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Christina on the Coast

Ice Queen
I cant stand watching Christina. She's a whiny "princess" and I was really hoping she was going to go away after her public relationship disaster with her ex. Alas HGTV tries to re-launch her. It's a sad day at HGTV when Chip and Joanna Gaines go way and this is what we get stuck with. Fingernails on a chalkboard.


I wanted to love this
I loved the animated version all throughout my childhood. This was nothing like that. It was about as warm as a bad dream. All the fake accents. The muddled stories. Flat performances. I am SO disappointed.

Knock Down the House

Waste of time
Nothing new to see or learn. Naive politics aside, this was thrown together like a first year, film school project.

Gentleman Jack

Wonderful Series - Strong Cast
I've been looking forward to this series. A story about strong confident women during a time when it wasn't fashionable to be so. I love the clever dialogue and how Ms Lister breaks the 4th wall and looks into the camera, as though you and she share a mutual amusement or secret. And best of all it's based on a real person from history.

Robin Hood

Muddled History
I dont think the movie was as bad some would have you believe. But I hate when they mess up the history. First of all. They have Richard the Lionheart married to Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was married to King Henry and Richard the Lionheart was married to Berengaria of Navarre. It doesn't take away from the story unless you know this and then you start wondering what else they took license with. Anyway. Russell Crowe is always brooding and does these sword fight movies well. And I would watch Cate Blanchett paint a wall. Sigh. And Oscar Isaac is a good Prince John. This movie has a great cast and they filmed it with a great cinematography. So I enjoyed it and ignored the muddled history.


Jim Carrey is not funny anymore. This is just more of the same not funny stuff. I'm so disappointed. I was looking so forward to this series too.

The Children Act

Beautiful and tragic
I love Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci. This story is both beautiful and tragic in equal parts. But in fairness I would watch Emma Thompson paint a room. She's my favorite actress. Often times people who make weighty life decisions as a vocation are forced to insualte themselves from the weighty matters in their own lives in order to survive. Such is the case here. Who saves whom? This film is thought-provoking and calls on us to consider, and possibly reconsider, our own values and judgements. I recommend it, with a box of tissues. I'm crying as I write this.


Jim Carrey is not funny anymore. This is just more of the same not funny stuff. I'm so disappointed. I was looking so forward to this series too.


Anthony Hopkins at his best
Apart from Ryan Gosling's ridiculous fake southern? accent, it was a good performance. But Anthony Hopkins was icy hot. Perfect. A couple of plot holes. But I have seen this film several times. It's clever and well-written. I'm not a huge fan of Rosamond Pike. But she was serviceable in the past. Strathairn is always a strong supporting character. Anyway I really like this movie. If you're a fan of legal dramas with some plot twists, then this is winner.


Wonderful, beautiful
I accidentally found this little jewel while I was searching for another film of the same name a few years ago. I was absolutely enchanted and enamored. It's so beautiful and tragic. I found the protagonist to be like myself, of an age. He's both lonely and lost, having discovered the world has moved on without him. He finds a young fan who is charmed by his magic and his worldly travels. She follows him and they enter into a father-daughter type of relationship. Only the illusionist finds himself falling in love with the young lady. All the while the illusionist finds his audience disappearing, like the rabbit in his show. The story is warm and sad, but it is also magical. All of it told with images and virtually no dialog. It is not intended as animated entertainment for kids. I loved it so much that I purchased it, and I have watched it many times. Don't pay any attention to the hater reviews. This is real art, and most of today's movie goers disdain anything that eschews nudity, violence, or profanity.


One of The Best Movies
I saw Titanic 4 times when it came out ... Still in theaters. I've never done that. Not before or since. It is not just the story of the sinking or the loss of life. I mean...there's that story, well-told. But the love story of Jack and Rose told against the backdrop of an epic disaster is so poignant. It was a phenomenon...the movie was. I watched it again tonight ... 20 years later, and it holds up even now. Titanic is James Cameron's Mona Lisa. His Free Bird. A masterpiece. Don't listen to the naysayers and haters commenting here on IMDb ...that it's overrated. If anything a film that garnered 11 academy awards rated a 7.7 on IMDb is grossly UNDERrated. It's a beautiful film still.

Mercy Street

Well Done - Let's Give This a Chance
I'm hopeful that this series marks a start to some quality original PBS programming rather than more transatlantic imports from the BBC or ITV. So far so good. I'm curious about some of the message board complaints about the gory nature of the surgery scenes. I would rather see the good, the bad, and the ugly instead of a watered down, whitewashed, and sanitized presentation. I like my stories with some real grit. The characters have some real depth. I don't like put-on southern accents. Like fake snow it diminishes the realism of the scene. And this series has lots of that. But (at least so far) the people of color have more to do in this story than serve angry white people. The Civil War is a dramatic season in our nation's history. It's not always a pretty story. But as a backdrop for this drama it is told with some dignity and respect for all the players, regardless of their uniform. I think we could use more of that attitude today.

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