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The ABC Murders

Makes perfect sense
Don't listen to the nay-sayers. This is one of the better remakes/revivals of an Agatha Christie I have seen in ages. Poirot is brilliant and the slight flavour of contemporary problems mirrored in the 1930's isn't without it's poignancy. And the finale invites us to share in Poirot's dark past and is all the more brilliant for it. Watch and enjoy!

Hard Sun

Not bad, though not SF either
I know there are some problems with weird subplots, completely off the chart timings etc. But it's actually a pretty decent detective series. Though the science fiction part is let's say, underdeveloped:-) So, I don't really know what people are complain about. I mean Lost in Space is mass-produced crap with plot-holes the size of black holes and a pretence at science that is borers on cringeworthy, but it still gets high ratings. In short, I'll easily watch a few more seasons of this. (And maybe in time the male lead Jim Sturgess will lose some of his annoying smugness that he seems to bring to all the roles I've seen him in.)

Lost in Space

Lost in Plot Holes
There are some good things, but by having SO many weird plot gaps that are basically based on the assmption that the audience really has NO knowledge of even basic science, this series is a serious let-down of everything that is Science Fiction. I m0ean, WHO writes scripts this bad? On top of that there's inconsistencies in character behavior that are absolutely pathetic.


10 minutes in, its breathless
Just finished watching this amazing film by the director who also legitimised torture in her previous film. Perhaps this is her attempt to redeem herself. Regardless, she has created a film that takes a large-scale drama (the Detroit riots) and manages to convincingly bring our focus into a chamber drama with an insanely bigoted white cop and a bunch of accidental hotel guests (with just two exceptions - you guessed it - black). As a film it takes your breath away with the suspense that just keeps building. As a portrait of 1967 USA, it also seems on the money ( though that is hard for me to judge other than from what I happen to know of history). WHat strikes me is that it seems amazingly little has changed in the US of A in the 50 years since. Watch this film! (As it's a safe bet Trumpski won't.)

Red State

A little gem!
This is a really good film – don't let the rating fool you:-) Tight plot, no wasted scenes. Some great dark humour, but also a really tense main plot. It shows up everyone and everything for the foolishness it is: teenage lust, fire-and-brimstone preachers, government agencies, dogs (!), terrorist legislation, you name it and the film slams it. Do yourself a favour and see this film – please! That way you will not miss out some beautiful, vintage Kevin Smith dialogue: "What do you recon a cross like that costs?" — "You mean in dollars or in common sense?". So, to conclude – this is a film that deserves a lot rating that it has, in my opinion. Kevin Smith has never shied away from complicated topics and this is no exception. But the lightness of touch makes this film more of a tongue-in-cheek satire than some of his other much darker films.

The Company

Cold War will be cold war
A good production, decent actors and a fairly tight script makes this an enjoyable watch! Fast-forwarding through decades of Cold War espionage is hardly a new idea, but this one does it with a nice balance of the real and the fictional. However this is all brought down by the overall script: The series must have been made for the US and UK audience only. My guess is they are the only ones willing to accept unquestioningly the Soviet operatives almost without fail being portrayed as stone-faced, leering fanatics. Whereas the Yanks and Brits are naturally, mostly just decent dudes, somewhat concerned with morality and generally "the good guys". A shame on an otherwise fairly good little series! (Have not read the book, so have no comments on that aspect.)

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