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Kaena: La prophétie

Idea of this film is fresh and interesting, but implementation is pretty tiresome. Episodes, dialogues, and characters look very regular, sometimes banal. There is a lot of objects and characters rendered with high quality and well detailed, but character' movements very far from looking to be real. Kaena itself - it's a strange hybrid of Lara Croft and japan anime girl. Most terrible thing in this movie, almost all scenes rendered in one color gamma (brown). When there is a lot of movements at the episode, it looks like light spots blinking. Due to lack of contrast you can't understand, what, actually, happens. All this sometimes make you very tired when you watch this movie. On the other hand there are a very funny weird creatures, like worms that type i like in french animation. It makes at least a small part of this movie worth seeing.

One line - I'm not talking about Ice Age, it can't be response even to Final Fantasy

Tumannost Andromedy

Best Soviet Sci-Fi movie ever
This film was considered for some strange reason as not really successful (may be it was politically incorrect for its time) and almost not shown and theatres and TV. I saw it only once in 1990 during "Old Sci-Fi festival" but I have to say it's best Russian I saw. Actually in USSR there were almost didn't filmed sci-fi an thrillers. This film in somewhat very similar to Kubrik's Space Odyssey. Probably it well-made, decorations, dress-ups , scenes build strong (as if for real use) and not from plastic and paper. Also people shown at this movie, their interests, behavior and motivations so different from modern's. All this give you a strong filling of future life. This is true, good old-fashioned Sci-fi. Not Hi-tech westerns like Terminator or hi-tech tales like Star Wars. Also it based on very serious story, considered as one of the keystones of Russian postwar sci-fi. Shortly speaking - Good, old-fashioned, space travel pure sci-fi.

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