the background, the middle struggles, and the triumphant finish. All predictable, all about redemption (again). The sentiments are just full to the brim. The MMA sequence are good enough to behold. And there are the comic reliefs to breakups the mundaneness. However, the execution, the shots, the editing, the color, the settings, holds the atmosphere, tension together into a nice pace.

You can see how the last fight ends miles away. But no complaints here as it was well done.

Manatsu no hôteishiki

drown by love
What a story this is! One of theme is fairly obvious - protection, whatever the cost.

For those uninitiated, this is a one-off movie/special from a TV series about a physics professor helping the police to solve difficult cases. And the original stories came from a various novels.

This one opens with the Professor travelling to s small town. The town is on the verge of redevelopment but is opposed by environmental concerns - to 'protect' the ocean. The professor stays at a small local inn where a death occurs. An ex-cop no less. Then as he gets intertwined with a little local boy he unravelled a series of 'events', passed or present from this death.

The story is a bit heartbreaking, but I think the message comes through loud and clear. Although the message is nothing new, and occurs very often in this type of crime/drama, the way it was handle was fairly well. There are a couple of places where sentimentality could have been more restrained. Other then that, no complaints.

So duk

A little bit of philosophical choice.. then turn into A Better Tomorrow
At the point when Lau yield at his superior (with a strong baritone voice sourcing from the lower belly regions) 'It's a life you're dealing with !!!' it was pretty exhilarating. I thought this might be different.

Then the 3 main actors got together for a lunch and started singing.. I can see the sentimental setup already. Further more with another signing episode when deciding to go to Thailand or not. By the way, Nick Cheung's goofy hair style and demeanour sort of too childish and maybe gave away the 2nd half? Yet, at the climax of the Thailand scenes, the 'other' philosophical writer came back!!!! The "choose 1 of 2"... difficult choice Lau has to make breath life back into the narrative again. I would have like a bit more time there to show the difficulty (maybe like Good/Bad/Ugly with the 3 minute song extreme close up ending).

Yet over yet, when the 8 face Buddha comes to HK and messiness resumes. Then until the rooftop scene where "choose 1 of 2" philosophical question came full circle.. I thought this could be revenge well played but really how would they follow it up? then came a Better Tomorrow ending that is maybe 1/2 the effort of all the footage before it. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Toshokan sensô

alternative future .. alternative F 451 ?
I'm not saying it's 451 but it does have the dystopian future aspect of book burning.

Supposedly based on a book (not manga right?), the premise aligns 2 opposite sides of library protectors and censorship wing. What is so strange is that both sides are armed and have diametrically opposing views on censorship. Which kind of implies police and political groups are mostly useless? I just can't get pass the logic of the premise.

However I do have to say, I've seen the male lease Junichi Okada in the SP series (and 2 movies). He fits that action role to a T. And here, in this movie, I was just waiting for him to go into action. Still, he conveys a sense of thoughtfulness, toughness, with a trouble past. The female lead, played by Nana Eikura, which I've seen in other TV shows, has not been and is not as impressive (for my taste that is). Her acting is relatively 'girl'-like. Her best acting I've seen was in 'A Taste of Honey'. I am not sure she is ready for lead yet.

Story wise, it is well paced. An overview of the history of this alternative universe. Builts into the 2 main lead, then the current library, the training session to built the characters. Then the initial confrontation, interlude , the extensive battle , rest again and the final sequence.

Ther action is packed when it needed be, and sounds good. But you are never sure the 2 leads are in danger. And the villain didn't get any time at all, so you don't feel anything there.

It's a romantic action genre with neither dominating and neither spectacular. So in this way, it is kind of disappointing.


there are moments but overall.. a slight letdown
There are moments in there that seems to be different. But those didn't last long enough. Some of these moments eventually turned into cliché and other turn into prediction that most you can see it coming.

The premise is a bus got lost and only a few students survived. For me it had too many fronts, although some are minor. But it was kind of a bit distracting. There is the school teacher, the bus company, the parents, the 3 kids, the reporter sister, and what is happening to the site.

And at the accident site, the friendship evolution is good enough but not deep enough. The murder aspect wasn't given a full or reasonable explanation as to why the culprit went on and on to continue to eventually hurt that person in the stomach near the end. It's too much unexplained emotions that did not make sense.

And the ending , last episode, is kind of a let down. You know the main character (through the trials and tribulations) is not about to leave the injured person. And you know the story won't so cruel as to NOT let the injured elder sister returned to the 3 younger brothers and sisters.

2 Weeks

good enough
Sometimes the preset premise can set a boundary in which creativity is limited. This drama Two Weeks comes close but is able to manoeuvre around just enough to be just good enough.

The premise is about harden weakling ex-con criminal who discover himself being a father of an 8 year old girl, and on top, framed for murder, reinvents and rediscovers himself in 2 weeks.

The intricacy of the plot involves 2 unlikely scheming selfish villains, a female politician and an mob boss vying for one last big deal. Along with this a prosecutor who has been gathering evidence on these 2; the ex-wife of the ex-con, the current boy friend who is a cop, and the 8 daughter who needs bone-marrow transplant.

The 2 weeks, marks off day by day, and the intertwining plot, scenario and relation setup is just complicated enough to build up tension. However, you know the ex-con is not gonna to die, or the seeming dangerous plot points say.. in episode 8 will be escapable. (Since he has to escape until episode 16). But it all works.

It works because the villain is despicable, the melodrama is very cheesy. And acting, although not under nor over, fairly even. And th 8 year old girl is so cute.

There are better dramas, like Phantom, Sirus. But this is not too shabby.

Namonaki Doku

human drama about scathing venomous ... words ?
This is based on novel by Miyuki Miyabe, whose many other adaptation I've seen lots of. On thing about all those adaptation is the they all preserve the beauty language used. And that seems to be the flavor of the author's. Which I appreciate a lot. It made the show to have a distinct character of style.

The other element of style that comes through no less is the direction of the drama itself. They have the mystery aspect, but the point is never the how or even why or any twist of deed (be it high murder or lowly simple act of cruelty) is done. But instead the affect on the surrounding people.

Thie one, Nameless Poison is in the same vein. It tells the tale of a timid good average Joe, who is married into a well to do family. He is seen (or sometimes in his mind read) by others as depending on the in-laws. Although that is very far from the truth. This very polite person thus harbours many of the 'poisonous words' of others, including his straight forward mother.

This average 'Joe' encounter 2 major mysteries in this series and goes about unwrapping them. It is through these deftly unique situation he unleash and discover and unwind his own true character.

This is not a fast pace one. There are many internal monologues. And the cases are does not have grand conclusions. But they are intricate studies of human nature. Very enjoyable.


an excellent tribute
You don't have to watch the original, 2007, Eye in the Sky HK movie. But then you won't get the ending cameo.

Personally I don't think there will be an sequel. Korean movies are not known for that. Casue the find new materials every time.

Sometime they make good remakes, (like this or remake of Japanese "Trains"), sometimes not as so (I heard "A Better Tomorrow" or "White Nights" are not as appealing) Story is about a team of surveillance cops vs. a cold calculated criminal, who can plan, execute and getaway a crime with precision and detail to account for almost everything. On the other side is a rookie with pinpoint memory who is recruited by a weary veteran.

Usually I won't waste time trashing a movie if I don't have a long line of reasons to (like the missing science in the Star Trek reboot - but it so bad that is was funny instead). And why waste time/words, effort on a review to trash or to vent if you could have walked out in the first place.

Howerver, there is no "real" central focusing character in this setup. I think they didn't want to be completely on the 'rookie' female cop. But added more back story to the villain to carry the load instead. This maybe the weak point for me. It's all very very well-done but lacking some kind of soul. For example, compare to the Howling, The man from Nowhere. But as entertainment, yes. No complaints.


no longer surprised ..
by the tight Korean production professionalism that is.

The story origin is an Japanese crime genre novel. I think there was a Japanese series of movie once. I did not see that.

Story is around the sudden disappearance of the fiancé of the male lead when they were on the way to meet the in-laws. This all happened at a gas station. Then the relentless of the male lead, hooking up with his estranged cop(ex?) brother who is very detail oriented, try to find out what happened. And the more they go, the more unknowns were uncovered.

The title, as used so many other before, implies the inevitable that will come. The foreseeable ending and that truth will always come out, if you dig hard enough ? But is this movie good enough? I was swaying between a 7 and 8.

7 because , the male lead , for me, is a bit over the top. The cop brother slightly better. 8 because of the tightness of the story.

I get that the movie wants you to be in that shoe of helpless, not knowing what happened to your most significant other. But he really didn't know her from the beginning. So the emotional hook wasn't really there ?


kind of like a different version of that Bruce Willis movie
Unbreakable - that was the movie. Kind of like that understated, more realistic view of how people with super powers deals with their 'gift'.

The thing I find about Korean movies is, each is so focus on what each one wants to be, wants to tell, in such specific ways. You can say, the confidence is never an issue. It's overflowing in fact. And never murky who is good, who is bad. It's almost always entertainment. Unlike too many Hollywood these days, either over the top action, or too thought provokingly murky. No middle ground, no thriller any more.

This is no exception. 2 guys, one can control minds, the other basically heals himself endlessly. One good, one bad. And there are at least 3 memorable scenes. One at the money shop, one at the subway, one during the end game.

The comic relief is just a tad too obvious and see it coming. There are a few transitions moments with some information left out .. as in how did the plot get from here to there. Otherwise, I'm good with the way it holds up.


snappy, yet calculated
I'm sure there are some holes (spolers:like the such a man at such an age can still run that fast) in the storyline but the movie helped by never overstaying it's welcome.

as always now with Korean productions.. the technical aspect is flawless. The story is a thriller about the re-occurrence of an almost exact kidnapping case that just terminated due to statue of limitation.

there is a clever twist, a twist on the moral side that 'seem' justified. I have a feeling that if this were Japanese or Chinese, it would have err on the side of 'justice' and whoever committed a crime, however good intentioned, is a crime. But I like this ending. It's a feel good thriller in a way. This twist is also aided by a time-line "issue". A good one at this.

All the information is there for you, as audience to figure things out before the final review and then the final twist. I like that. The story wants you to figure it out, just like the mother. Kind of.

The color palette is muted. But since the story is a thriller, not an action genre, there were some fast cuts to show the footwork and the grind work. There are a few chases and they are on foot, not elaborate, not over the top, adds to the flavor. And the ending also review what happened 15 years ago. it kept the purpose of the reveal climax to the end. True to a thriller.

The acting is solid. Now I'm don't know the names of the actors, but think the male cop is the one of the 2 leads in 'Memories of Murder'. The female lead looks familiar but I can't place her. Sorry for my ignorance on this. She is also very good indeed.

Karamazov no kyôdai

Finally went through the 11 episode of this adaptation.

It's a bit long even though each are 30min or so long. First 3 episodes devote one each to the brothers. Then 4th is a mix of all 3. Introducing their character and the possibility of each of committing the murder.

Then it gets moves slowly. Not until episode 10 that we are steered to another possibility. Between 4th and 10th.. I don't really recall what happened...mostly guilt trips and flashbacks I suppose.

The music various a lot but adds to the flavor. But compare to the Crime and Pushiment adaptation this was a bit underwhelming for me.

Acting is not bad. The detective stole the show though.


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